Tour Dates — May 26, 2014 at 5:00 am

ChameleonsVox to play ‘What Does Anything Mean? Basically,’ ‘Strange Times’ in Manchester

The Chameleons 'Strange Times'

Mark Burgess will follow up his spring European tour that found ChameleonsVox — the latest incarnation of post-punk favorites The Chameleons — performing 1983 debut album Script of the Bridge in its entirety by performing that band’s second and third albums for the first time ever on consecutive nights this December in Manchester.

Burgess and Co. will perform 1985’s What Does Anything Mean? Basically on Dec. 19 and 1986’s Strange Times on Dec. 20. Both shows will take place at the Manchester Academy 2, and both are being recorded and filmed for future release.

Of the performances, Burgess says:

“Playing Script of the Bridge in its entirety on the last tour was a massively enjoyable exercise for everyone, audience and band alike. So when we were asked if we’d perform the next two albums, What Does Anything Mean? Basically and Strange Times this coming December, we agreed immediately. They differ from the debut album, though, in that they each contain songs that have been rarely, if ever, performed. It’s going to be a challenge to present some of them, but it’s a challenge we look forward to and hopefully The Chameleons’ audience will too.”

ChameleonsVox will wrap up its Script of the Bridge tour Tuesday night in Glasgow.






  1. Mark, if you happen to read this, please bring come to the States and do similar shows here… Would be SO cool to see that..

  2. Strange Times is one of my favorite records. Period. Damn.

  3. If anyone can get this info to Mark, yes please bring this show to the States!! Hopefully the video release will be in NTSC format so we can at least see it later!

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