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Morrissey cancels rest of U.S. tour, blames opener Kristeen Young for getting him sick


After rescheduling two more concerts last night, Morrissey today surrendered to what is becoming increasingly inevitable, canceling the remaining nine dates on his U.S. tour — including those just-rebooked shows — as battles a respiratory infection he contracted in Miami, according to his official Facebook page.

This marks the third time since late 2012 the former Smiths frontman has pulled the plug on a U.S. tour, and follows his failed attempt last summer to tour South America last year, too. Those cancellations were all due to health ailments or his need to be with his sick mother.

Morrissey’s statement:


UPDATE: In a bizarre turn of events, Morrissey, via an official statement posted to True To You, blamed his longtime opening act Kristeen Young for getting him sick.

Young, who left the tour last week, responded on Facebook, saying she had allergies, not a cold, and that, “I am very sorry that Morrissey is not feeling well. But I will not tolerate these lies… particularly about my health. This is really too much and bizarre.”

Read both statements below and see the list of canceled dates.


Morrissey’s statement:

Tuesday June 10th

Morrissey announces the close down of the present U.S. tour with “unimaginable sorrow”.

On Saturday, June 7th, following the show at Boston Opera House, Morrissey collapsed and was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors treated Morrissey for “acute fever”.

Difficulties had arisen on May 31st following Kristeen Young’s opening set at the Miami Knight Concert Hall, after which Kristeen confessed to “a horrendous cold”, the symptoms of which were passed on to Morrissey resulting in the cancellation of the next show in Atlanta.

For the good of all, Kristeen was asked to step down from the immediate upcoming shows, but instead she decided to leave the tour entirely. Morrissey and the band wish her well and hope she is now in good health.

Morrissey received medical attention in Miami, and once again in Boston, but it was not enough to shake off the virus, the recovery time for which is too lengthy to meet the final 9 shows of the tour.

Morrissey and the band are otherwise delighted and very grateful for their experiences on the U.S. tour, some shows of which they considered to be their best-ever, most notably:

1. BOSTON Opera House
2. LOS ANGELES Sports Arena
3. BEAUMONT Julie Rogers Theater
4. NASHVILLE Ryman Auditorium
5. MEMPHIS Orpheum Theater


Kristeen Young’s statement:

Ok. Regarding the recent True-to-you statement from Morrissey: I did not “confess to a horrendous cold”. On Monday, June 2nd, I had an allergy attack that was over within 16 hours. I went to a doctor (on Monday, June 2nd), an allergy specialist, who gave me drugs for allergies…and they worked. I explained this (early on Tuesday, June 3rd) and offered this doctor’s phone number to Morrissey personally, via email, and the tour manager, Donnie Knutson (for proof….since they seemed to doubt me). But, they NEVER followed up with me or said doctor. Also….it is incorrect that I “decided to leave the tour completely”. I was asked to leave. Was called (in the presence of my band as witnesses) by Morrissey’s booking agent, Dave Tamaroff, and told that there would be a new support band in Boston. I am very sorry that Morrissey is not feeling well. But I will not tolerate these lies….particularly about my health. This is really too much and bizarre.


Morrissey tour dates:

June 13: Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL
June 14: James Whiting Auditorium, Flint, MI
June 16: Artpark Main Stage Theater, Lewiston, NY
June 17: Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE
June 19: Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA
June 21: Barclays Center Arena, New York, NY (with Cliff Richard)
June 22: Revel Ovation Hall, Atlantic City, NJ *
June 24: Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD *
June 25: Lincoln Theatre, Washington, D.C. *

* Rescheduled date




  1. kevin pyle

    lol the 3rd time his flint, mi show was postponed/cancelled

  2. Raise your hand if you have tickets to more cancelled Morrissey shows then actually seen Morrissey live…

    • Steve Stern

      Funny you said that…..I found 2 sets of tickets I had for his shows at Carnegie Hall. One set the canceled 1st show and a set for the make-up then canceled show.

      • adam tanner

        Steve, what year was that?
        I remember having tickets for that canceled Carnegie Hall show but can’t remember what year it was and the Passions Like Mine list of shows doesn’t have it (nor is it on the canceled list)

        had to be 94/95, no?

  3. Why bother being a fan of his music???

    • Exactly. I think his music is annoying and don’t care for him at all. Plus, he is a dick to his fans. The fans are the ones who put him where he is. People need to wake the f*ck up and stop supporting him and maybe that will change his attitude towards his fans.

    • Then, why are you in here??

  4. I think Las Vegas are now posting odds on the next series of cancellations!

  5. He might have some illness we are not aware of, and when sick he can’t fuck around and try to suffer through it. I was disappointed in Atlanta; however, this news makes it easier to digest. I had been taking it personally. Sorry, Moz. Feel better, and come back for one-off shows/festivals only like THE CURE.

  6. I did NOT see this coming… ;)

  7. Saw him at the Boston Opera House show, and he was outstanding; he sounded great, was charming and witty, and seemed just fine. This is all really too bad, and if he really IS ill, here’s hoping he recovers soon. Viva Le Moz!

  8. Learned last time after we drove 4 hours to the Flint show TWICE only to have it canceled on us at the last minute. We will never buy Morrissey tickets again. Adam Ant canceled, rescheduled and did so with months of advance notice. Moz canceled an hour before the show and with NO notice to fans. We heard it on the radio in the venue parking lot! Lost money on gasoline and hotels twice. Something fishy this way comes.

  9. this world is full of crashing bores…

  10. Saw the LA show on May 10th. Missed Kristeen Young but got there in a time for Tom Jones who sounded amazing. This is going to get ugly between Moz and Kristeen. He raved on and on about her in his autobiography. Guess he now has 6 friends left. 😜 I love his music though.

  11. Trash Tone

    This is nothing new. I owned a record store in North Wales in the mid 80s. We were a ticket agency and sold tickets for a Smiths concert in Llandudno. The night before this gig I believe they were playing in Manchester and a ‘fan’ threw a coin at Morrissey. He cancelled the Llandudno gig leaving hundreds disappointed and me having to refund the tickets. Let’s face it, the guy’s just a wimp!

  12. To those of you who have said it: just because he cancels tours, why does that mean you must no longer be a fan of his music?! Like, tomorrow you’ll no longer love his old songs anymore? He may be inconsistent and untrustworthy in terms of live tours, but HOW does that kill the good of the music that’s recorded to be listened to again and again? IT DOESN’T.

  13. What a pathetic piece of shit.
    He’s THAT sick? Pfffft.

  14. Whilst very likely made on his behalf, it would not appear correct to label the True-To-You announcement as “Morrissey’s statement”, noting that the only a few words appatently to come from the man’s mouth were “unimaginable sorrow”.

    The writing style is clearly not Morrissey’s and this could well come from his Management or any business associates of his.

    I would not be surprised in if Morrissey’s ACTUAL statement sets the record straight at some point in the future (when all’s well).

  15. Well umm its gonna get to where fewer wanna gamble on buying tix. If youre sick youre sick. Don’t blame everyone else. Maybe his mind ruled his body. I dunno.. :)

  16. They should fire his personal trainer, too. Moz needs to stay in better shape physically to battle all this US funk. His mgmt must be a royal team of asshats to publicly blame another touring pro for his current illness. Keep it in the dressing room, you drama queens!

  17. Perhaps Morrissey is sick of Morrissey. I know I am and make it a point to avoid him at all costs.

  18. Chris Fuller

    So he stays sick all the time . . . how’s that vegan thing workin’ out for you? Eat a freakin’ steak already.

  19. Morrissey is NOT vegan. Check your facts.

    As a carnivore, I don’t think any of us are any more immune than vegetarians or vegans.

  20. We’re still holding our Barclay’s show afterparty at Union Hall… will be a really fun show for anyone who already booked travel to NYC.

  21. My Lewiston tickets will be forever unused. Morrissey, so much to answer for.

  22. Good times for a change
    see, the luck I’ve had
    can make a good man
    turn bad

    So please please please
    let me, let me, let me
    let me get what I want
    this time

  23. “Respiratory Infection contracted in Miami?”

    VD, anyone?

  24. No one is surprised he canceled (even after, apparently, performing a flawless show in Boston). But to blame AND fire the opening act? Think of the lost money and expenses for those musicians! And, of course, he didn’t have the balls to dismiss them himself. “Lackeys, off with their jobs.” The queen is alive.

  25. Oh, just stop fucking trying to tour already you elderly illness prone git, you can’t do it anymore. I love Morrissey but he cancels more shows than he makes these days. Glad I was able to see him at some casino in Ct a few years back even if he and his band didn’t even care enough to bother doing a soundcheck for that particular show.

  26. I have refrained from attacking him for this the last few years because people get sick. Its excessive but some of us are more sickly than others. However, throwing Young under the bus is just fucking lame.

    I’ve been really disgusted by his reissue campaign as well, one of the worst ever attempted. The final straw has been reached. He’s sort of the Neil Young of sophistapop in that he does whatever he wants regardless of what the fans think. Both seem to exhibit mild to moderate Aspergers or something. His new album better be good.

  27. His AIDS is acting up.

  28. ChronicTourinitis

    Seems he only gets sick while on tour. Maybe he hates his fans so much it makes him sick when he comes into contact with them.

  29. I’m 45, and even with kids I still manage to attend 10-15 concerts a year, and there isn’t another artist I follow who cancels/reschedules shows as often as Moz does. If he’s truly this prone to illness, maybe touring isn’t for him.

    I saw The Pogues in Philly a few years back, and they played despite the fact that there was a blizzard, which made getting to the venue tough, and Shane MacGowan was in a wheelchair due to an injury from a previous gig.

    Does anyone think Morrissey would perform while in a wheelchair? Of course not. I’m a fan, but he’s been pulling this garbage for years.

  30. The best thing in this situation is for media outlets (including Slicing Up Eyeballs) to voluntarily suspend coverage of Morrissey for awhile. Maybe a year or two? The man seems to thrive on publicity of any kind. Let’s take it away from him for awhile and see how he feels.

  31. I just don’t understand these cancellations with Morrissey. Why can’t he get a proper diagnosis from a physician. It sounds like he may have a long-term auto-immune disease. He should go see a specialist for the problem. I love his music, but that is beside the point. You cannot keep cancelling shows on your fans. Especially, if he wants to keep his fan base.

  32. Robert Popik

    Been a fan since 1985 , I’ve seen him 11 times , I would have seen him a total of 15 times without the cancelations since 2007. It is my belief that Morrissey is incapable of staying healthy on the road due to his vegetarian diet and a body that requires protein and nourishment. I am not saying that being a healthy vegetarian is impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle , I am just saying that it makes staying healthy while traveling from city to city very difficult. It is my opinion that Morrissey cannot openly admit this publicly since he denounces eating meat so vigorously. But, I believe that at his age, his active schedule, and proof of his cancelations since 2007 his diet doesn’t work for him . I will never again buy a ticket for a Morrissey performance ever again and am rethinking preordering the new album. This behavior is unacceptable with his total lack of respect for his fan-base as well as his total lack of accountability for his own illness which he feels must be blamed on others, furthermore it pains me to say this as I have been such a devoted fan ….. “Goodnight and Thank You”

  33. This idea that he gets sick all the time because he’s a vegetarian is total BS. Paul McCartney has been a vegetarian forever and he’s 71 and going strong and still the exceptional showman and professional entertainer…plus he doesn’t dick around with his fans and fanbase.

    Honestly, I love The Smiths and Moz’s music but this dude is starting to show a serious lack of respect to other people and that’s just not cool anymore and hiding behind the name of The Smiths doesn’t save your coolness either. Treat other people the way you would want them to treat you and it looks like for all of Moz’s talk of compassion and so on, he can’t seem to extend that courtesy to other people. If you’re gonna grow old, do it gracefully because he sure as hell isn’t.

  34. Dear Moderator of SlicingUpMorrissey,

    Thank you for censoring some perfectly polite replies, trying to set the record straight from erroneous points made by other posters above. At the same time, nonsense and offensive content is perfectly allowed to take place in your website.

    It is otherwise good to know where you stand.

    Good night and thank you.

  35. Delta-Mode

    I’m not a Morrissey fan and I’ve often made fun of him on this forum, but all jokes aside, I think this man could be gravely ill, I get the feeling he’s hiding something. Surely he couldn’t be this unprofessional? He’s a sick man sadly.

  36. I saw the show in Los Angeles and it wasn’t even close to one of his best shows ever. The arena sucks and his set-list was even worse. I’m a long time fan of Morrissey’s but it’s time to put that ego aside and man up. The show in Los Angeles was the worst of his most recent visits to our city. Seems to me that he’s got some deeper rooted health issues and maybe it’s time to admit that he just can’t tour any longer. Sad…

  37. Its over for Morrissey. The guy just can’t hack it anymore and now is blaming others for his problems.

  38. It’s kind of like dealing with a hopeless alcoholic you love deeply. I will always love him and hope that he gets his health in order and his shit together, but until then, I’m done with giving you time and money. His lyrics have seen me through so much and his music means so much to me, but stop being such a tornado in people’s lives. Put your enormous ego aside and deal with your issues before you die sad, alone and before you have to.

  39. Out of curiosity, when was the last time Morrissey actually FINISHED a tour after playing ALL dates? This century? Ever?

  40. Morrisey cancels tour.. I know..I know it’s typical…….

  41. Scott Stalcup

    Wonder if years of prolonged exposure to pansies turns one into a pansy? Well he DID go onstage with them in his back pocket. Pansies, gladioli, eucalyptus on one occasion on TotP or The Tube . . .

  42. Morrisey’s guitarist Jesse Tobias responded to Kristeen Young’s comments on

    • What an ass–gotta save that paycheck, eh Jesse? Never once does he deal w/ the issues: Morrissey blamed her for his illness and fired her despite her evidence to the contrary–he did not do it like a family member. He had his manager fire the band.

      • Yes, I’m replying to myself. I’m like that. Final; Moz/Tobia beef… I couldn’t figure out what Visconti had to do with it.
        Now I know, apparently, Visconti “liked” Young’s Facebook comment. Yep. That’s it. So, Tobias looked up who liked her comment, found Tony’s name and BAM, he’s on the Moz hit list. Oh, well, Jesse does have a lot of free time. Do you think he’s still getting paid? I do!

  43. Johnny Marr is sitting back and laughing at what a “wank” Morrissey has become.

    I think it’s time for Morrissey to call it a day seeing that he hasn’t made a good album since Your Arsenal.

  44. Morrissey Cancels Rest of Life

    LONDON–Morrissey’s publicist announced today that Morrissey was canceled for the rest of his life. “He just decided it was time to end the endless parade of himself,” said publicist Ann O. Ying. Fans expressed shock, dismay, and occasional acceptance. “Maybe it’s for the best,” said super-fan Sue Dogoth. “He chose long ago to sustain himself not on meat, but on moral condescension. Much as we all thought the supply was exhaustible, it must’ve dried up.” Morrissey himself was characteristically humble. “The world simply stopped listening,” said Morrissey. “So I did what had to be done.”

  45. I loved him in High School but his arrogance has worn thin. I can’t even say I enjoy his sarcasm anymore.

  46. Wessidetempest

    Maybe Paul McCartney can follow in Morriseys footsteps. Oh wait. He is going back on the road after being sick

  47. The reason Morrissey gets sick is simply because he has spent too much of his life alone in his room. He hasn’t picked up enough friendly bacteria to provide adequate defences. When he goes on tour he is completely vulnerable.
    God help Michael Jackson’s children.

  48. He has been ill for years. I had tickets for him twice in the 1990’s in NY and both shows were cancelled. This time I finally saw him – I was at the Miami show – and he was ‘good’ but not ‘great’.

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