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Contest: Win a deluxe hardbound edition of Pixies’ ‘Indie Cindy’ with bonus live disc

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Black Francis, David Lovering, Joey Santiago

The Pixies roared back into record shops this spring with Indie Cindy, their first album in more than two decades, and now, thanks to the fine folks at PIAS America, we’ve got copies of the limited-edition, hardbound 2CD release of the album — featuring a 13-track bonus live album on the second disc — to give away to three lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The deluxe edition features the full 12-track Indie Cindy album on one disc, and the aforementioned live album, recorded during the band’s U.S. tour this past spring, on the other (see full tracklist below). Plus, it’s packaged in a 40-page book with gold foiling and a slipcase, artwork all designed by longtime band associate and 4AD designer Vaughan Oliver.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, please name your absolute favorite Pixies song — and, if you’re feeling so inclined, offer up a few words as to just what it is about that song that you think makes it so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “Gimme, gimme, gimme some Indie Cindy.”

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RULES: Contest is open worldwide. We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, June 20. After that point, we’ll select three winners at random and contact them via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person. Good luck, and godspeed.

UPDATE:  All right, contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering and sharing your favorite Pixies’ songs. Winners have been notified via email.



Tracklist: Pixies, Indie Cindy: Deluxe Edition

CD 1
1. “What Goes Boom”
2. “Greens And Blues”
3. “Indie Cindy”
4. “Bagboy”
5. “Magdalena 318”
6. “Silver Snail”
7. “Blue Eyed Hexe”
8. “Ring The Bell”
9. “Another Toe In The Ocean”
10. “Andro Queen”
11. “Snakes”
12. “Jaime Bravo”

CD 2
1. “Bone Machine” (Live in the USA 2014)
2. “Hey” (Live in the USA 2014)
3. “Ana” (Live in the USA 2014)
4. “Magdalena 318” (Live in the USA 2014)
5. “Snakes” (Live in the USA 2014)
6. “Indie Cindy” (Live in the USA 2014)
7. “I’ve Been Tired” (Live in the USA 2014)
8. “Head On” (Live in the USA 2014)
9. “The Sad Punk” (Live in the USA 2014)
10. “Distance Equals Rate Times Time” (Live in the USA 2014)
11. “Something Against You” (Live in the USA 2014)
12. “Isla De Encanta” (Live in the USA 2014)
13. “Planet Of Sound” (Live in the USA 2014)




  1. Signe Reda

    Gouge Away!!!

    Just love it, everything about it.

  2. “Gouge Away” is for me the ultimate Pixies song. It has that “loud/quiet/loud” touch along with a fantastic melody. And when it kicks… it’s just a wow moment to me.

  3. Will Burns

    “Gouge Away”: The tale of Samson and Delilah if they were two stoner psychotics

  4. Stewart Hadfield

    Hey. The slow burn, Joey’s sublime guitar solo and Kim Deals backing vocals all add up to make it fantastic.

  5. Ivo Escossia

    Where Is My Mind?

  6. John Maloney

    “Here Comes Your Man”. Just a nice fun song that brings me back.

  7. “where is my mind” cause I’m still looking after all these years

  8. For this contest:
    Bowie covered it.
    ’nuff said.

  9. “River Euphrates”. As with many songs of the Pixies, I like how melodic it sounds, how smooth, and then how suddenly this changes into a really energetic and screaming chorus :D
    But what makes it different is the “ride, ride” part… I totally love it!

  10. Michael Rudzki

    That’s a tough one. I love all of them! How about Bird Dream of Olympus Mons?

  11. Brick is red…..great guitar sounds

  12. Hang Wire
    I could listen to it “every morning and every day, I’ll bossanova with ya!”

  13. Too difficult, but for the sake of the contest, Alec Eifell

  14. “Dancing The Manta Ray”!

    This often overlooked gem just gets my blood flowing and my ear fluids moving every time.

    “Your head can go real screw
    with saucers chasing you”

  15. Holly Conner

    Favorite song: Caribou- always loved it and was happily surprised to hear it the last time we saw them live at the FOX in ATL.

  16. Where is my Mind? “With your feet in the air and your head on the ground” says it all with that driving guitar is just fitting.

  17. “Gouge Away”

    Not necessarily because it is the best, but because it represents terrific memories from that time period for me.

  18. Shannon Nickey

    Where is my Mind? Or Gouge Away. Or Debaser. Or La la love you…..or Velouria.

    I don’t know, that seems to be an impossible question for me. I love every Pixies song, and it’s impossible to just pick one as a favorite!

  19. Alec Eiffel

  20. ‘Dead’
    Possibly the Pixies at their rawest, and with awesome lyrics!

  21. Brian Morgan

    My absolute favorite…Gigantic.

  22. Christine Mann

    Bone Machine – It was the first song from the first album I’d heard. The drums in the intro drew me in and I never escaped.

  23. “Here Comes Your Man” – Love the guitar sound most of all.

  24. Bone Machine. For the bass, for the screaming, for that combination of Black Francis’ and Kim Deal’s voices, for that millisecond after the chorus before the guitars kick back in.

  25. Debaser
    What an opening to an album! Mind you, picking a favourite Pixies track is even harder than naming my favourite beer…

  26. Alec Eiffel… mixes all the elements that make The Pixies great… loud, quiet, hooky… a virtually perfect song!

  27. Debaser!

    I was 15 and my family made me go with them to a ranch. I refused to get out of the full-sized SUV, so I spent about 4 or 5 long hours listening to Doolittle, the only cassette in it. Every time Debaser began, I counted one more cycle of the tape. After that heavy session and all of these years, I haven’t got a little bored with the album, and that Debaser intro keeps alerting me for an energy boost and joyful rock and roll state of mind. Slicing up eyeballs, OH-OH-OH-OH!

  28. Kyle Schiebel

    Doolittle was my point of entry with the Pixies… on cassette! The whole album is amazing, but “Monkey Gone to Heaven” is probably my favorite. “If man is five…”

  29. Mike McGrath

    Debaser. No one I knew had even heard of Un Chien Andalou, then here’s one of my favourite bands writing a song about it!

  30. “River Euphrates”
    Should only be played loud, where anyone (literally anyone) can sing along. A listener can distinctly hear each member’s part, a reflection of each individuals place in the band.

  31. “Motorway to Roswell”

    Is this their best song? No. But it’s the one that – albeit with some tardiness – convinced me of the Pixies’ greatness.

  32. Debaser

  33. chris schea

    Debaser. The first song my son learned to sign along to in the car. Two years old and screaming ‘DEBASER’ from the back seat in perfect time.

  34. Sure, there are obvious choices like Debaser, Gouge Away, Hey, Gigantic, Bone Machine, Monkey Gone to Heaven, et cetera. But I think one of their most under-appreciated moments is “Letter to Memphis.” A lot more sweet and wistful than what their audience had grown to expect from them, but still draped in that unmistakable sonic aesthetic of the band and still bearing a skewed lyrical perspective. I also love the way it almost seems of a piece with Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons.

  35. “River Euphrates”

    This is my favorite Pixies song, because it gets me moving like nothing else. I have to be careful listening to this track while I’m driving.

  36. Something against you, this is the rawest the Pixies have ever sounded.

  37. ‘Dig For Fire’ because it’s really sunny, for lack of a better word.

    A lot of their music is pretty dark and chaotic, which I’ve kind of outgrown over the years. But songs like this one, ‘Manta Ray,’ ‘Greens and Blues’ and ‘Jaime Bravo’ on the new record (even given the subject matter), are just kind of cheery and fun, make me smile and keep coming back to the well for more.

    So yeah, ‘Dig For Fire.’

  38. Scott Stalcup

    “Letter to Memphis,” either the vocal or instrumental version. Brilliant guitar sound. I particularly like that little noodling bit at 1:30 after Chuck sings “I’m sending a letter.”

    That track is, “Everything I needed and I wanted. Used to be that my head was haunted.”

  39. Bone Machine. The layers of how the song begins with drums, bass, guitar and then vocals, makes for a pretty fantastic song.

  40. Philip Josefson

    Debaser, needs no explanation.

  41. i’ve always loved “gouge away”. it is ferocious. it is relentless. as the last song on doolittle, it was a culmination of everything the previous 14 songs had built up to. it is the final tier of a genre defining album. when the album finished, it was the song that made you play the whole thing over again.

  42. Emiliano Conill

    Dig for fire:

    ’cause i’m digging for fire [2400x] since i heard it…
    (and ‘Debaser’ had been too obvious as the anthem that actually is… slicing-up-eye-balls-oh-oh-oh!)

  43. Scott Vezdos

    “Where Is My Mind” — because of its haunting/dreamlike layers.

  44. Glenn Conybeer

    I’ve had many favourites over the years but “Gouge Away” seems to have edged into the lead over the past coupla years.

  45. Debaser. I knew a few hits back in the day but have a newfound appreciation for them now. I was pleasantly surprised to hear “slicin up eyeballs” on this Doolittle opener.

  46. “I Bleed” is my favorite today.

  47. Robert LaFantano

    Without a doubt-Bone Machine. But, ask me next week and it would probably be something different. Love them all!

  48. Wave Of Mutilation. Doolittle was a big record for me and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I remember feeling especially elated when that track would come on.

  49. Tyler Roepke


    Everything about it is perfect.

  50. Bill Atkins

    Debaser ……awesomeness!

  51. Crandall Dee

    Wave of Mutilation!!!
    2 minutes and 4 seconds of pure pop bliss. Timeless to this day!

  52. “Gigantic”. Kim and I could have had a ball.

  53. Can’t pick one. We used Here Comes Your Man in our wedding and I screamed when I saw Fight Club and Where Is My Mind? Started playing at the end and Gigantic is in regular rotation in my head.

  54. Bone Machine!!! Because it’s the best.

  55. Rodrigo Alves

    Wave of Mutilation. Cuz it’s sad, happy, angry and beautiful. And all of these in less than 3 minutes. It wasn’t the first song that I’ve heard (Bone Machine) and not the reason that I fell in love with them (Surfer Rosa), but it’s the one that even after 25 years still gives me the chills.

  56. Isla del Encanto. Because i love the song and I’m from PR. The ” Isla del Encanto”

  57. Al Morrison

    It has to be Isla de Encanta for me, but so many others that could have been chosen!

  58. Gouge Away.

    Like many others here it’s energy is irresistible and an obvious influence on so many bands, from Nirvana to Radiohead and countless others.

  59. “This Monkey Goes to Heaven”.
    It was the first song I heard by them.
    Super cool.

  60. Ron Jaspers

    Crackity Jones !!!!

  61. Wave of Mutilation – sent shivers down my spine at Field Day last night; one of earliest Pixies’ song I heard and the first I fell in love with.

  62. phil sparagna

    “U-Mass” is my favorite. The song just rocks from beginning to end! Great guitar riff. The definitive rock song!!

  63. River Euphrates because it reminds me of my life dealing with a son with autism. love everything about this song especially the way he screams ride at the end

  64. Gene McKeen

    La La Love You! Because it is simply, beautiful.

  65. Mackenzie

    “Is She Weird?”. Terrific.

  66. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons off the top of my head, but my faves to Rock out to in the car are Debaser and Head On (though not technically a Pixies song, still better than the original)

  67. Walaya Lupp


  68. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf). Love both versions but this was my first favorite Pixies song and listening to it really reminds me of a fun time in my childhood.

  69. If someone had a gun to my head, and I absolutely HAD to choose just one song, then it’d be “No. 13 Baby”. One of the best examples of their LOUD/quiet/LOUD style and a truly beautiful sounding song. Couple that with the vicious imagery – the tattooed tit… lighting a pig… black tears… the ripped chinos shirt – it’s just awesome to behold. And more recently I loved the fact Deerhunter played a pretty obvious tribute to the tune with their song “Desire Lines”. Yessir – “No. 13 Baby” all the way.

  70. Alec Eiffel

  71. Adam Franklin

    Digging for Fire

  72. Debaser

  73. Debaser, simply a masterpiece

  74. Crackity Jones

  75. My favorite song is “Hey” from Doolittle. The lyrics are filthy and I cannot help but sing at the top of my lungs every time I play it!

  76. The happening: They’ve come so far i’ve lived this long at least i must just go and say

  77. BruceThen

    U Mass. Bah ba da bah ba! Bah ba da bah da!

  78. Wave of Mutilation because it’s the first song of theirs I heard.

  79. dig for fire

  80. Make Believe, just because it’s the token David Lovering on lead vocals track.

  81. Mike Swedene

    Nimrod’s Son

    The first time I heard the guitar it just melted my face.

  82. Jim McCabe

    The 1st Pixies song that I ever heard “Hey.”

  83. John Sawicki

    Into the White. one of the best b-sides ever and Kim Deal on vocals

  84. Allison…. Hearing it blasting over a telephone line started a 20+ year obsession!

  85. Tame!

  86. make believe, the token david lovering on vocals track.

  87. Joseph Weber


    Raw power track, Pixies rock!!

  88. Matt Roberts

    “I Bleed” was always my favorite. Love Kim’s backing vocal on that one, very haunting and makes for a beautiful song.

  89. Monkey gone to heaven. Because every monkey gone to heaven. There’s no hell for monkeys! 567

  90. “Gigantic” cos Kim Deal rules!

  91. Jim Doyle

    Monkey gone to Heaven.
    All the pixies trademarks, Frank screams, Kims backing vocals, shimmering production, biblical references, fire, death, the devil and Armageddon.

  92. “Debaser.” First Pixies song I ever heard… I remember the time and thought to myself, I love this! It’s been that way since 1989.

  93. Gigantic – Kim Deal vocals

  94. “Levitate Me”
    I bought the Pixies box set when it first came out when I was around 16 (I didn’t know what made a good box set at the time, I just wanted whatever looked cool). Anyway, I started with the first album, Come on Pilgrim, and did not realize that I had put the tracks in reverse order (I wasn’t a smart kid). It was the first song I heard out of that box set , and for some reason it has always stuck with me.

  95. It’s gotta be Caribou… Give dirt to me

  96. Radiowxman

    Monkey gone to heaven. My first Pixies experience.

  97. Favourite song? Like so many others, ‘Gouger Away’-it’s the air of menace…

  98. U-Mass

  99. Catbirdman

    “Ana” for the boss “SURFER” anagram plus the weirdest/coolest chord progression and key changes I’ve ever heard.

  100. Tame, when the chorus hits it still shocks me!

  101. “Where is My Mind?” – Great vocals, Great lyrics, Great song to see played live…A classic Pixies track!

  102. Wave Of Mutilation

  103. jim stewart

    as much as I love black francis, I just LOVE “into the white” with vocals by kim deal!

  104. fear4the1000s

    monkey gone too heaven
    batshit brilliant!!!!!

  105. Geoff Fink

    ‘La La Love You’
    Been hooked since seeing them open for
    Love and Rockets in Kansas City 1989!

  106. derek j brown

    depends on my mood but I’ll say ‘Motorway to Roswell’ because that’s where I’m from.

  107. Wave of Mutilation …. Cant help but to sing along with it!

  108. Laura Buresh

    So hard to choose… Where is my mind?

  109. Used to be “Cactus,” but now it’s “Where is my mind” because my band does a fun piano-driven version (and I’m the pianist).

  110. U Mass….always loved that song….everytime I hear it I go back in time.

  111. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons.

    Because it’s dreamy.

  112. ‘I’ve been tired’

    Found myself singing it in my head on a regular basis so figured this must be my new favourite Pixies song, it’s taken over from ‘Hey’

  113. “La La Love You” has the perfect mix of surfy guitars and Kim Deal coos

  114. Mark Larson

    Tony’s Theme because “This is a song about a superhero named Tony … It’s called TONY’S THEME” is the best intro to a no holds barred alt song ever …

  115. Crackity Jones

  116. Monkey Gone to Heaven, because its comforting to know that monkeys go to heaven. Hopefully, they don’t fling dung like they do in the zoo.

  117. Monkey Gone To Heaven – it was my intro to the Pixies and still an all-time favorite.

  118. Billy Joyce

    “Motorway to Roswell”
    This song is like a segue way to “The Happening”. Playing the two songs one after another tells a story. The aliens are coming down to the Vegas strip and everybody is rushing down to the strip to greet them. Unfortunately this song in my opinion, is about the aliens trying to land on the Vegas strip, but crash landed before they could set foot. Also the guitars make a screaming sound at the end sounding like the aliens are suffering before they go down.

  119. The first Pixies song I ever heard was Debaser and it’s still my favorite. It starts out lake a normal song and it just gets weirder as it goes along.

  120. Abner Devereaux

    This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven – because, it’s brilliant !!

  121. Joe Comeau

    Monkey Gone To Heaven; Dancing to this song in alcohol-fueled ecstasy in a smoky goth club in New York City, and kept bumping into a hot girl with half her head shaved, seemingly in the same state as me. We’ve been married 17 years and have two children now.

  122. m michael

    Cactus… I used to love to make mixed tapes and put Cactus followed up with Skinny Puppy’s Tin Omen… like birds of a feather flocking together.

  123. Sanz Lashley

    It’s a tough decision to make, but I’m going to go with Cactus for the completely unexpected lyrics.

  124. Monkey Gone To Heaven – amazing song

  125. gary parent

    Hey! Been trying to reach you…. although through the years you’d -yes you- be hard press to find one of their singles – albums even – which didn’t push fantasticness…..

  126. Alex Rosa

    Down to the Well, especially off live bootlegs or the Purple Tape version. No hate for the Bossanova version, I just love the rawness and intensity of the early recordings a bit more.

  127. Where is my Mind?

  128. Carolynn Eury

    La La Love You.
    Love expressed in its basic state.
    Honest and sweet.

  129. Easy. Tony’s Theme.

    Reasons? Duh.


  130. No. 13 Baby

    because… well… what IS this song about anyway????

  131. “Here Comes Your Man.” One of the first songs I learned on guitar.

  132. mikehellion


    Beautiful vocal… perfect guitar… everything a song should be.

  133. Francisco

    For me, Monkey gone to heaven is the quintessential Pixies song. Not a second is wasted, brilliant from beginning to end.

  134. Isla De Encanta: from the awesome count-in, the breakdown and the way it revs up again, nothing better.

  135. Roert Zimmerman

    Dead. When Black Francis starts screaming all my hair stands up.

  136. None other than Debaser. Drives my wife insane when I scream along to it on Wii Rock Band.

  137. “Planet Of Sound”.
    Best track live for the encore at the Rocket Club in year 2000, plus “Tame”.
    Amazing small venue, $10 admission. ;-)

  138. Stephanie Scott

    Debaser for me although many songs come close. A really ‘dirty’ sound for a dirty sounding song

  139. I think it’s gonna be ALL OVER THE WORLD. The quiet, melancholic tone is unbeatable and still you feel all the agressiveness and power leaking through. ALL OVER THE WORLD forever!

  140. It’s got to be Debaser, in the top three singles of all time.

  141. Torsten Motte

    “monkey gone to heaven”
    Not necessarily the best Pixies song for me but the most important. Was the first Pixies song I heard (the late 80s I think, I was 14 or 15 years old) and influenced me a lot.When I hear it now, it makes me remember those days…

  142. John Hough

    Cactus, unbelievable song, guitar riff, vocals, Lyrics just wow :)

  143. DEAD.

    That guitar. Those vocals. Quirky. Unconventional. The band is sharp, tight and to the point. A dagger. A clenched fist… Dead.

  144. I love SO many,and ometimes there are certain songs for certain times. If I have to pick a single fave,I’ll go with “Wave of Mutilation” As far as I can remember,it was the first song I ever heard where the subject dies in the first line…and continues to tell the tale. That song invokes images of both serene seaside sunsets AND horrid undead oceanic zombieism. It’s just a perfectly warped little Summer rocker that never fails to make me smile.

  145. Dig for Fire

    The opening riff of this gem is one of my favourite of all time, and gets me rocking every time without fail. I’m looking for the mother lode…

  146. Lee Newman


  147. Monkey Gone To Heaven. Its as relevant today as it was 25 years ago.

  148. I’m gonna go with “Velouria”. I think that the Bossanova album never gets enough love from the Pixies faithful.

  149. El Arreglardo

    Tame. It just screams Pixies!

  150. Marta Dias

    Subbacultcha…because it shakes and it moves me or something. It’s like jellyroll like sculpture!

  151. Gouge Away, thank you very much. :)

  152. River Euphrates
    calm verses then BOOM the chorus hits u,and u cant help but go nuts to this song.
    pure genius.

  153. cactus

  154. Hard to pick one, but by a nose it’s “Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)” because they have the courage to bring it down and do a softQUIETsoft version which holds its own against the original

  155. dotkelidot

    Hey is my favorite song, hands-down. When I went to college (oh so many years ago) I didn’t know many people. One of the first times I felt like I belonged was when a new friend played this song and we both sang along. Now, every time I hear it, I remember how it felt to be at home away from home.

  156. Christian Violy

    No. 13 Baby… or anything from Doolittle!

  157. Monkey Gone To Heaven,…nothing but college memories, how sweet.

  158. Mike Adamson

    Bone Machine because it is the Pixies.

  159. Gouge Away, Where Is My Mind, Gigantic, and UMass all come to mind first, but for some reason the song that gets repeated a lot are the 2 versions (one instrumental on the b-side album) of Letter to Memphis. Just something about it that fires me up!

  160. Crackity Jones, the live version at Netherlands was amazing and I knew I had to hear more from them after I heard it!

  161. Monkey Gone To Heaven. I usually try avoid listening to a song multiple times in a row, but I can’t help myself when I listen to this song. I HAVE to listen to it twice in one sitting.

  162. Stuart Shaw

    Down to the Well. First heard it, and Pixies, on a 7″ given away free with Sounds magazine. It changed my musical taste in one listen, Still play that 7″ occasionally, still a song that makes me want to listen to more Pixies.

  163. Hey — My wife and I say “hey” all the time to each other and most of the time it turns into one of us reciting the next lyrics and then singing, “if you go, I will surely die!”

  164. Where is my mind?

  165. Paul San Filippo

    Isla De Encanta

  166. “Hey” is my absolute favorite song by Pixies. I think it is perfect. It is gritty and dark, yet beautiful. It is loud yet gentle. It is somewhat cold but emotionally warm. It also features a beautiful combination of vocals by Black Francis and Kim Deal.

  167. La La Love You (lately)

  168. John Larson

    “Here Comes Your Man”… No, “Monkey Gone to Heaven”… No,… “Gigantic.” I mean “La La Love You.”… Argh! I can’t decide!

  169. Hey

  170. Melanie M.


    don’t know why, but I love the song

  171. Letter to Memphis…Velvety…The Happening…Into the White…I’ve Been Tired…Motorway to Roswell

  172. Kevin Erwin

    The Holiday Song. Where it all started, brother.

  173. Debaser!!

    (And I promise I’m not pandering to you guys!)

  174. Monkey Gone to Heaven. I’m sure there are 100 runner-ups however.

  175. Heather Sandoval

    “Monkey gone to Heaven”, “Where is my mind?” “Here comes your man”, “Wave of Mutilation” ? Really hard to pin down!

  176. Bellazebub


  177. “Wave of Mutilation”

  178. Tough to name a favorite Pixies song… Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf), Where is My Mind or Into The White. Or do I choose from Caribou, Velouria or Planet of Sound? I honestly couldn’t name a favorite. There are just too many songs that capture their wonderfully, beautifully classic aural potion of melody, emotion and madness to pick a single track. Can’t do it. Won’t do it.

  179. Alec Eiffel

  180. “Into the White”. For it’s simplicity, Kim’s whispery voice and David’s straight up rockin’ beat.

  181. Distance Equals Rate Times Time. Pure melodic punk. Pixies songs simply refuse to suck. I had me a vision, indeed.

  182. Ricardo Jerónimo

    I Bleed! (from the album Doolittle)
    A friend of mine gave a cassette of this album in 1992 and it was my first cassette ever! I remember asking my mother if I could listen to it in the car radio. She agreed, but only for a few seconds, because it was “too much noise”… Oh well…

  183. Jean-Philippe VALTER

    Monkey gone to heaven !
    No way to say why !

  184. My absolute favorite Pixie’s song is Hey.

    I’m a young fan of this amazing band, which is now my favorite, and this happens to be the first song I listened to. I find it so fun yet meaningful (and extremely catchy). Whenever I hear someone say “hey” I can’t help but finish reciting the whole song. I simply love it!

  185. ianbalentine

    Wave Of Mutilation, without doubt. The UK Surf version, preferably.

  186. Cadence Goldthorpe-Guild

    All of their songs! But if I had to choose one, it would probably be Vamos. The lead guitar is just so awesome. I actually did a pixies tribute show at Chop Suey on May 31, and I played guitar on Nimrods Son, Mr. Grieves, Into The White, Something Against You, and Crackity Jones. And then I did vocals on TAAAMMEE!!! But yea, Vamos would probably be my favorite because of the lead guitar.

  187. Debaser ….. Gets me rockin’ from the opening chords, and not even sure what a Debaser is.

  188. TinyWhite

    Gouge Away
    One of the first basslines i learned to play!

  189. Another vote for Debaser… of course!

  190. Caribou! Too many college memories with that one.

  191. Cactus… A million times Cactus

  192. david bunch

    Debaser. First song I ever heard by the band ion late 80’s and had me hooked immediately. I thought lyrics might even inspire a cool name for a college alternative rock website someday.

  193. Jean-Christophe Manuceau

    Here comes you man, so groovy !!

  194. Debaser!

  195. Vamos – Joey’s guitar work is quite phenominal…!!!

  196. I’ve Been Tired. Blazes across my thoughts. The music pulses along, the story weaves in between. Brick is red. So simple. Lyrical economy. A rare quiet moment. No. 13 Baby. At the end they play themselves into another dimension. Rock Music. Extreme phonetics convey everything. The Sad Punk. 3.5 billion years of evolution summed up in 3 minutes. “I want to feel the road of tar beneath the wheel named extinction.” Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Pixies!

  197. Wade James Campbell

    Brick is red.

  198. The Holiday Song!

  199. Alec Eiffel. The riffs are pure speed and just one of the greatest driving songs ever. Especially if you’re a bit tired.

  200. Down To the Well or Subbacultcha. Two very cool songs that went through a few takes until we got the album versions.

  201. bone machine!!

  202. Jeremy Davis

    No 13 Baby…Love Black’s vocals on the crazy lyrics..”black tear falling on my lazy queen, got a tattooed tit say number 13…”

    I love Kim’s voice

  204. Hey
    cuz it aint getting any love…

  205. All Over the World – because of the extended coda, just sublime and beautiful. The producer Gil Norton didn’t like the idea, but the band fought for it and it became his favorite track. I have fond memories of the band (um, was actually watching Kim) wrapped in dry ice at First Avenue in the 90s doing this song.

  206. Jaime Bravo!

  207. “Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons” – according to my iPod, which is a bit of a surprise, to be honest. Apparently I’ve listened to it 18 times, the same number as I have “Human Fly” (The Cramps), “Love Parasite” (Fad Gadget), “Thirst” (Inca Babies) and “Coal Mind” (Siouxsie & the Banshees).

  208. BringBackKimDeal

    Gouge Away – because it’s what I like to do to my enemies.

  209. Caribou, it’s the most intriguing debut song ever!

  210. kristopher irizarry

    it’s beautiful,longing and heavy all at once.

  211. Velouria. Love the theremin.

  212. As a longtime Pixies fan – it has to be Gigantic.

    Because no matter what, it’s really about Kim.

    And amazing bass lines.

  213. Gouge Away!

  214. La La Love You.


  215. Coby Godfrey

    Something about River Euphrates has always struck a chord with my I could listen to that song on a loop for the rest of my life

  216. Gigantic. Because Kim is DEAD SEXY on that track, and she still makes me swoon. And I would sung it to my gigantic boyfriend, Paul.

  217. Wave of Mutilation introduced me to The Pixies from the Pump Up The Volume soundtrack and it’s still one of my favorite songs they’ve done, both the fast and UK Surf version!

  218. Motorway to Roswell. College-era favorite.

  219. Bone Machine


    Kim’s voice makes it feel thrilling, filthy & romantic

  221. Jennifer Leonard


  222. Margaret Patton

    “Monkey Gone To Heaven” since it makes me think of one of my best friends.

  223. Is she weird, is she white, is she promised to the night? [my head has no room]

  224. Something Against You!!! Love it

  225. Gigantic! Just love the way it sounds….

  226. Debaser is my favourite because it’s so gleefully strange and energetic. I can’t help getting charged up when I listen to it, even when I’m tired. For a 15-year-old in a bible town without a college radio station, this song was about as wonderfully weird as it got, and yet even now it has an immediately catchy tune.

  227. Gigantic. Best bass line evar.

  228. Debaser

  229. Is She Weird – porque podria estar cantando ese coro por horas!

  230. Russell Haines

    Monkey Gone To Heaven. I love the tension between the verse/choruses and Frank’s voice on the bridge vocal.

  231. Velouria has always stuck with me throughout the years. That opening riffage was, to my unsuspecting ears, the very epitome of cool when I first heard it.

  232. “Debaser”

    it’s both fun and visceral.

  233. My fave is was and still is Here Comes Your Man. The tune is melodic and catchy, the lyrics are wistful gibberish. Perfect Pixies.

  234. Tame…because of one line: Hips like Cinderella…

  235. “Planet of sound”

    The pure sound of THE PIXIES!!

  236. Robb Leatherwood

    My favorite is “Letter to Memphis” – but specifically in the context of the two-song arc of “Palace of the Brine/Letter to Memphis” – the way the former drops out, and then the opening of LtM blasts in and drives forward. Gets me every time!

  237. I think “Cactus” is the best love song ever

  238. “Bone Machine”

    I bought the Surfer Rosa album (on vinyl) when I was 17. I needed no further encouragement beyond the beautiful, bare-breasted woman on the cover, and had no idea what the band sounded like (this was in 1988, well before the age of the internet). I took it home and listened to it, and the first track “Bone Machine” instantly blew my mind. I have been a fan ever since.

  239. Hey!
    Because it’s the best!

  240. Wave of Mutilation

  241. “Hey” because of everything about it, but especially for the line “…the sound that the mother makes when the baby breaks.” Few lyrics equal it.

  242. Hard to name one song! The entire Doolittle album! Takes me back to a time when things were a little easier and happier!

  243. Dave Breon

    Tame…It has all the Black Francis vocal tricks all in one song.

  244. Velouria! Because it reminds me of my youth, however cliche that may sound. Still can almost bring tears to my eyes.

  245. While I love the whole catalog, there is something about “Dig For Fire” from Bossanova that hits me in the gut. Frank Black always said it was a bad impression of a Talking Heads song (another fave band) – but the sound of the guitars on that record, along with Black’s story-telling / singing and Kim’s backing vocal just epitomizes what I love about the band.

  246. Subbacultcha – harmonious, dissonant,shining, solid

  247. Paul Murdock

    It’s hard to choose but I’m going to have to say Dig For Fire. I love when Pixies rock out, but they have such a knack for glorious pop songs, and Dig For Fire is their most glorious pop moment as far as I’m concerned.

  248. “Bone Machine” – killer bass line!

  249. I love ‘Manta Ray’ more than I can even explain. So I won’t and will just hope that it’s enough. x

  250. Corwin Kruse

    Where Is My Mind?

  251. Alexandra Tolksdorf

    No. 13 Baby

  252. Caribou. Simply because it was the first song I heard from them when Come On Pilgrim came out. Haven’t been the same since…

  253. IS SHE WEIRD?

  254. Andrew Crawford

    I Bleed. From the opening amazing bass lines to the drums, then the haunting guitar. Love it. It’s my ring tone

  255. So hard to choose, but maybe Debaser, if for no other reason than it reminds me of the time I was walking home from a bar with some friends (perhaps just the teeniest bit drunk), saw some graffiti, and started singing, “Want to grow / up to be / be a defacer…”

  256. Cecilia Ann + Rock Music (perfect intro of my fav pixes album)

  257. Alvin Wilson

    Debaser! It gives this book nerd more energy than two cups of coffee!

  258. Bone Machine.

    Yep, yep yep yep!

  259. “Debaser”, that was the song that drew me into Pixies universe, and I have never left since.

  260. phill hutchinson

    To say that is an awesome song is a understatement,this song has one of the greatest screams in Rock & Roll history

  261. I love Isla De Encanta, i am fascinated by the Spanish language and the meaning of the lyrics as they are magical and happy about the island, which can be interpreted differently

  262. Alessandro

    “Wave of Mutilation”

    I always thought “Debaser” would’ve been my favourite Pixies’ song ever because “Un Chien Andalou” is one of my favourite films, but “Wave of Mutilation” is what Pixies are all about: surrealistic pills in the shape of catchy-pop songs, whether quiet or LOUD, distorted or clean.
    I love the lyrics, they always make me cry.

    “Cease to resist, giving my goodbye
    drive my car into the ocean
    you’ll think i’m dead, but I sail away
    on a wave of mutilation”

    Long live to the Pixies.

  263. Purple Tape version of SUBBACULTCHA

    Sexy, dangerous and oddly goofy, good use of the entire band pulling together; made me feel like there was a bigger world of cool people out there. I got into the Pixies with Doolittle from the Columbia House CD club (lol) and was looking forward to college.

  264. “Caribou”

    it just transcends everything!

  265. Layne Petersen

    Letter to Memphis. Because it’s a perfect pop song buried in layers of distortion.

  266. Tough question. Doolittle was released during my college radio daze and I nearly wore out that vinyl. Loved that Kim Deal was nearly a local (I’m from Cincinnati, south of Dayton). “Monkey Gone to Heaven” will have to suffice as an example of all they can do. Just love it all. Who they covered, played with, etc. Seeing them live a definite concert highlight in a lifetime of shows.

  267. Where is My Mind really fits my current state of existence, but I’ve got to throw in La La Love You….because it says it all!

  268. “I bleed”, though it’s really hard to choose just one. It sounds really harmless at the beginning, with childish Kim’s vocals and Frank’s softly spoken words, but at the end of the song they both go mental, psyco. I LOVE this contrast in their songs.

  269. “GIGANTIC”
    best played VERY LOUDLY!

  270. phill hutchinson

    Isla de Encanta To say that is an awesome song is a understatement this song has one of the greatest screams in Rock & Roll history

  271. Richard Berry

    Where Is My Mind? First song I ever heard from the Pixies.

  272. Sargeant Hulka's Big Toe

    Is She Weird but really hard to pick just one

  273. Kevin Wood

    La la love you, first holiday without my parents and took Doolittle with me for my cassette Walkman! Sang it to a gorgeous girl lol great times :-)

  274. Russ frisby


    Atmospherics, pain, passion, catchy hook and the weirdest coolest video. Nothing more need be said

  275. Jeffrey Jaworski

    U-Mass. I think this song really held together the underrated Trompe Le Monde and “kiss me cunt…kiss me cock”….please….awesome.

  276. Alisha Ballard

    I love “Hey” It is sexy and brings back memories of High school and Seeing the Show at the Crest Theater in Sacramento hen I was 16.

  277. Tame

    I remember during a live in 1991, I physically lost contact with the ground, because the crowd was so dense and so passionately in trance, that some of us were lifted without any help from hands. Plus it was pouring. And then TAAAAAME. What a sensation …

  278. Jeff Lambert

    1991. I was in High School. She was in college. Trompe Le Monde tour. She lost her shoe crowdsurfing. I found it. Instant connection. Shared two amazing years together! She would always sing “Space (I Believe In)” to me and insist I only use one F in my name. She’s gone now but those fantastic memories are forever!

  279. José Enrique Plata Manjarrés

    I really like Isla de Encanta…it`s complete fun.

  280. Cactus!

  281. Timm Nelson

    Ana. she’s my fave…

  282. Vicky Newman

    If I have to choose – River Euphrates. I used to cycle in to Belfast Art College in the 90’s, smoking a cigarette and listening to this on my Walkman before a hard day’s sculpting. It really is a wonder I’m still alive.

  283. wave of mutilation. the only thing the got me thru moving from one end of the nation to the other between the grades of 6 and 7 was listening to this song.

  284. I think “Into the White” ! The Doolittle 2009 tour with Kim in the fog was amazing . It’s very hard to pick one but wow that was so good ! YouTube it :)

  285. Jef Jonjevic

    HEY! It’s got everything Pixies: soft at times, then some screaming!

  286. “Debaser” because that means I am listening to Doolittle and I love every song on that album.

  287. Rob blundell


  288. Digging For Fire. Love it.

  289. Cameron fletcher

    First track on Doolittle
    Makes me wanna slice up some eyeballs
    Because girl you so groovin

  290. Jeremy Buelow

    Hey or Monkey Gone to Heaven, or Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) Gigantic, Where is My Mind? Why are you making me decide?

  291. Here comes your man – first and favorite song of theirs.

  292. angie balbo

    Too many to choose from, but I’d have to say “Caribou” because I sing it out loud in the car with the windows rolled down.

  293. John McDonagh

    Agree with others – how can you pick 1 pixies song! I’ve always been a huge fan of


    2:22 of build up and a happy chorus melody with the weirdest lyrics!



  295. Broken Face

  296. Andrew Beason

    “Velouria” because it brings me back to when I was 15,getting away from mainstream rock and completely changing the way I listened to music

  297. This is practically impossible to answer. I’ll say “Motorway to Roswell”

  298. Omar Casarrubias

    “Gouge Away” it’s just very amazing. I absolutely love everything about it.

  299. Nymphadora Tonks

    Hard to choose, but I’ll say “Where is My Mind”.

  300. It’s hard to choose just one favorite Pixies song. When listing albums, of course each has it’s own epitome of greatness which are paragon to one another. I will say that so far, the most preponderant song from the soundtrack of my life would have to be, “Hey”. Whenever I hear that particular song, I’m taken back to an arduous, yet sine qua non point within my timeline. I suppose that each album chronologically corresponds with many other milestones, and memories over the years. For me, Doolittle alleviated me to do big. I would frequently listen to “Hey” on repeat. Tears of determination would fall around a smile of hope, keeping my heart anchored, and afloat. Chained.

  301. Cactus

  302. Leah Leone

    No. 13 Baby.

    The outro is incredible. If I could produce an action film, it would be the music behind the final conflict resolution.

  303. Ginny Gillikin

    “Monkey Gone To Heaven”!

  304. Dead

    Beautiful dissonance plus loud quiet loud.

  305. Heidi Langman

    Hey. I love the sexy, dirty sound.

  306. Robert Chehoski

    “No. 13 Baby” is my fav Pixies song. Not really because it’s the best Pixie’s song ever written, but because of the memories surrounding it. Picture the hot, humid summer of 1989. I was 21 years old and had my first apartment. My friend and coworker Kim listened to Doolittle on a loop that entire summer at work. Every night after work, we’d get an oil can of Foster’s, some cheap, greasy Chinese take-out and sit in my non-air conditioned apartment and listen to The Pixies over and over and smoke cigarettes. Kim would always flash me her boobs when “gotta tattooed tit, no 13” was sung. It became our “thing”, and even at work, when no one was looking, she’d sing the song and flash her tits! I wish I could find my friend Kim. It’s been a long time, but that song takes me right back to that fun time.

  307. Joseph Saenz

    The b-side of Dig for Fire.

  308. Michelle H.

    Broken Face

    Because my kid loved it when she was about 4 years old and would sing “I gotta broken fiiiiist, uh huh, uh huh uh huh uh huh!”

  309. Curtis "Lego" Murray

    No. 13, Baby! The rhythm is just infectious. It’s my jam from one of my all time favorite bands!!!

  310. Jonathon H

    ‘Hey’ off of ‘Doolittle’
    Just something about it. Always had me stuck.

  311. Scott Wannan

    My favourite varies from day to day, mood to mood. Just heard from my mate Paul who I’m heading to Dublin with to see the group in action and Gigantic was song of choice because of lyrics pre chorus! Yesterday was no. 13 baby which helped me through a bad day (now my ringtone) every days a pixies day, every song has it’s place :-)

  312. Myles Becker

    There are SO many good songs by the Pixies, that it’s difficult to pick. I absolutely adore “Hey” for everything it has to offer: that slinky bass line, the slick guitar playfulness, the solid backbone rhythm, the storyline lyrics, the killer vocals…it’s just a great groove.

  313. Lacy Simons

    Favorites change almost daily, but I always have a powerful weakness for both versions of “Wave of Mutilation.”

  314. Bone machine. Simple, sexy.

  315. Debaser!! Great guitars got me to listen to it the first time, and the lyrics for the second, third, fourth … millionth time.

  316. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf).

    An amazingly eerie vibe.

  317. “Hey” I was looking into music from that time period and it just blew me away. I loved the moaning quality of the vocals. I love the insistence behind the yells. The simple yet complex way everything fell together. The lyrics. It was just a really good song to be my Herald into that scene. I wanted more instantly and it is one of my all time favorites across all generations and genres

  318. Planet Of Sound is my current fave – this one is manic and I remember this one setting the indie club crowds into a frenzy back in the day.

  319. “River Euphrates” is probably my favorite. It has gotten me through many a long road trip and makes me smile every time I hear it.

  320. Joe Cullen

    Tough choice…I’ve always loved “Dig For Fire”…just totally different than anything else in their catalog.

  321. Gouge Away. I saw Pixies play at Hammersmith Apollo back in November last year and Gouge Away completely took me to a different place- Joey Santiago rocks!

  322. Melissa Parker

    Has to be “Wave of Mutilation”. It all started with a childhood crush on Christian Slater and the use of that song in Pump Up the Volume. Plus, seeing it live 3 times has concreted that for me!

  323. Allison. My middle name.

  324. Debaser

  325. Hey

  326. “Gigantic”

    A Big big love!

  327. Mike Kielty

    Broken Face. It is fun as hell to sing.

  328. Zsolt Koseczky

    It’s hard to name only one but I think it’s Here Comes Your Man.

  329. Hey! Because……HEY!

  330. James Van Heerden

    Vamos (Surfer Rosa)

    The ‘vamos a jugar por la playa’ line with Kim is great and the drumming is fantastic

  331. Monkey gone to heaven

  332. Debaser: mad dancing on a Saturday night in the early nineties in Ritzy’s nightclub

  333. Harvey Puttock


    Because who doesn’t want to debase themselves?

  334. Matthew Payne

    Wave Of Mutilation, such a classic song, it has 2 great versions too :D, the surf version is just as good in my opinion :)

  335. Wave of mutilation. It’s the song that sounds like the most like the pixies to me, sparse, quick and violent lyrics that make you think and a great beat. Lead guitars that add texture that are not there to show off but just to add to the whole that is the sound of the band.

  336. Hey.

    It used to be me and an ex’s song but I managed to claw it back for myself. Listening to it live at Field Day was the most amazing thing.

  337. Cactus.
    Thanks of this songs i knew the existence of Pixies. There´s a lot of songs of them i love, but this this plus that makes it my favourite.

  338. Debaser is my favorite. It always pumps me up and I love to sing it really loud.

  339. Ed is Dead! I had never heard of the Pixies and I came across the CO this song is on by browsing through clearance bins at SAM goody when I was in 9th grade. I had just broken up with a lower named Ed and decided to buy this CA solely on that reason. I took it home, listened on repeat for days and finally went out and bought more Pixies albums! Thus began my love affair ;)

  340. Peter Murphy

    My absolute favourite Pixies song would have to be “Tame”, because it’s anything but. It has a wild energy and manic lyrics. Definitely one to get the blood pumping.

  341. Josiah McCloud

    “River Euphrates” because it creates happiness through personality

  342. My absolute favourite is the BBC sessions version of Subbacultcha. It’s a short sharp blast of noisy rock and roll, with a dark yet funny lyric, and thus it encapsulates all that the Pixies are about in 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

  343. Robert McKinney

    La La Love You – the intro, the whistling, Kim saying I love you…

  344. I absolutely fell in love when I heard ‘Indie Cindy’ It makes me smile every time I hear it and is like the soundtrack of the best moments in my life. Including when I saw Pixies at the Festival Estéreo Picnic in Bogotá, Colombia. That was sooo fucking EPIC!!!

  345. Richard Craddock

    “River Euphrates”

  346. hey
    uh said the man to the lady
    uh said the lady to the man she adored
    …we’re chained… love it :)

  347. Bone machine.. :)

  348. Jon Smith


  349. Bone machine. Bone machine. Bone machine.

  350. Where is my mind – my go-to after bar, dancing song.

  351. James Skene

    Gigantic sexy simple most sexy song ever recorded

  352. Sorry for the typos- new phone!

  353. Nikoloz Gedevanishvili

    “Is she weird” is one of my favorites. The drums, rhythm and those ironic vocals, sooo good.

  354. Jessica D

    “Vamos” pumps me up! I listen to it on my way to work in the morning. it gives me the strength to deal with all the d bags :)

  355. Hey!

  356. Aaron Muguerza

    Monkey’s Gone to Heaven.

    I love the parts that sound like their spoken and the chorus.

  357. Here Comes Your Man. I love the merge of old rock n roll and Pixie flair!

  358. Where is my mind because it’s a great song that we can relate to. Also love Caribou.
    Covered it:

  359. Christina Emond

    WOW!! So difficult!

    Monkey’s gone to heaven! I just love the flow of this song!!

    All are so good though!!

  360. “Hey”

    I just love the lyrics, especially at the beginning

  361. ‘ Blue Eyed Hexe ‘ – so powerful

  362. Martin Quinn

    I bleed.
    Pop perfection from Deal & Francis

  363. Rikke Winther

    I could write a lot of titles, but I’ll go with Wave of Mutilation.

  364. Patrick Johnson

    I’ve Been Tired!


  365. Belinda Robles


    Makes a lot of sense to me.

  366. Matt Brambilla

    The Happening

  367. Goran Popovic

    La La Love You.
    Absolute song!!

  368. Its hard to pick just one, but “What Goes Boom” is my favorite of the new songs. It rocks and I love the way Joey’s guitar feedback sounds like he’s wielding lightning. Also the video has an unexpected explosive ending.

  369. “Debaser,” because I still wanna grow up to be one.

  370. Definitely “Hey” :) Amazing happy/sad sounds of Joey’s guitar and Kim’s bass. And her look, when he starts playing the solo (@ Live Electric) – she loves it, too… :)

  371. edgar rei

    U-mass. Pixies music was, is, and will be, fucking educational!

  372. Rob McCullough

    Where is my mind? Simple riffs are the best.

  373. Matt Brambilla

    The Happening ( posted twice, wrong email address the first time )

  374. Jesus Villavicencio

    “Break My Body” I felt that the lyrics on the song did represent my life at the time i’ve heard that song for the first time and then became my favorite pixies song.

  375. Debaser simply the coolest song ever heard

  376. Sebastián Frontini


    I’ve heard it a million times and each time I like more and more

  377. ‘Where is my mind?’. I suffer from Bipolar and I have to ask ‘where is my mind’ every day!

  378. Monkey gone to heaven

  379. Way to hard to name the absolute favourite….but it’s probably Debaser – a brilliant combination of melody, rant and guitar. Plus it’s a brilliant singstar song, especially after a truck load of ale at 3am.

  380. Havalina. I’ve been through lots of stuff while listening to Havalina and everytime it gets into my ears i have this mixed feeling which consists of pure bliss and sadness at the same time. It’s amazing.

  381. Richard Craddock

    “River Euphrates”
    VPRO studios 1988

  382. Ximena Stahelin

    My favorite song of all times
    Whores in my head !

  383. Pfffff… Too hard to choose…
    Debaser or Gigantic or Bone Machine or Caribou…
    And many others !

  384. Bianca Kruit

    Gouge away. Because of the bassline and because my husband sang it to me during our weddingparty. (He hates the pixies).

  385. Such sexy lyrics

  386. Debaser
    Fantastic song to jump around to.

  387. Carolinepj

    Where is my mind, coz i’m still looking for it…

  388. Sad Punk!!!!!!!! I love the intensity of the first minute followed by a chilled out amazing beat. It’s like great love makin’!!!!!!

  389. Kieran Huggan

    Vamos! The simple acoustic intro lulls you into a false sense of security, before the heavy beat drums come in and Joey’s insane guitar work and Francis’ mad screams. It’s a crazed, messed up work of art.

  390. “Hey”, but it’s not really the best song of the Pixies, it’s just that I have so many memories about a girl related to that song… I love what the song makes me remember everytime.

  391. Cheryl Paiva

    Where Is My Mind? Love to run to this song!

  392. It’s difficult to pick just one.. but I’ll name a classic one that’s always been my favorite. Hey. Thats the one.

  393. Richard Belle

    Dig For Fire

    It just grabbed me the first time I heard it and it has never let me go

  394. Donna-Marie boodle

    Where is my mind?

  395. jenn parker

    Where is my mind – an old and new favorite and a queston I ask myelf just about everyday. This song has so many memories for me and brings on a sense of euphoria.

  396. Tim Young

    ‘Here Comes Your Man’ … my friend Ben played it at his wedding (with his bride on bass) …. not gonna ever forget that!

  397. Havalina is a favorite.
    I live in AZ and see javelina walking in the breeze…simple song…simple creatures…catchy tune.

  398. Anne SEGARD

    My favorite song is “hey”, we’re chained for 25 years …

  399. “Here comes your man”. It makes me feel so good…!

  400. Motorway To Roswell cos it’s really proper bo

  401. “Where is my mind”. First pixies song I ever heard and it lead me to discovering so much more of their awesome catalogue…for that reason, I am indebted to it. Plus, it’s a one-of-a-kind track.

  402. Planet of Sound. If I ever have a band, that’s the name.

  403. Carlos Tavares

    Monkey Gone To Heaven

    When Frank just loses it and starts screaming like a lunatic “then God is seven!!”, fucking goosebumps.

  404. Jesper Cederlund


  405. No. 13 Baby

    Because, tattooed tit… I’m in a state.

  406. Planet of Sound.

    Every time I hear that song, I feel like it’s the first time. Hard hitting, gritty power anthem.

  407. Hey – because I’ve trying too

  408. Alison – ’cause it makes me happy.

  409. Alex McDougall

    Hard choice but i’d have to say Debaser! The guitar riff coupled with frank and kim’s vocals makes the song infectious

  410. velouria. a song about a flocked woman ….im always rubbing flocked things..i wish i was velouria..

  411. Justė Vyšniauskaitė

    “Where is my mind?”
    Because it’s so refreshing to hear it. It always stands out from other songs. Since I first heard it I never found anything like it. I fits every mood. I love everything about it. And “Where is my mind?” was a perfect song to finish a great movie.

  412. My all time favourite is “I Bleed”, freaking adore the atmosphere, and kims devilish vocals x

  413. Miguel Teixeira

    “Here Comes Your Man”. This song makes me happy!!! :)

  414. Hey – bis – off course: because I’ve BEEN trying to – f*** me, u can tell I’m very tired

  415. Wayne Woodward

    Where is my mind? I lost mine the first time I heard this track.

  416. Delene Volkert

    Where Is My Mind!

  417. “Into the White”
    Love Kim’s voice on that track.

  418. Scott Swisher

    Gigantic. The bass line….ohhh that glorious bass line.

  419. Lewis Heenan

    Broken Face.
    Frightfully evocative lyrics, powerful, incestuous, passionately grotesque; quintessentially Pixies.

  420. My favourite song might be “Is She Weird”, it was like the first song I heard of Pixies. I just love it, because of screaming and the lyrics. Just amazing.

  421. Hey. It takes me back to winter.

  422. Wave of mutilation – easily one of the best songs ever written… and one of the first songs I played on my guitar when I was young(er).

  423. Linzi Atherton

    Gorgeous, sexy song. Reminds me of good times with my fella and finally seeing Pixies live..

  424. Hey! Totally got to me when I heard a live version.

  425. A.J. McCabe

    “Vamos” from “Come On Pilgrim”. I love the tightness of the rhythm, mental guitar sounds, bits of Spanish – just the whole fucking song. I wish I had a sister in NJ…

  426. Jo Henker

    where is my mind? it is just timeless … one of the best songs ever

  427. “Hey” is my favorite.

    The slow, pleading melody, Kim’s backing, and the way Frank’s voice cracks- it just tears me into pieces to hear it.

  428. Silvia Serrano


  429. Ben Simper


  430. Heidi De Love

    Velouria, it was the anthem of my teens many many years ago and remains one of their best songs.

  431. Where is my mind

  432. John Winn

    Planet of sound has to be one of the greatest!! Or anything on trompe le monde basically it is so overlooked as an album, I think it’s faultless!!

  433. Wave of mutilation.
    It was at the peak of the 80’s scene featured off the sound track pump up the volume staring Christian slater.
    Solidifying The Pixies as one if the greatest band from there on in especially with Trumpe la monde.

  434. Hey, started my love affair with Pixies. Nuff said.

  435. Emile Goujon Garin

    Debaser…just magique !

  436. Pedro Liz

    “Hey”…the song that was playing when I met the girl who would be my future wife.

  437. Michael Holloway

    Bone Machine

    Because you’re the bone machine, aaaaaoooohhh!

  438. Matthew Carr

    Santo. How could such an awesome song be hidden away on a b-side?

  439. Thomas lindholm rasmussen


  440. mary glouser

    debaser because i have a dog from andalusia! ;)

  441. gabriel burrow

    probably hey.. it manages to be amazingly melodic but still have signature pixies ballz.

  442. Hey!

    Makes me happysad.

  443. John White

    Monkey Gone To Heaven. The song that introduced me to the Pixies.

  444. Amy Collins

    spell check just had me add Debaser to my dictionary!

  445. “Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons” – loaded with meaning, starts off slow and steady then ends with a triumphant roar. I made a rule with myself since the first time I heard it: Never interrupt the song when it plays, no matter what.

  446. Gouge away – an invitation to get away from it all with alternating mellow/nightmarish visions out of Francis’ head.

  447. Patrick Simard

    Crackity Jones is the best!

  448. Martin Herrera

    Good god, so many to pick from but I’ll go with “Caribou”. There’s something about the howling and tone that just give me goosebumps everytime I hear it.

  449. Planet of Sound.

    Perfect combo of lyric and riff. Just kicks ass.

  450. Susan Hitchins

    Monkey gone to heaven.

    If the devil is six, if the devil is six, if the devil is six, if the devil is six, then god is seven, then god is seven, then god is seven. This monkeys gone to heaven. This monkeys gone …. To heaven ….

  451. Brian clary


  452. Caribou. It’s a get-you-through-a-long-night song.

  453. Where is my mind
    Riff, lyrics, Stop!

  454. Debaser. Because I want to grow. Up to be. Be a debaser.

  455. Where is my mind?

    Why? One word. Catharsis.

  456. Adam Hughes

    “Ain’t That Pretty At All”. My favorite band covers one of my most favorite song writers. Nuff said.

  457. La La Lisa

    This is like asking which of my pets would I save if my house was on fire:/ probably Hey just because it is the sexiest song I know, the bassline and how it builds just makes you swivel your hips and no matter how crappy I’m feeling, when this song comes on I feel hot – hot stripper hot!

  458. Blake Cooper

    Hey! Been Try’in to meet you! Classic is an understatement when it comes to this song. I could listen to this song a million times and never get tired of it.

  459. Vamos. It’s rhythm is undeniable and it has a certain hysteria to it

  460. Meagan Madden

    Tame. After screaming it out to this song I feel refreshed.

  461. Paulo Boto

    There are so many ! I’ll go with “Hey !” :-)

  462. Matilda Wigley

    ‘Where Is My Mind’ – it always fills me with nostalgia. When I was a very little girl, I stayed up late one summer night at my window, listening to the song play out from a gig near my house. That was the beginning of my love for the Pixies, and every time I hear the song it takes me back to that moment, with the slow melody somehow travelling on the wind. Hauntingly beautiful.

  463. Henry van der walt

    Wave of mutilation(UK Surf)one of the greatest songs ever made!

  464. Cristina Martinez

    GOUGE AWAY. the lyrics. the base. the screams. Kim luring in the background.

  465. No. 13 Baby

  466. javier lopez diaz

    Wave of Mutilation because i fallen in love for the first time with this song…

  467. Joshua Clark

    Monkey Gone To Heaven
    I love the sound and story in this song, one of my favourite songs of all time

  468. Mason Fuchs

    “Gouge Away”

    It has that kick-in-the-teeth passive aggression.

  469. Jon Steggles

    I’ve Been Tired.

    One two three
    She’s a real left winger….

    Great song, it just has it all.

  470. Where is my mind?

    The titel say it all :-)!

  471. Amber Tanti

    “Hey”. Just love the ‘ooooh’ bit!

  472. Daniel Touchet

    — “Dead” : a gateway drug for anyone with the potential to love the Pixies; there’s enough whimsy and clunking around and sass that anyone who could love them will have no choice at this point.

  473. alfredo rodriguez varela

    Is she weird

  474. Dan Moran

    Bone machine because it kicks gigantic ass all over the shop… Gets me bouncing from the first few seconds ;) x

  475. Subbacultcha!

  476. Where is my mind. I like it because it is a simple yet interesting song.

  477. Aidan O'Donovan

    Caribou. From a melody to a scream.

  478. Tom Crang


    Because I think that “Uh! Said the man to the lady” is the greatest line ever written, it says so much more about human interaction than a more complex sentence ever could!

  479. Arnaud Le Lann


  480. HEY!

    That’s gotta be my favorite song by the Pixies!!!
    Have fond memories of singing/screaming/yelling/animal noises it word by word with my Mum in her car.

  481. trina howe

    I Bleed.

  482. Peter Ole Pedersen

    Magdalena 318 – because it shows that Pixies has the courage to do whatever they wish, in spite of having a weighty band legacy.

    Hypnotic sound, simple and effective lyrics and an absolutely stunning video…

  483. Eric Joyal

    Subbacultcha. Just because…

  484. abrokenface

    Wave of Mutilation.
    Love the ‘Surf Mix’ as featured in the movie ‘Pump up the Volume’, but after seeing them open with this at Field Day – it doesn’t get much better than that!

  485. I Bleed.

    Quintessential Pixies in one song.

  486. Christine Manalla

    Wave of Mutilation

  487. La La Love You

    It’s a perfect blend of surf punk with grungy rock and sounds like California to me.

  488. Richard barnett

    Blown Away. Never heard another song like it.

  489. charity bliss

    “Hey”. Because we are chained.

  490. Dan Hayes

    Hey. Always been my fav. The simple but enticing bass line. The groovy rhythm guitar. The screeching guitar solo. The tortured vocals. It all comes together perfectly in a song that is sad and painful and sexy….I’m chained.

  491. Terry Mialkowsky

    “No. 13 Baby”
    This sexy, dangerous and grooving song is unmatched in its ability to get me a dirty mood.

  492. Rick Stevens

    The Thing!

  493. Must I choose? How horrible! But okay then…Bone Machine. It’s got this thrusting hypnotysing thingy about it!

  494. Josh Neese

    Favorite song: “Debaser”

    Why: because I love this song and it reminds me of the times I live now, just imagine in 1997 jammin this thinking the same thing, it’s just an awesome song.

  495. Raphael Onisaki

    Doolittle is a masterpiece.

  496. Jonathan Brock

    Where is my mind 👍

  497. Debaser – cause it was their first song I’ve heard and it made me fall in love with Pixies.

  498. I have so many favs that is hard, but i will say Ana is one of the hiden gems.

  499. ste tyson

    Andro queen’s up there with the best of the old stuff! Same feel as wave of mutilation all those years ago.

  500. Guillem Black

    “Where Is My Mind”, the sublime song that only listening the intro of it, you can imagine all the money and bureaucracy world collapsing (Fight Club’s fans will understand me).

  501. Graham Thomas

    Alec Eiffel. Perfect piece of pop punk portion served in under 3 minutes. Period.

  502. Kirk Leonard

    Isla De Encarta, because that song makes me lose my shit every time. Hard to pick just one though.

  503. Greg Quagliara

    Where is My Mind…although that could change tomorrow. There are just so many great Pixies songs.

  504. Probably: Monkey Gone to Heaven, it soundsso great, it so punk and at the same time its message is so criptic playing with numbers religion and is so awesome!!

  505. Hey, been trying to meet you
    Hey, must be a devil between us
    Or whores in my head
    Whores at my door, whore in my bed
    But hey where have you been?
    If you go I will surely die

  506. Subbacultcha… Cuz I was wearing eyeliner, he was wearing eyeliner.

  507. Heather Matthews

    “Tame” is the dirtiest, sexiest, most addictive tune around. Frank has the slyest, coolest way about him, and his unique mindset really shines through here. The song is heavy, it’s short enough to leave you wanting more, and it never, ever gets old. The vocals are just badass and it’s all amazing.

  508. Charles Heinrich


    Hard to pick one. First one I learned on guitar

  509. Kevin Post

    Alec Eiffel

    It was the first Pixies song I ever heard, and I fell in love with them that day.

  510. Yossi Barak

    Here Comes Your Man

  511. Robbert van Alen

    Where is my mind?
    Word on the street was that The Pixies were a brilliant new band. Listening to Surfer Rosa for the first time, I started with the B side (tradition). This song got me hooked on The Pixies straight away forever.

  512. “The holiday song”: my first favourite Pixies’ song.
    I bought “Surfer Rosa” in 1998 or so, never heard anything like that before (i live in Italy).
    Love to all of you, guys!

  513. There’s something about Alec Eiffel, the radio just seems turn itself to 11… Either the radio, or my brain :)
    Or Monkey Gone to Heaven, be cause ‘ if man is 5, and the devil is 6, then god is 7’ .. Not super religious, but it seems about right :)

  514. Chris Pesce

    Gauge Away – Cactus is pretty great too. Saw Bowie cover that song 10 years ago.

  515. Dawn-Marie

    Its a song I can relate to.

  516. Adrian Newbold

    Wave of mutilation
    My intro song to the pixies and still a favourite

  517. My favorite Pixies song – hands down – is Hey. The way Frank Black’s (Black Francis’s? Charles Thompson’s?) voice sounds when he shouts out that first “Hey” is so chilling. Plus, it’s fun to sing in the car.

  518. Paul Merefield


    This. Is. The. Sound.

  519. Wave of Mutilation is my pick, I love the slowed version. Absolutely amazing.

  520. File:de Bop

    I like Tony’s Theme – I also like Ponies

  521. Drew McDonald

    velouria!!! Saw them perform at red rocks and it blew my mind!!

  522. Hwyn Fletcher

    It’s gotta be “Hey” for me. You’re making me choose one Pixies song which is next to impossible as am grateful this band has been my own personal soundtrack for over 20 years of the 38 I’ve been on this planet…I’m sure my life would not be the same without the Pixies:)

  523. vincent boudolf

    Where is my mind? Was one of my cousin (who left Us way 2 soon)’s favourite and became mine cause short but SO powerful, breathtaking over and over again …

  524. If you asked me today, I’d say The Happening. The rush of emotions and scenery, goosebumps every time it plays.

  525. Santo! One of their most overlooked B-sides, but I can’t get it out of my head. Possibly the quirkiest song the Pixies ever made.

  526. Letter to Memphis!
    Seein the pixies in Dublin at the end of the month and I’m ‘just dying to get to you’!

  527. Ricky De Haro

    Levitate Me. I was in J-High when I first heard this. On tape!!! And the lyrics weren’t all clear to me at first. But I recall identifying with the song as I began finding myself so easily aroused by the mere presence of girls around me. There you have it.

  528. Dave Williams

    Monkey gone to heaven – at a time of mental unbalance this song really spoke to me. Pixies always good at expressing through their music a madness that is understandable

  529. “I’ve been tired” was my first introductory to the Pixies and to this day it’s still my favorite song as I love the beat and how can not love the line, losing my penis to a whore with disease? I

  530. Trevor J. Bexon

    I still think “I’ve Been Tired” truly captures the energy and oddity off the early Pixies. Listening to the live version from ’88 is almost better. Francis’ lyrics are genius, the guitar groove is infectious, and it has the quintessential loud-quiet-loud dynamic. With protagonist afraid of “losing his penis to a whore with disease” and a love interest with “a voice like milk and breasts like a cluster of grapes,” what about that song isn’t brilliant?

  531. Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz

    Hey …. The lyrics are pure poetry & the guitar solo is just amazing!

  532. scott parsons


  533. Christopher Chardi

    “Bone Machine.” I love the way it opens the “Surfer Rosa” album with those raw drums (Steve Albini’s signature production touch) and off kilter rhythm. It’s always difficult to remember where beat one is. Then the screaming guitars come in, followed by those great spoken words, sounding like Francis is singing them from down a well. Then when Kim joins in for the chorus, it’s bliss…especially when everything drops out except for their two voices and Kim’s bass. Dark, mysterious, menacing and challenging, this is the ultimate Pixies song for me.

  534. Wave of Mutilation. Like most Pixies songs, it just makes me feel alive, and free, and young (even though I no longer am that last one).

  535. ilkyaz ozcan

    I Bleed. For me it’s the song of opposites, actually no, it’s the poem of opposites.

  536. Sean martin

    Ed is dead.

    Just incredible. Loud quiet loud

  537. Aris Zourmpakis

    Where is my mind?. Dudes may the rock be with you.

    That’s the tune I wanna have blasting away at my funeral

  538. Debaser, just love the lyrics, my happy song

  539. Adrian Lewis

    Where is my Mind is my favorite song of all time and I can’t see that changing for the rest of my life. The first time I heard it I got shivers and just thinking of it now makes hairs stand on end!
    Honorable mentions to Hey, Bird Dreams of the Olympus Mons and In Heaven.

  540. Zbigniew Boczar

    Can’t just pick among so many diamonds, but to name one – “Hey”. We’re chaa-a-a-ained.

  541. Today, The Happening, but it varies, they randomly crash about and I’ll end up belting out the tracks on repeat and sometimes it’s a never ending amalgamation of them. That voice(s) that band, timeless.

  542. So many to choose…but no song gets me psyched up like “Rock Music,” especially before playing a show!

  543. It’s so hard to pick one! But I think I have to go with Gigantic because KIM FUCKING DEAL!

  544. Nathan Collins

    Monkey gone to heaven – thrashing vocals!

  545. No. 13 Baby

    The vocals are awesome and the music is powerful…I love all of their music though ; )

  546. Colleen M

    Wave of Mutilation. I started listening to the Pixies non stop during a time of great love in my late teen years. He and I would carve “Wave of Mutilation” into the sandstone at the beach and watch the waves wash it away

  547. Anita Felicelli

    Letter to Memphis and Make Believe are way under-appreciated and their cover of Head On is genius, but my favorite is Wave of Mutilation. It gets me every time- so real and felt

  548. Wave of Mutilation – the water, the crustaceans, every time I hear it, I feel like a teenager again! Thanks

  549. Bird Dream of The Olympus Mons

    For the ambient, for the feeling of freedom/escapade ‘into the sun’ or be it ‘into the mountain’, the mysterious and childish organ and the sheer simplicity of the bass…

  550. Here Comes Your Man…. Reminds me of one of the first times I saw them live, headlining the Reading Festival many years ago…..

  551. “Is She Weird”

    My first exposure to the Pixies was Bossonova. I feel that Surfer Rosa was a better album now but I would not have been likely to hear it without my having been hooked by “Is She Weird.”

  552. Randy LaBelle

    Levitate me…..brings me back to a time when i would drive 2hrs ,one way on a Tuesday Night,by myself, to see them at TT’s in Cambridge …with just a hand full of people