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‘Alphaville will never be the same again’: Keyboardist Martin Lister, 1962-2014

Martin Lister

Martin Lister, the keyboardist and musical director for German synthpop group Alphaville (“Forever Young”) since the mid-’90s, died this past week, the band today announced, saying, “We are all speechless and shocked” and that “Alphaville will never be the same again.”

According to a post from bandleader Marian Gold and the group’s members, management and crew on Facebook, Lister passed away “unexpectedly” this past Wednesday. The band writes: “We have lost a marvelous keyboard player, a competent and gifted composer of music and a most precious friend.”

Lister joined Alphaville in 1995 when the group — which didn’t tour regularly during its ’80s heyday — began to play regularly, working as both keyboardist and musical director for the band’s tours in the ’90s and 2000s. He is credited on Alphaville’s Visions of Dreamscapes and Crazyshow, and was heavily involved in 2010 comeback record Catching Rays on Giant, even singing lead vocals on “Call Me Down.”

Below, see the band’s full statement, and stream Alphaville’s “Call Me Down.”


Statement from Alphaville:

Dear friends,

it is my sad duty to inform you that Alphaville member Martin Lister passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, May 21st.

We have lost a marvelous keyboard player, a competent and gifted composer of music and a most precious friend.
We are all speechless and shocked.
Alphaville will never be the same again.

Martin, we miss you, miss you, miss you…
Rest in peace.

Marian Gold, David Goodes, Jakob Kiersch, Maja Kim, Crew & Management


Audio: Alphaville, “Call Me Down” (w/ Martin Lister on vocals)




  1. Tony Dagnall

    I went to school with him in the seventies back in Widnes, UK, when he was known as Ian, or Lizzy to us. I kept a record he made in the eighties by Congress, called Contract of Faith. There were lots of one-off singles deals at the time for bands and I used to shop for them, seeing his face on the cover as I was browsing and was dead surprised. It’s a good tune, sadly forgotten, very much if its time, and not evidently on You Tube. I didn’t know the Alphaville stuff. I don’t do Facebook either and so don’t have anyone to talk to about it. Oh well, rest in pace, Lizzy. Somebody remembers you, old mate.

  2. RIP Martin.

    The latest Alphaville is a wonderful piece, and in regular rotation with me. It’s as good as anything they ever did in the 80’s if not better. I was really hoping it would be one of many more. A real shame. Check Martin playing with Alphaville live on Youtube!

  3. Andrea J Cox

    Very sad. I remember when we were kids sitting at his parent’s piano playing riffs together from Bowie, Supertramp and Deaf School. I even remember teaching him a bit of Boogie Woogie.

  4. This should be follow with the song Forever young

  5. Cheryl Owen

    Only just seen this news, seems strange I was only thinking about him on the way past his old house in Widnes and thought I would try and find him. Too late for failed wishes but I remember him as a good friend and classmate at Wade Deacon, we often had good laughs especially in the German class. Well my friend you will be remembered and missed. xx

  6. See you in Heaven! Thanks for these years, the songs, the good you did!

  7. I’ve been trying to contact Martin over the past 2 months without any luck, now with a heavy heart I now know why. I’m shocked and deeply saddened to learn of his passing. Martin was a wonderful musician with a brilliant sense of humour. I will always remember my days of playing with him in Congress during the 80’s as some of the happiest of my life. RIP dear Martin, Josh, Bass player with Congress…..

    • Hi Josh….just seen your comment. Not sure if you remember me but I was Martin’s partner during the late 80s, during the Congress days. I remember you and Carla very well I’ve often wondered what you’re doing. I last spoke to Martin – via email – around a year before he died. Although we split up, we still were occasionally in contact and I always cared for him. He was an exceptional guy in many ways….if you fancy replying, I’d love to catch up with your news.
      Best wishes

  8. My heart goes out to Martin rest in peace .I love alphaville

  9. standolariu robert

    I’m sad , earth vibrations , frequency we perceive only those who are resonating .

  10. Magdi George - Egypt

    My deep Condolences to my favorite Alpha vile
    the top singers in the world , our brother
    Martin Lister was the best for me .
    Rest in peace my brother Martin.

  11. Tekkeltje

    I’ve just read the news of Martins passing. He was always such a friendly, patient and warm and approachable artist for Alphaville fans. I will miss him and I feel deeply sad for the band, as well as for his friends and family.
    Warm regards,


  12. Alphaville is booming during my high school days (80’s)…and its only now,2017 of November that i search their band for updates..sorry to hear about Martin Lister,RIP.
    Thank you guys for sharing your good old days with Martin Lister.

  13. @ Gill…

    Hi Gill,
    thank you for your kind words about Martin.
    He was an exceptional guy…

    All the best

  14. Beautiful words for a beautiful person. My uncle Ian.
    I remember round grandads house him playing Aeroplane sounds for his nieces and nephews on his keyboard. He was so talented, so kind and gentle.
    We all miss him deeply ❤️

  15. Gabi Preuss

    I just learnt that Martin passed away already in 2014 and I am really shocked! I cannot believe it! He came to our wedding in Germany in 1997 with his former girl friend and we spent a marvellous time together as well as we did when we came to see them in the UK one year later. He was an extremely nice and warm-hearted person! Unfortunately they split up and we did never meet again. I am so, so sorry. RIP Martin!

  16. When I saw the new released of Alphaville in 2022 I was so excited but the title “Eternally Yours” sadden me. How could I ever missed this? Immediately, I lid up my stereo , listened and only to confirm that Martin Lister has passed away. I am sadden like many of the AV fans out there, especially, his family and friends / my utmost condolences. AV is still one of my favorite band of all times but not without ML.

  17. I got his autograph once when Alphaville played on a cruising ship in Sweden/Finland in 2007, he seemed like a humble and nice guy.
    Love Alphaville forever!

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