New Releases — June 2, 2014 at 12:01 am

New releases: Bob Mould, Peter Murphy, Echo & The Bunnymen, Morrissey, James, CvB

Bob Mould CROP

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs.


Bob MouldBob Mould

RELEASE: Beauty & Ruin
BACKSTORY: The former Hüsker Dü frontman this week releases his 11th studio album, a “compact epic” that “packs a staggering lifetime’s worth of emotion and experience into a 36-minute package.” (Full details)


Peter Murphy, 'Lion'Peter Murphy

BACKSTORY: The former Bauhaus frontman this week releases his long-in-the-works 10th studio album, produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth. The album was preceded by lead single “Hang Up.” (Full details)


Echo & The BunnymenEcho & The Bunnymen

RELEASE: Meteorites
BACKSTORY: The Bunnymen return this week, in the U.S., with their 11th studio album, featuring the singles “Lovers on the Run” and “Holy Moses.” It came out in the U.K. and Europe last week. (Stream full album)


Morrissey, 'Vauxhall and I'Morrissey

RELEASE: Vauxhall and I
BACKSTORY:  Morrissey this week releases a 20th anniversary reissue of  his fourth solo album, from 1994, that features a bonus CD or download of a concert recorded in London on Feb. 27, 1995.  (Full details)


Camper Van BeethovenCamper Van Beethoven

RELEASE: El Camino Real
BACKSTORY: The indie-rock legends this week release a companion album to last year’s Las Costa Perdida. The new record is billed as a darker, grittier side of the same coin explored on the first album.



RELEASE: La Petite Mort
BACKSTORY: The Manchester-bred rockers today release their latest studio album, a record that bassist Jim Glennie says “stretched us and the songs and pushed us to new heights in craftsmanship and intensity.” (Full details)


Paul WellerPaul Weller

RELEASE: More Modern Classics
BACKSTORY: The Modfather this week will follow up 1998′s Modern Classics with a new companion best-of that picks up where the previous set left off, collecting 20 favorites recorded over the past 15 years. (Full details)



RELEASE: Superunknown: 20th Anniversary Editions
BACKSTORY: The Seattle rockers this week reissue their monster 1994 album in a variety of different configurations, including a 5-disc Super Deluxe Edition box set filled with rarities and other bonus material. (Full details)




  1. PleaseReleaseMe

    Not a bad week!

  2. Moving On by James is an absolutely fantastic single .

  3. this week will definitely hurt the old wallet.
    Absolutely loved Peter Murphy’s last full length, Ninth (“The Prince & Old Lady Shade” is/was the classic alt radio hit that never was to be) and so far this new one has some great deep cuts as well – “Loctaine” and “Lion” are vying for my favorite track off this new one – though the lyrics have me scratching my head on some of the new ones. “I am My Own Name” should make a great concert opener).
    The Bunnymen’s disc is a definite improvement from The Fountain to these ears. I shelved that disc after one listen upon release…but recently have played it and it certainly isn’t their best but not as bad as remembered. Some decent cuts on there (and a handful of not-so-classic cuts that belonged as Ian Solo b-sides.
    And the Morrissey reissue. Yep, will pick it up too. That’s a classic who hopefully will get some production love. And no cuts dropped or replaced! Even Moz knows a classic when he pens one sometimes.

  4. I’m really having a hard time liking the new Bunnynen record. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I might take a pass. Might even pass on them live for the first time in 20 years because the joint they are playing is assigned seating. Sailing to sadder shores…

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