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‘Enjoy the Science’: 8-Bit Operators give Depeche Mode a chiptune makeover

8-Bit Operators

The 8-Bit Operators collective next month follows up its tributes to Kraftwerk, Devo and The Beatles with a new collection of chiptune covers of Depeche Mode classics, a 15-track collection featuring “highly musical, lo-bit video-game hardware re-imaginings” of some of the band’s best-known songs from the past 30 years.

Due out June 10, the collection features acts such as GOTO80, gameboymusicclub, ComputeHer, crashfaster and Naomi Sampler, with tracks covered ranging from “But Not Tonight” and “Behind the Wheel” to “Boys Say  Go,” “Dreaming of Me,” “Never Let Me Down Again” and more.

The album, to be released on CD and digitally, is available for pre-order now.

Below, check out an album sampler and the full tracklist. And be sure to check back on Tuesday, June 3, when we premiere the full stream of the album here at Slicing Up Eyeballs.


Tracklist: 8-Bit Operators, Depeche Mode Tribute: Enjoy the Science

1. Bacalao, “But Not Tonight”
2. Herbert Weixelbaum, “Enjoy The Silence”
3. GOTO80, “Boys Say Go”
4. Matt Nida feat. Lisa Schumann, “Policy of Truth”
5. ComputeHer, “Strangelove”
6. gwEm, “Martyr”
7. Laker feat. ONTBG, “Clean”
8. 8-Bit Operators, “Photographic” (Megamix)
9. Patokai, “New Life”
10. Aonami, “(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me”
11. crashfaster, “Never Let Me Down Again”
12. gameboymusicclub, “Dreaming Of Me”
13. Naomi Sample, “Somebody”
14. Yerzmyey, “I Just Can’t Get Enough”
15. Inverse Phase, “Behind The Wheel”




  1. What? This is absolutely horrible.

  2. Jesus. Let’s just say it’s not for me. Depeche Mode reimagined as a child’s toy.

  3. Delta-Mode

    With the exception of Johnny Cash and Smashing Pumpkins, most artists and wannabe musicians alike have failed miserably at covering Depeche Mode…but this really takes the piss.

  4. Better production values and more imaginative arrangements here than on the last three DM albums combined… Martin, Dave, and Fletch may want to consider going 8-bit for the next album! ;)

  5. Nice, but not nearly as cool as Nullsleep’s treat!

  6. this has been done before, and better…

  7. Terrible! Simply awful.

  8. What about “It’s No Good” and “Dream On”??!!!

  9. Made it to the 45 second mark. That’s enough for a lifetime.

  10. I’m sure all you small minded Julie Andrews fans had the same reaction to John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things”

  11. Cool arrangements, but those vocals, yikes.

  12. Love it.

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