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Contest: Win Morrissey’s ‘Vauxhall and I’ 20th anniversary reissue with bonus live disc


It’s no secret that Morrissey’s been gearing up to release his first new studio album in five years next month, but the former Smiths frontman also has just reissued one of his best solo efforts, 1994’s Vauhxall and I — and we’ve got 10 copies to hand out to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers in the U.S., courtesy of the fine folks at Parlophone Records.

The “20th anniversary edition definitive master” of Vauxhall and I, as it’s known, includes a newly remastered edition of the 11-song album on one disc, and a 14-track concert recorded in London on Feb. 27, 1995, on the second disc. See full tracklist below.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, please name your favorite Morrissey solo album — and, if you’re feeling so inclined, offer up a few words as to just what it is about it that you think makes it so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “The more you ignore me, the closer I get… to winning a free Morrissey CD.”

RULES: This contest is open only to U.S. residents (sorry, label’s rules). We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, June 20. After that point, we’ll select 10 winners at random and contact them via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person. Good luck, and godspeed.

UPDATE: OK, contest is now closed. Thank you so much for sharing your Morrissey favorites. Winners have been notified via email.


Tracklist: Morrissey, Vauxhall and I: 20th Anniversary Edition

CD1: Original album
1. “Now My Heart Is Full”
2. “Spring-Heeled Jim”
3. “Billy Budd”
4. “Hold On To Your Friends”
5. “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
6. “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself”
7. “I Am Hated For Loving”
8. “Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning”
9. “Used To Be A Sweet Boy”
10. “The Lazy Sunbathers”
11. “Speedway”

CD2: Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 1995
1. “Billy Budd”
2. “Have-A-Go Merchant”
3. “Spring-Heeled Jim”
4. “London”
5. “You’re The One For Me, Fatty”
6. “Boxers”
7. “Jack The Ripper”
8. “We’ll Let You Know”
9. “Whatever Happens, I Love You”
10, “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself”
11. “The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get”
12. “The National Front Disco”
13. “Moonriver”
14. “Now My Heart Is Full”




  1. Brian Maull

    Your Arsenal is my favorite Moz album

  2. Mike Swedene

    Viva Hate.

    It was ludicrous and amazing. It brings me back to the old house, while driving your girlfriend home.

  3. You Are the Quarry

  4. Bona Drag is my favorite Morrissey solo cd.

  5. Kill Uncle. Love the rockabilly feel of “Wing Your Life.”

  6. Chad Koper

    “Your Arsenel” has been my personal #1 Morrissey solo release…I worked in a record store at the time of its release. “YA” not only had Morrissey at the top of his voice and writing game but he was smart to recruit a producer and fellow musicians that understood what he was striving for….a big glammy sound with hints of 80’s Brit Rockabilly…. Boz, Alain, Spencer and Gary really helped Moz solidify his solo career at that time. Thanks for the contest…..

  7. Franco Franus

    my favorite morrissey album is actually…drumroll…VAUXHALL AND I!
    : ]
    song for song, i’ve never been enamored with an album by morrissey as much as this one. i have been through all of them and most of them have a special place in my heart, but for me, this constantly keeps returning.
    i am so excited to listen to this and it would even cooler with the S.U.E. affiliation.
    : ]

  8. Timothy Dunne

    Although I was OBSESSED with Kill Uncle when it came out, Vauxhall and I really hit me the hardest on an emotional level. So many of the songs resonated with where I was in my life. It is the closest to my heart and therefor, my favorite Moz record.

  9. Beethoven Was Deaf! “I still do not speak French. I am…very…lazy.”

  10. Paul Marin

    “Vauhxall and I” is my favorite Morrissey album because the warmth of the songs and the almost dreamy nature of the production in places. It’s e beautiful album and contains some of his best songs.

  11. Vauxhaull and I is his best album in my opinion, it’s my favorite at least. Good luck!

  12. Bona Drag – Although technically a compilation, this is what spawned the monster in me that became a life-long moz-a-phile. It was also during that time period in which I saw him live for the first time, in June of ’91.

  13. My favorite album by Morrissey is “Viva Hate”. That might be a cliched answer but there are reasons. I’d just gotten into The Smiths and learned they were breaking up, so I couldn’t wait to see what was next. I moved from North Carolina to the Chicago area and when I got up to Illinois I have Viva Hate to bond with. “The Last Night on Maudlin Street” took on a whole new meaning. New school, new life, new Morrissey. So yeah. It’ll always be “Viva Hate”.

  14. Tino Capello

    My Favorite Moz album is Viva Hate. The lyrics blend so well will the gorgeous music and Moz’s vocals and spectacular. It drips with summer nostalgia and thus making it the best.

  15. Vauxhall and I is my favorite Morrissey solo album because Spring-Heeled Jim and Speedway are two of my favorite songs. :)

  16. Lenore Meeks

    My favorite Morrissey album is ‘Vauxhall and I’, in part because ‘Vaux’ is my maiden name, and I appreciated folks pronouncing my name correctly with the release of that album.

  17. KJ Turner

    Great, great album.

  18. Viva Hate. It’s the one album I believe was good enough to have been a Smiths record… Every song makes the world a better place to live in

  19. Chris Hopper

    I would have to say ‘You Are the Quarry’ is my favorite solo disc. I found his voice in it a little bit deeper and the disc a little more mature work. Certainly not knocking the others, just my personal favorite.

  20. “Your Arsenal” is my favorite.

  21. Jason Eff

    Viva Hate

  22. Your Arsenal. Came out about when I started High School, and had a harder edged rockabilly guitar sound, which gelled nicely with the grunge trend at the time without sounding like a period piece. Still holds up today. The live versions of these songs on Beethoven Was Deaf were spectacular as well.

  23. Michael Byer

    Vauxhall and I !!!!!!!!

  24. Your Arsenal. So many great memories.

  25. Your Arsenal is brilliant! It was moz’s peak, full of glam inspired, stomping beats ! “All i ask of you is one thing that you’ll never do”. Amazing!

  26. My favorite solo album is Southpaw Grammar. It’s the only album where Morrissey made the music more of the focus than his stellar lyrics, giving it a real rock n’ roll sound. After the heartfelt ups and downs of Vauxhall and I, it’s nice to hear him do something a little different.

  27. Vauxhall is by far my favorite. Can’t beat Speedway.

  28. Vauxhall & I. From the graham Greene references in the opener to the big drum climax of speedway, it’s dark, both immediate and a grower of an album.

  29. “Viva Hate” – I remember the buzz surrounding his first solo release. It was heart breaking when The Smiths broke up but Morrissey quickly calmed the nerves of his fans with a brilliant follow up to his time with Johnny Marr.

  30. Bona Drag

  31. Your Arsenal!!!

  32. It’d have to be Viva Hate, but with V&I as a close second.

  33. Your Arsenal – Ronno and Moz. Need I say anything more?

  34. Your Arsenal… Mick Ronsons production. Can’t beat that….

  35. Some many good choices, but probably Vauxhall and I. I love “Spring-Heeled Jim”, for some reason.

  36. Viva Hate

    and then all those amazing early-years singles.

  37. Viva Hate. I was so sad when the Smiths disbanded so it was great to have something to sort of fill the void. It really is a great album and I have many great memories of listening to it.

  38. Viva Hate! The first time I heard Everyday Is Like Sunday I knew things we going to be ok.

  39. Have to go with Viva Hate as it is every bit as good as The Smiths records.

  40. Holly Deken

    I think mine is Viva Hate, Bona Drag probably a close second…the songwriting is still brilliant and such great songs, though I love Your Arsenal & Vauxhall And I very much as well. Hard choice!!

  41. Rosa Reyes

    This is a tough one, but I would love to say,”Viva Hate” it’s one very personal, & meaningful to me in my life. Thank you Slicing Up Balls!

  42. john mordecai

    Hard to pick, but VIVA HATE might just be my favorite album of his.
    It has a certain early-evening atmosphere for me that is steeped in nostalgia with a capital N. Many memories around it, but “Late Night Maudlin Street” might just be the nail-on-the-head lament for a past time that anyone’s ever written.
    Lovely vocals, lovely melodies, lovely songs.

  43. stu weiner

    Your Arsenal…

  44. Adrian R.

    Viva Hate definitely was the soundtrack of my life at one time… Angel dont take your life tonight…

  45. Glenn Roddick

    Vauxhall and I is an early favorite but Ringleader of the Tormentors is also a solid album from start to finish.

  46. Lou Peralta

    Vauxhall and I keeps saving my life. For that, I am indebted to it.

  47. Brad Scott

    Kill Uncle. Most may disagree, but it runs the gamut from silly to macabre. Exactly what one would expect from a Morrissey album.

  48. My favorite is a cheat: Bona Drag
    Just covers alot of territory and it’s a bit more adventurous than later efforts…
    probably because it’s a compilation and not a proper album… :)

  49. I think I love Bona Drag the most but Vauxhall is great!! Love Morrissey!!!

  50. Vauxhall and I!

  51. “Vauxhall and I” is my favorite Morrissey solo album. The songs are so consistently great, the vocals and melodies are among his very best. The arrangements are stripped down, with the familiar chime of clean electric and acoustic guitars forming the bed for all the songs. The production is nice, timeless and organic sounding. It’s a beautiful album with an ethereal quality that flows from one song into the next. Often Moz sounds quite content, despite, or maybe in spite of all that he’s singing about.

  52. Steven Cacciaroni

    “Your Arsenal” is my favorite album and I love it because it was a refreshed sound that didn’t sound like The Smiths. I love The Smiths, but an imitation of Johnny Marr is no good. No one was going to properly fill in for Johnny Marr. I love this record because it signifies when they stopped trying and just made proper album.

  53. YOUR ARSENAL – I was devastated when Mick Ronson died. In large part because it meant he couldn’t produce another Morrissey album. They definitely made magic together. (My close second choice would be YOU ARE THE QUARRY.)

  54. Eric Burgess

    Seems like a cop-out to say Bona Drag being a compilation but the highs are so high on that record that it edges out Your Arsenal.

  55. Adam Ross

    “Viva Hate” had some of Morrissey’s best songs, in my opinion.

  56. Your Arsenal

  57. Vauxhall and I is my favorite because Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself is his best song and that album is the most cohesive. His not so veiled attack on Johnny Marr with Billy Budd is awesome as well. Speedway, Now My Heart Is Full, Hold on to Your Friends…all amazing. The riff in The More You Ignore Me…is worth the album alone.

  58. suresh mohapatra

    Vauxhall and I. Perfect mix of slower classic Moz tunes and upbeat tracks as well. Who can ignore the classic sampling on Spring Heeled Jim and the single the more you ignore me the closer you get. Fave track…why don’t you find out for yourself.

  59. It’s a tie between Vauxhall and I and Your Arsenal.

  60. Rachel Sanor

    Bona Drag

  61. Rodney Wilhite

    Your Arsenal because it has that early 70s Ronson glam rock feel.

  62. Barbara Campagna

    Viva Hate.

  63. Kill Uncle. I can never have enough of it….

  64. You are the Quarry – great songs from beginning to end. Just saw the Boston show and his voice and band were amazing; better live than recorded

  65. Vauxhall and I.

    This was my first Moz album, bought on cassette at the tender age of 14. Life-changing isn’t the word! It still holds up wonderfully: he plays with so many different styles on this album and yet the whole thing holds together wonderfully.

    I’ve owned this album at least four times, handing it out to friends, spreading the word. A new copy would be very nice!

  66. Steve Carlton

    Southpaw Grammar is grossly underrated, it is my favorite because he samples Shostakovich in “The Teachers are Afraid of the Pupils”

  67. James Alexander Jr.

    Oh it would be Viva Hate!

  68. Mike Guillen

    Your Arsenal

    This is the first Moz album I got on CD and I played the hell out of it.

  69. I’m going to buck the trend a bit here and go with something from the 2000s — and go with You Are The Quarry. I loved each album when it came out and probably have a soft spot for Viva Hate in particular (first solo album and one I still remember playing over and over and over again in my sophomore dorm room). But maybe it was the fact that it had been seven or so years since a Moz album or maybe it was something else, but Quarry struck me as fresh and interesting at the time, and is still the album I put on most a decade later, when I’m in the mood for Morrissey. Tracks 1-3 pull no punches as they take the piss out of everything from America to religion, I love “…Crashing Bores”, and “First of the Gang” through “I Like You” play as a perfect four song set for me.

  70. Bona Drag! I don’t care if it’s a cheat!

  71. Your Arsenal is my favorite proper Morrissey album, but I probably listen to Bona Drag more often.

  72. Vauxhall & I. His best solo songs, “Now My Heart Is Full”, “Speedway” & “Find Out For Yourself.” the band was in tip top form. Mint.

  73. Todd Hutlock

    Your Aresenal, just because I think the tunes are the strongest and the band were really tight at that point. Also saw him on that tour and really loved it.

  74. Mark Salmi

    People can be so nice when they want to win something. Oh, and I’ll pick ‘Southpaw Grammar.’

  75. Pete Barker

    Your Arsenal. Because I’ve always had a thing for the fatties.

  76. Viva Hate ! It’s still his best solo album.

  77. Michele Cauvel

    Kill Uncle…simply put.

  78. kevin pyle

    your arsenal is my favorite, it flows!

  79. Viva Hate

    This first solo album from Morrissey brings back great memories of high school days, and Stephen Street was quite marvelous as a producer.

  80. Viva Hate — it was my first exposure to Morrissey

  81. Ric Arevalo

    Your Arsenal. Perfect album from start to finish. Loved the Gritty rockabilly influenced guitars.

  82. Andy Jack

    Viva Hate! If for no other reason, it awakens the angsty adolescent in me!

  83. Vauxhall and I is definitely very sentimental to me and is by far my favorite album. Despite the terrible production quality (of which I even made my own unofficial digital remaster via Adobe Audition 3.0 back in 2008) .. Which hopefully is rectified in this re release .. I feel that these were some of Mozz’s most heartfelt songs .. Used to Be A Sweet Boy still gives me chills to this day.. And I would be most befitting for this free cd .. Because I played my copy to the ground a long time ago.

    Dj fell

  84. Your Arsenal. The album is the soundtrack of my adolescence. Tomorrow, will it really come?

  85. Shawn jones

    Bona Drag greatest Moz album!!

  86. Your arsenal

  87. blackcross

    You Are The Quarry…at that time many of the lyrics hit home for me…the music felt a style different than past…matured in a good direction…the album after felt like he wanted to keep it…which i was hoping he would change up again

  88. Bona Drag, technically not an “album”, but it’s what got me into him and eventually The Smiths, yep, I discovered his solo work first.

  89. Hard to pick but Vauhxall and I may be the winner. Too many things to say.

  90. Thomas Dalton

    Viva Hate. I like Viva Hate the best because The guitar work is really good which makes the songs better. Especially, “Suedehead”, “Hairdresser on Fire”, and “I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me”

  91. Darn typos! Vauxhall and I.

  92. Kris Yodice

    Bona Drag. It was an end-to-end hit factory.

  93. Vauxhall and I is! This album is full of great songs!! I hope I win! I live in Atlanta and am cursed to never see him this 4th time really hurt. I guess I am “Hated for Loving!”

  94. It’s definitely Vauxhall. It just seems like Moz is much more happier on Vauxhall. I’m partial to the chainsaw intro on Speedway, it’s one of my top five favorite Moz tracks.

  95. Jesse Lee

    Vauxhall and I is my favorite Morrissey album without a doubt! I love every song! My favorites are “Now my heart is full”, “spring heeled Jim” and “why don’t you find out for yourself”. I laugh, cry and sing to this album.

  96. Todd Harris

    Difficult question as he has so many amazing records, but I think I will have to go with Your Arsenal. So many stellar tracks and it certainly doesn’t hurt the Mick Ronson produced it. To me, it feels like the perfect Moz album.

  97. Viva Hate is my favorite Morrissey solo album!

  98. viva hate- i remember getting the cassette from columbia record club, and listening to it a zillion times when i was 18…. what a great time of life- all the angst i had, expressed in music- little did i know how simple life was.

  99. This is the one for me – Vauxhall and I. I was always a Smiths fan, and this is the one that made me differentiate between Morrissey and “that guy that used to be in the Smiths” for me. It’s also the first one without a cleverly-titled song that seemed to exist simply to justify the title, IMO.

  100. Vauxhall….because I’ll never stop holding onto my friends

  101. Mike Brown

    Your Arsenal!

  102. Vauxhall and I….love the storytelling of these songs and the production has a dream like quality. Overall a solid Moz endeavor!

  103. Tom Kershaw

    Like so many, have to go with Viva Hate – it is my “10 albums to be stranded on an island with ” list for sure.

  104. Southpaw Grammar – unlike anything else in his catalog.

  105. My favorite Morrissey album is Your Arsenal. It was his first solo album that moved beyond the Smiths sound (and was good [Kill Uncle]). His songwriting was on point, and hadn’t yet slipped into cliches, and his band’s sound was driving and complementary at that time. The songwriting and the music were at its best. Also, ‘National Front Disco’? ‘I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday’? It doesn’t get much better than that!

  106. Vauxall And I, because it has my favorite Moz song EVER: Speedway

  107. Adam Watkins

    Your Arsenal

    So Glam! So Biting!
    We Look At Danger And Laugh Our Heads Off!

  108. i am partial to Your Arsenal as it was the first one i purchased, and i reviewed it for my high school newspaper. i also saw morrissey on that tour, and it was my first ever concert!

  109. Angela Marie

    Vauxhall & I is my favorite Morrissey solo album because it was the first album that introduced me to Moz. i can listen to it and it brings back so many high school memories. Great album all the way through!

  110. Viva Hate is a massive album! That is my vote!

  111. Southpaw Grammar

    It’s heavy, it’s loud, it’s fun. Underrated and unlike any of his other releases. It always puts me in a good mood.

  112. Kill Uncle. I adore it.

  113. Vauxhall and I. There was a pacing, and rhythm to the album that from the first track to the thumping power of the last that finally said, “I am Moz, not the smiths.” An energy and maturity his others just toyed with. He came into his voice, writing and artist self on this album. I love all things Smiths and Morrissey. Suede head my fav song. But Vauxhaul is MOZ. Even the name is unconventional and strange like the artist. Just an outstanding piece of art. Love it!

  114. Viva Hate. It’s the one I come back to over and over.

  115. Jim Roberts

    “Viva Hate” is a masterpiece–a brilliant segue from the Smiths to Morrissey’s solo career.

  116. Bona Drag is my favorite because the B-sides are as worthwhile as the A-sides. “Hairdresser on Fire”!

  117. Viva Hate-just cos my high school band covered “Suedehead.” But “The More You Ignore Me…” is a great song too.

  118. I love them all but if I have to pick a favorite, I will pick ‘Your Arsenal’. Seasick, Yet Still Docked gets me every time. Every track is a winner.

  119. Bejgrowicz

    Vauxhall & I. No, really. A few months ago a friend posed this very question. I have them all and now three songs from the upcoming album. Sometimes you just have the pull the trigger and say which one means the most to yourself from start to finish. Painful as it may be! Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning…hahahaha

  120. Your Arsenal is my favorite Moz solo record. It’s his only solo record with guitars as sharp and biting as Johnny’s, thanks to Mick Ronson’s excellent production. It’s the sound of a young backing band firing up their engines for the first time after a trial by fire on the road. It is spirited, alive, and flows perfectly, and captured the perfect intersection of Morrissey’s pop tendencies and his band’s rockabilly roots.

  121. Fred kennedy

    Your Arsenal. It is the first of his cd’s that the band is all owe to stretch out and not be just a backing track.

  122. Viva Hate.

    When everything seemed possible.

  123. Your Arsenal is my favorite Morrissey solo album, mostly because each track brings a certain artistic mastery to the table. This is the album that proved Morrissey could be a solo artist and didn’t need a band to back him. The album inspired many 90s britpop and indie albums of the decade as well

  124. Viva Hate! I still have it in my car and listen to it all the time.

  125. Scott Vezdos

    VIVA HATE – With songs like “Suedehead,” “Hairdresser on Fire,” “Everyday is Like Sunday,” and “I Don’t Mind if You Forget Me,” Morrissey had proven he could step out on his own and forge his own musical legacy after the break-up of one of the most iconic bands in alt-music history.

  126. Lucas McDermott

    You Are the Quarry

    It was his “comeback” album, and his first solo album that really grabbed me. From politics to religion to unrequited love, it’s everything I love about Morrissey.

    – Lucas McDermott

  127. I have a lot of fond memories with the Bona Drag album.. Graduating from HS that year and playing “Interesting Drug” in the club where I DJed. While perhaps not his “best” it’s my favorite…

  128. You are the Quarry – amazing !

  129. Definitely Viva Hate. Great album.

  130. Southpaw Grammar, it stands up, goes in a different direction than most of the albums, then brings you back home to where you began.

  131. John Edward Dean-Morton

    Viva Hate…. Such a wonderful debut. Love Morrissey even if he did just cancel on me for the 3rd time.

  132. Erica Smith

    Bona Drag was my first and most beloved Morrissey CD. <3

  133. Daniel Matthews

    Vauxhall & I is my favorite Morrissey album. It’s the most mature collection he’s ever released.

  134. Oh, I know it’s typical, but Viva Hate really is that wonderful and universal. Plus I bought it at a very impressionable age, so it was a formative record for me.

  135. Viva Hate, I was 16 when it came out. I wore out my cassette tape. I was obsessed with Morrissey, I poofed my hair like him. The videos for Suedehead and Everyday is Like Sunday were awesome! I have very fond memories of this time.

  136. Michael in SoCal

    For me, it’s Vauxhall And I. Great songs, strong performance.

  137. Vauxhall and I! Morrissey’s lyrics are amazing. Lazy Sunbathers and Speedway blew me away first time I heard them.

  138. Viva Hate because everyday IS like Sunday.

  139. Viva Hate. Still fresh from The Smiths. A classic debut.

  140. Vauxhall and I. Combination of great songs and Steve Lillywhite’s brilliant production.

  141. Viva Hate.. It was the introduction to morrisseys solo career and it’s filled with such wit and charm in each song.

  142. Vauxhall and I.

    Stood for ages on Oxford Street to get Moz to sign an LP copy for my friend Gillian in Dublin as it was her birthday. Ended up buying the CD for myself and pushed play as I hopped on an overground train in London. Something about all of it – track for track – just makes me smile with fond memories and vivid pictures of the time.

  143. Viva Hate! Maybe it’s my favorite because it was my “first” Morrissey album and I remember listening to the vinyl and reading the lyrics on the sleeve along with it. Brings back a lot of school memories!

  144. Brian Pierce

    You are the Quarry. Far too much time passed between this and Maladjusted but a what a welcome return. His career and work have nicely evolved.

  145. Dawn hofmeister

    Viva Hate! So great with awesome songs. Although “Speedway” on Vauxhall & I is one of my favorites.

  146. Scott humphreys

    Vauxhall and I
    I remember watching to more you ignore me video in highschool and making video tapes of my favorite videos. 94 was a great year for music

    Vauxhall and I,Downward spiral, Ill communication, superunknown, dummy, weezer

    A great year with a lot of music nostalgia

  147. Your arsenal. Came out as I was entering college. Good memories and first time I got to see him live. What a show!! “So far from where..I intended to go”

  148. Joaquin Magana

    viva hate first album I heard of his.. Still love it til this day.. I purchased it on cassette

  149. Maladjusted. The one everyone forgets about.

  150. Viva Hate is my favorite Morrissey album. Many of the songs on that album really spoke to me; I was a senior in high school when it came out. The album still means a lot to me to this day.

  151. Vauxhall and I is his best.

  152. Vauxhall & I …my favorite train stop in London

  153. Bona Drag. Tuff call, but I love that album.

  154. My fave Morrissey album is Viva Hate. So much so that I got the phrase tattooed on my ribs. Ow and Sigh and woe is me…very Moz, huh?

  155. I would have to say VIVA HATE. Although I love so much of his music I love different albums for different reasons. Viva Hate came to me at a crucial time in my life. I was really, truly accepting who I was. I was defining who I was and deciding to be okay with it. I had found the beginning of my path, and broken-hearted and weary as many a teenager is, songs like Late Night, Maudlin Street served as a soundtrack for my repair and rebuild.

  156. Richard Valencia

    Vauxhall and I is my favorite Morrissey album. It was, at a point, my favorite album of all time. What can you say about this album other than it is perfect.

  157. Jim stewart

    Your arsenal is still the one i can listen all the way thru everytime without hitting the skip button

  158. Vauxhall and I. Great set of songs matched with a fantastic production. Pure awesome Morrissey.

  159. Jenny Rose

    For me this record (Vauxhall) is my favorite ofthe older Morrissey works great lyrics, wonderfully put forth/sung, great melodies, instrumentation and production. And although this was Steve Lillywhite’s
    first record with him he did a great job helping Morrissey stay true to himself/the overall climate and sound
    Mick Ronson previously provided him only a bit darker and more mature. I hope I win because I had to sell most of my albums due to illness/moving around/vagrant lifestyle for a while there and only have most things on mp3’s.. Looking to rebuild! Thank you!

  160. Vauxhall and I. Perfect opener, perfect closer and some amazing songs in between

  161. Southpaw Grammar because it rocks

  162. butter&eggs

    “You Are The Quarry”

  163. Jenny Rose

    Vauxhall.. Great lyrics and delivery of them. Great melodies, instrumentation, production. Though it was his first with Steve Lilywhite, I think he did Moz justice the same way Mick Ronson did but added his own flair knowing Moz was in mourning.. This album sounds stark yet lush and I’m guessing just how he wanted it. A masterpiece.

  164. Years of Refusal. I just love the rockiness of it!

  165. “Vauxhall and I” is my favorite because “Now My Heart Is Full” such a wonderful song, partly because it mentions the characters from one of my favorite books(Brightn Rok)

  166. Viva Hate – first one, best one…

  167. Heather Sandoval

    Viva Hate! This is the album that cemented my relationship with the man I have been married to for 16 years now, serious bonding!!

  168. Bona drag…….its like all the best Moz singles in one easy to carry package……

  169. Strangely enough, Vauxhall and I is my favorite! Love it.

  170. Your Arsenal = Mick Ronson, no contest!

  171. Your Arsenal is my fave.

  172. Daniel Anderson

    It’s this album. It was a fresh release for a Morrissey album back then.

  173. Steven Hatley

    V and I just has a classicness about it. Can listen to it over and over again.

  174. Viva Hate
    I just bought it and I love it!

  175. Your Arsenal

    There’s not a weak track on the entire record and Moz was “at the height of his solo powers.”

  176. M. Hoffman

    Viva hate.

  177. Viva Hate. Amazing songs, and Morrissey and Vini Reilly together…enough said!

  178. “You are the Quarry” simply because it includes “I have forgiven Jesus”, you know, cause only Moz can forgive Jesus.

  179. What an easy question; Vauxhall & I. Its his best. Morrissey on fire with his lyrics. razor sharp wit. This album gives the listener exactly what we paid for; there’s love & romance of Now my hear is full and The More You Ignore me.., plus Morrissey’s knife cutting wit and cynicism in Life Guard Sleeping…, Why Don’t You Find Out. Lastly Morrissey pours out his heart in this venomous final track Speedway. Fantastic album, Id honestly run into a burning house to save it.

  180. Vauxhall and I. His most consistently memorable and mature work…from the still-live favorite “Speedway” to the haunting “Lifeguard Sleeping, Girl Drowning”, this album is a classic.

  181. “Your Arsenal” because it was the first Morrissey cassette I was given as a 15-year-old. Also, “Tomorrow” is my favorite solo Moz track for the lyrics, “you don’t think I’ll make it, I never said I wanted to…well, did I?” It spoke to me when I was deciding to pursue radio as a career and all the other times people told me “no” in life.

  182. Though I think Vauxhall & I is superior, my FAVORITE Moz album is still the first Moz album: Viva Hate. It came pretty soon after The Smiths broke up, and it reassured us that Morrissey would keep making music on his own AND that it would stand up to the standards of The Smiths without sounding exactly like the music of The Smiths. In other words, he established himself as a solo artists. I never understood why later he occasionally made some Smiths-sounding solo songs. He never needed to. Song for song, Vauxhall is stronger, but it lacks the highs of “Everyday is Like Sunday” and “Suedehead.” But I’m looking forward to this reissue of my second favorite–and clearly best–Morrissey record. Thanks!

  183. “Viva Hate” is my favorite Morrissey album. I always loved The Smiths and at that time, I was too young to truly realize the difference between a Morrissey solo album and The Smiths. “Viva Hate” captures that 13 year old innocence that I had. I was still a music snob. Everyone else was listening to hair metal while I was on my skateboard with a walkman. My favorite track is “”Late Night, Maudlin Street”. I also loved “I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me” and the very dramatic “Angel, Angel Down We Go Together” After “Viva Hate”, I saw the difference between The Smiths and Morrissey solo albums.

  184. Bona Drag

  185. Destiny Snyder

    My favorite solo Morrissey album is actually Vauxhaul and I. The sound of this album is just … I cant really explain it. I’m not good with words.. Its beautiful!

  186. Vauxhall and I is my favorite Morrissey album. Like many here, I love them all, but the whole of Vauxhall resonates in a way above & beyond most of the rest of his solo work for me.

  187. Your Arsenal. :)

  188. Paul San Filippo

    Your Arsenal is my favorite. Got to see him play at the Limelight in NYC on that tour. That is until the fire marshall shut the place down for being over crowded.

  189. Vauxhall and I is my favorite Moz solo album. All the songs on this album are beautiful and mean so much to me.

  190. Viva Hate.

  191. Shawn paek

    Kill Uncle, but Vauxhaul and I came out during my first year at college and always has a special place with me.

  192. Keri Lawson

    Viva Hate!

  193. Ken Tretler

    Viva Hate, baby! It brings back so many memories.

  194. John Snelling

    Beethoven Was Deaf!

  195. VIVA HATE!

    because I’m from ‘the seaside town that they forgot to bomb’

  196. Ron Jaspers

    vauxhall and i

  197. Matthew Verkamp

    “Vauxhaull And I.” It’s such a soothing album. It’s the perfect successor to the more rock and electric guitar driven “Your Arsenal.”

  198. Your Arsenal. Love the songs, the playing, the performances, and great production from Mick Ronson.

  199. Viva hate – stands the test of time. Strong from start to finish. And takes me back to simpler times.

  200. Bona Drag

  201. your arsenal

  202. I’m going with Viva Hate, but it’s a hard decision by which to arrive.

    But I’m going with it based mostly upon the most excellent story-telling song “Late Night, Maudlin Street”. I often feel Moz is at his best when telling a story or such. And of all the story-like songs he has created this one just seems to hit all the right notes, if you will.

  203. Jim McCabe

    Your Arsenal is tops.

  204. Vauxhall and I is my favorite. This album has a good variety of subdued tracks that harken back to early Moz and Smiths; while others have the harder guitar edge that makes up a lot of his current sound. Compared to it’s predecessor “Your Arsenal,” it is less urgent, but the production is more layered and flowing, and still with the classic introspective and snarky lyrics I love.

  205. Matt DeMonaco

    Viva Hate hands down. Brilliant lyrically and Vini Reilly’s guitar work is absolutely sublime.

  206. Alex Riese

    Bona Drag if I had to pick one.

  207. JP Patterson

    Viva Hate – I was in high school and had been listening to the Smiths since 8th grade when an older cousin introduced me to them at a party. Hearing Viva Hate for the first time was like seeing an old friend for the first time in years. Still my favorite solo record by the Moz.

  208. John Larson

    Viva Hate. It lessened the blow after the break-up of the Smiths.

  209. (still) Viva Hate

  210. Your Arsenal

  211. Steven Holland

    “Viva Hate” originally known as “Education In Reverse”
    Thank you!

  212. Kevin Bowdoin

    Bona Drag

  213. Sarah Lane

    I loved Your Arsenal, but am also very fond of Vauxhall and I. It’s a toss up. Both are so hauntingly fantastic.

  214. Stewar tAlexander

    Wow this is a tough one

    I love all of them.

    If you put a gun to my head I would say Kill Uncle
    If you put something non-violent to my head I would say Viva Hate

  215. You Are the Quarry. Because ‘I Like You’.

  216. You are the Quarry!

  217. Mitch Simbajon

    I love every single albums of Morrissey, except Swords.

  218. A tie. “Your Arsenal” both annihilated and rebuilt my soul, while “Vauxhall and I” followed me through a very early life-changing experience. I could never pick one or the other.

  219. Viva Hate. “Everyday is Like Sunday” “Suedehead” “Hairdresser on Fire” all great songs. The debut solo album made clear he was not going to veer to far from The Smiths in terms of sound and lyrical style. It also an album that reminds me of my childhood I was heading into my senior year of high school when it came out and was album all my friends and I had and listened to a lot.

  220. Nymphadora

    Viva Hate is my fave though Vauhxall and I runs a close second.

  221. Bona Drag – every song is quintessential Moz!

  222. Vauxhall and I:
    “loafing oafs in all-night chemists” might be the greatest lyric ever written.

  223. Top to bottom, I think I have to go “Your Arsenal” just barely over “Viva Hate”.

    “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful” and “You’re the One for Me, Fatty” back to back are just too funny.

  224. johnathan

    Viva Hate, because it was the opening chapter of a brilliant solo career that sprung from the ashes of the Smith with equal parts eloquence and iconoclasm.

  225. I love Your Arsenal, but upon great reflection, the re-vamped Maladjusted is brilliant. Ammunition and Alma Matters are two of my favorites tracks, as is Trouble Loves Me, which I will not hear live this year since my Moz show was just cancelled.

  226. My top 3 are:
    1. Vauxhall and I
    2. Viva Hate
    3. Your Arsenal

  227. Vauxhall and I is my favorite due to its rich, creamy sound.

  228. Don Reynolds

    You Are The Quarry, and so am I.

  229. Your Arsenal

  230. Wes Hanks

    Bona Drag

  231. Scotty Peterson

    Gosh, this is a tough one, but I’d have to go with his 1st, “Viva Hate”

    It really started a new appreciation of music for me, particularly his…I mean I loved the Smiths, but this album was very special. I was a year into college, and the 90s and grunge hadn’t really started yet…MTV still played videos, had a couple cool late night shows, and my friend and I must have listened to this album 30 times in the first few months after it came out. It just carries so many good memories for me.

  232. Viva Hate

  233. Viva Hate – fierce, witty, melodic, and over-the-top ridiculous/sumptuous Moz; starting with Alsatian Cousin: “A note upon his desk:
    “P.S. Bring Me Home And Have Me!”

  234. “Bona Drag” is my favorite. Just a nice solid cross section of songs. Morrissey’s mix of musical style and poetry is a soothing sound that comforts my soul.

  235. Viva Hate
    – Angel
    – Hairdresser
    – Alsatian cousin

  236. Viva Hate

  237. Ringleader of the Tormentors. Life is a Pigsty…it’s the same old S.O.S

  238. My favorite Morrissey album is Vauxhall and I, so this would be awesome.

  239. The Maladjusted reissue. The title track, Alma Matters, Ammunition, Wide to Receive, Heir Apparent, I can Have both are all fantastic. During this period, I think his voice was in top form, too. Such a rich croon!

  240. “Viva Hate.” But mostly just because that was the next thing. I’ve listened to it more times than I can count.

  241. Nelson Jones

    You are the Quarry

    After many lost faith with “Maladjusted”, Morrissey returned in finer form than ever.

  242. Viva Hate without reason.

  243. Fred Griego

    Vauxhall; because I had to choose one

  244. Cecilia Walker

    Bona Drag is my favorite Morrissey solo album. I have wonderful memories of listening to that cassette on a continuous loop in my mom’s car when I was little. I especially loved Picadilly Palare. ☺️

  245. This just in: Morrissey has canceled this contest due to illness.

  246. Viva hate!

  247. Stephen K.

    I like Viva Hate the best (not any of the remastered versions). The lyrics were the most resonant, and songs sounded totally unique to anything before or after. Nice guitar work, drums, strings. I will also give a shout out to Kill Uncle, an album which seems very under-appreciated. If Viva Hate owed much of its majesty to Vini Reilly, Kill Uncle was not just a close second, but one where the band were standing on their own two feet.

  248. gavin conner

    Your Arsenal is probably my favorite but that is a bit like choosing a favorite child. It not only captured that perfect time when his band was the closest thing he’s had to a TRUE band since the SMITHS…but it also (like so much of his work) provided the perfect soundtrack for my life at the time.

  249. Vauxhall and I – a near perfect album.

  250. Tink Eury

    Viva Hate

  251. I would say Bono Drag, but that is a compilation album – so I would definitely go with Your Arsenal – it is one of his most focused records to date.

  252. Viva hate came out at a perfect time for me during college.

  253. Brian Morgan

    Viva Hate.

  254. Bona Drag, even though it isn’t an album proper. But it’s the most consistent listen from start to finish. Great singles, almost as good b-sides.

  255. Bellazebub

    Your Arsenel

  256. steven savage

    Your Arsenal!

  257. You Are The Quarry! It’s like the Vauxhall level classic of the 00s. The pop sensibility of the “The More You Ignore Me” amplified, the brimming heart appeals of “I Am Hated for Loving” recast in “Forgiven Jesus” and “Let Me Kiss You,” and the character manifestos of “Ignore Me” and Find Out for Yourself” updated in “Irish Blood” and “Crashing Bores.” The two are not only the most successful, but most perfected. Here’s hoping for another 10 year high point.

  258. William Schneider

    ‘Southpaw Grammar’ keeps hitting my rotation, largely due to ‘Boy Racer’.

  259. David Wingard

    My favorite Morrissey cd has got to be Viva Hate.
    I like how he transitioned into it so smoothly out of The Smiths because Stephen Street wrote some of the tunes on it purposefully attempting to sound like Johnny Marr. It has a few of his greatest songs on it including Suedehead, Everyday Is Like Sunday, Late Night, Maudlin Street, and Hairdresser On Fire. And, his hair throughout the entire recording process and tour had never been higher.

    The guy is a God. Please let me win.

  260. Viva hate

  261. Your Arsenal… Love it!!!

  262. Nathan Collins

    Viva Hate – I love Stephen Street

  263. I’ll have to go with “Viva Hate”. I am disgustingly attached to that album and i always will be. I look to this man’s music for answers to my own problems, and he never fails me. xx

  264. My Early Burglary Years (a deeply underrated Moz solo album, in my humble opinion.)

  265. Christopher

    Beethoven Was Deaf
    I’ve always been partial to live music – the band is in top form, setlist flawless and this version of “Jack The Ripper” is far superior to the studio take.
    If I had to name a proper album, it would definitely be Vauxhall and I…

  266. It’s a tough one for me to decide. Both “Vauxhall and I” and “Your Arsenal” have my two of my favorite Moz songs on them; “Hold On To Your Friends” and “Seasick, Yet Still Docked”. If had to choose one I would have to go with “Vauxhall and I” because the writing, production, and Mozzers lyrics and singing are in top form. Great record through and through.

  267. Vauxhall and I. I was 15 when it was released, and I will never forget the way that it made me feel about music, about Morrissey, about everything.

  268. I think it’s a toss-up between Viva Hate and Kill Uncle, but if pressed, I think I’d probably go with Kill Uncle.

  269. Your Arsenal.

  270. Hannah Toner

    Coincidentally, Vauxhall and I! It’s an impossibly gorgeous album; free from constraints of any kind. The music itself is so elegant and Morrissey’s lyrics break and heart and bring a smile to your face. I especially love Hold On To Your Friends… it totally makes me cry.

  271. Viva Hate is my favorite album. My girlfriends and I saw him in concert on Halloween night and he played a ton of songs off that album. Such a fun and trippy night!

  272. Definitely Vauxhall and I. In 1994 my friend introduced me to Morrissey & The Smiths with that record. Having grown up in a small town with no MTV and only having TBS Nighttracks for a few hours over the weekends, I had no clue. I was absolutely smitten with Vauxhall then quickly dived backward. I’ve been lost in their catalog since.

  273. Viva Hate – It changed my life forever. Plus the cover itself… mood Morrissey, grey rain clouds on the flip side, enough said.

  274. Vauxhall and I. It’s a masterpiece!

  275. I keep argueing with other Morrissey fans that the best one ever is KILL UNCLE – as it has alls the good, sad songs like ASIAN RUT, FOUND, FOUND, FOUND, SING YOUR LIFE and FAMILY LINE on it. End of discussion!

  276. vauxhall and i. duh. :)

  277. Curtis Ross

    Viva Hate

  278. Viva Hate – musically diverse – incredible funny, tragic lyrics. I still listen to it front to back. Even the singles were chock full of gems like Hairdresser.

  279. Rob Goodman

    You are the Quarry. It’s the album that finally reaaally listen to solo Morrissey and make me want to check out all his other albums. For me there’s really no filler on that one.

  280. You Are The Quarry – because it’s all sorts of perfect!

  281. You Are the Quarry is just filled with perfect songs. Zero filler. It’s the album that reminded me how much I loved Morrissey and The Smiths.

  282. Jason silvia

    Viva Hate.

  283. Your Arsenal is his best solo album and I have always thought the worst thing that ever happened to Morrissey’s career was the death of Mick Ronson. His fingerprints are all over that record and it’s wonderful. Most partnerships with Moz don’t last long but, had Mick been allowed the next two albums, this could have been an INCREDIBLE run! Vauxhall and I is a great album and Lillywhite did a great job with it but, overall it’s rather dark and broody. It’s tantalizing to think what Ronno may have done in the chair. Southpaw Grammar is a hot mess with few bright spots. I am convinced this would have been a much different outcome with Mick at the helm

  284. Horacio Ochoa

    Bona Drag. I braved traffic to save my walkman that had fallen while I ran across the street. My Bona Drag cassette was in there. That is how much I love that album.

  285. Ian Christensen

    Viva Hate. It reminds me of being 15 and moving away from my childhood home.

  286. Viva Hate will always be my favorite!

  287. Will the live disc be cancelled?

  288. Viva Hate! I like his other solo albums as well but this one sits above the rest as his first solo effort and it did not disappoint. Well done after coming off the heels of a very successful band – The Smiths.

  289. Viva Hate
    Walked a couple miles to the store after school to get it…was worth it then and still is.

  290. Jim vandegrift

    Your Arsenal with Viva Hate a close second.Ten great/good tunes
    Without a dud in the bunch.Great production by Mick Ronson who is sadly missed.

  291. DiscoDave2000

    Viva Hate – I know many (including myself) were worried by the absence of Johnny Marr, but when I heard “Suedehead” for the first time, all fears were gone.

    Now throw in Everyday Is Like Sunday, Hairdresser On Fire, I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me, Alsatian Cousin, Break Up the Family, Ordinary Boys, Bengali In Platforms, Margaret On The Guillotine, Late Night Maudlin Street and you have quite an album.

    That said Vauxhall and I is a strong second with Now My Heart Is Full being one of Morrissey’s best songs ever(IMHO).

  292. tom mulvihill

    VIVA HATE = my favorite MOZ solo album its features the one and only Vini Reilly of the Durutti Column & has classic songs that still hold up today.

  293. El Arreglardo

    Can’t decide between Viva Hate and Your Arsenal !

  294. “Vauxhall And I” introduced a sheltered kid, Me, to the tortured genius that is dear Mozz :)

  295. david kiley

    bona drag

  296. Bona Drag is my favorite solo album. Every song is amazing!!

  297. chadwicktron

    “Viva Hate” mostly because I have that one on vinyl and have listened to it the most. Truly, all of his albums that I’ve heard have been pretty good.

  298. Ian McNish

    It must be ‘Vauxhall and I’, fans’ favourite. Masterfully produced by Steve Lillywhite. 10/10

  299. Omar Casarrubias

    “Viva Hate” because when i first heard Morrissey it was from that album. It was hairdresser on fire and i just loved it. As well as the other songs in Viva Hate are great, and puts Viva Hate better than his other solo albums.

  300. Nick Triggs

    My favorite’s “Viva Hate.” It shut a lot of mouths at my school.

  301. Astral Weeks! No wait, that’s Van Morrison. Uh, Quarry then, I listened to that one a lot.

  302. Jon A. Leslie

    Bona Drag. Perfection from beginning to end.

  303. You Are The Quarry
    “Why did you give me so much love in a loveless world”

  304. “Vauxhall and I” is my favorite Moz album, “because all those lies, written lies, twisted lies… well they weren’t lies…” So glad he’s still playing “Speedway” after all these years!

  305. Iceblink Luck

    Viva Hate… the peak of Morrissey’s songwriting. Not only superior to anything that came after, but also better than anything he recorded before that with The Smiths.

  306. Abbey Kessman

    Ringleader Of The Tormentors

  307. Viva Hate. Morrissey never had another post-Smiths collaborator that complimented him as well as Vini Reilly.

  308. ‘Vauxhall & I’ is still my favorite Morrissey album, hands down. And ‘Speedway’ is my favorite song.

  309. Mike Roeder

    Viva Viva Hate! Still had that new Smiths smell when it came out.

  310. I heard this contest was canceled, so I am not going to cast my vote.

  311. Your Arsenal is tops

  312. Your Arsenal. It’s the first time he had a really solid backing band behind him.

  313. Your Arsenal is my fave (closely followed by Vauxhall for a classic double punch)

  314. Bona Drag. Is that cheating?

  315. viva hate

  316. Kill Uncle. I listen to it the most and it has The End of the Family Line and Sing Your Life. Beautiful, uncompromising and timeless.

  317. William Nothing

    Bury me with Bona Drag

  318. jnorton68

    Viva Hate.

    I dreaded the thought of a Morrissey solo album so soon after The Smiths. From the single to the opening chords of the cassette, my mind was eased and has been since 1988.

    Viva Hate

  319. Your Aresenal, but so difficult to choose.

  320. Actually, it would be Southpaw Grammar. Why? Simple:

    The Operation.

    From the extended drum intro, to the typically scathing Moz lyrical bite…that song alone defines the album.

    The rest of it is awesome (hello, it’s Morrissey.) but that crystallizes it, succinctly.

  321. Jeffrey Jaworski

    Your Arsenal. Came out in my formative college years. Soundtrack to that time….just great memories but also help with some hard times.

  322. Kevon Wilt

    Your Arsenal.

  323. An establishing shot is that image in a film that places you in a time, place, mood. Many of the albums on this list have a powerful establishing moment. Morrissey’s Vauxhall and I uses its opening moment to set us in a wholly unexpected place—deep down to his heart. From the beginning of his solo career, Morrissey had gotten deeper and deeper into anthemic guitar rock, culminating in his boisterous Your Arsenal, produced by glam rock legend Mick Ronson. Morrissey’s close friend Ronson died in 1993, leading him to work with 80s legend Steve Lillywhite to produce a personal, introspective set that Morrissey felt was an album he would never top. I don’t think he has.

    That establishing shot, the opening track “Now My Heart Is Full,” begins with an ethereal loop and a whispering Morrissey declaring, “There’s gone be some trouble.” This opening is far removed from the bitter and accusatory tone that filled the opening tracks of his first three albums. Rather than having Morrissey direct his caustic wit out to the world, Vauxhall and I shows Morrissey reflecting on his life from childhood into his thirties. The observational humor is still there. The self-deprecation still overflows. The literary brilliance of his lyrics still shine. But the Morrissey we get isn’t the preening pop anti-star. He’s the quiet friend that has stood by us through our troubles. And he’s sharing some of his own troubles with us in a personal way that he hasn’t done since songs like “Asleep” and “I Don’t Owe You Anything.”

    Highlighting the intimate nature of the album is the quiet “Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself?” Morrissey touches upon one of his favorite targets for his vitriol—the industry in which he works. Yet, instead of putting on the sarcastic clown act of “Paint a Vulgar Picture,” Morrissey is direct with his frustration with the dark corners of his fame. He strikes a paternal tone, advising us on how the world operates and imploring us to listen to him lest we find out for ourselves.

    For those who love Morrissey, the intimacy on display in Vauxhall and I brings the idol into such proximity that the album stands out as a gem among all his works. The record still stands as his finest solo effort, free of most of the overindulgent weaknesses that hamper the impact of his solo work. It’s also my favorite album of the 90s.

  324. Viva Hate- I feel like it was a terrific segue from The Smiths to solo work!

  325. Kill Uncle. A bit quirky but still had the pop goodness of the first two releases. Also the first US tour for Moz. Saw the 1st San Diego show.

  326. ‘Years of Refusal’ spoke to me very much at the time of it’s release. ‘Something is Squeezing My Skull’ felt as if he had read my mind and then written a song about the contents found within. Also I was living in LA and that made it resonate very strongly.
    But then, ‘Vauxhall and I’ is really grand, ‘Speedway’. ‘The More You Ignore Me’. “Spring Heeled Jim’… Glorious!!
    Really, I find it impossible to pick a favorite, can I just say I love EVERY Moz album?? :)

  327. Jack Geers

    I’d have to go with Bona Drag if I had to pick a favorite single LP, as it collects most of my favorite early material in one place.

  328. Vauxhall and I for me, with You Are the Quarry firmly in second. I don’t think there’s a bad track on V&I.

  329. bona drag
    because…interesting drug

  330. Vauxhall. Best and most personal album ever



  332. It has to be Viva Hate for me. Alsatian Cousin is a great opener, and I’m not sure he’s ever bettered Suedehead in his solo career.

  333. Patrick Napier

    Your Arsenal is the best Morrissey solo album, where Boz and Alan finally take the reins on songwriting.

  334. Your Arsenal! (aka Ur Arse!)

  335. Vauxhall. The songs are heartfelt and beautiful.

  336. “Vauxhall and I” is my favorite Morrissey album.

  337. I gotta go with Vauxhall & I. It was the first solo album of Morrissey’s that I heard, and instantly fell in love with it upon first listen. The fact that it closely sounds like a proper Smiths album doesn’t hurt either.

  338. Vauxhall and I is probably my favorite album. The icing on the cake of him differentiating from the Smiths, and a really great piece of work start to finish. I love Speedway, and think it’s one of the best last track send-offs out there.

  339. Christian Anthony Peñafuerte

    Viva Hate (Education in Reverse), Morrissey’s debut solo album is the best for me.

  340. Viva Hate… it’s probably my fave since it was the one I grew up with.

  341. Your Arsenal will always be my favorite, the first time I saw him live. What a show, too…

  342. Dave tyson

    I have got to say southpaw grammar. I guess someone of the only ones. The song southpaw describes my entire high school career. Overall the album rocks Moz’s voice, plus heavy guitars plus Marshall amps nothing better!

  343. Viva Hate! I will never tire of listening to Morrissey.

  344. Marco Castillo

    Bona Drag

  345. Marco A. Castillo

    Bona Drag

  346. Lucero Martinez

    Bona Drag

  347. Jeannette

    Love them all but I will say my favorite album would be “Viva Hate”. I was so worried when the Smiths broke up but this album proved it would have (imho) all the awesomeness of the Smiths. I love the psychosis of “The More You Forget Me” and this also came out in my late teens so “I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me” was a fantastic dance around the house song when someone let you down. :)

  348. “Beethoven Was Deaf” takes the great Boz-Alain songwriting of Your Arsenal to the next level live, plus ‘Jack the Ripper’. Need I say more? No, but I will. I have four of the tracks from the Vauxhall bonus live disc as b-sides on The Boy Racer CD singles and they are just as good as anything on Beethoven Was Deaf, so I’m guessing that the entire live disc is great.

  349. Viva Hate! It’s the most “Smiths-like” of all his solo work

  350. “Vauxhall and I” IS my favorite Morrissey album, so I need to hear remaster!

  351. David Sayers

    I’ve have to go with Your Arsenal. Tomorrow is one of my all-time favorite Morrissey songs.

  352. Bona Drag

  353. Viva hate

  354. I would love to say,”Viva Hate” it’s one very personal, & meaningful to me in my life. Thank you Slicing Up Balls!

  355. Bona Drag, probably in the top 5 compilation albums of all time too.

  356. Viva Hate…still come back to it.

  357. Greg Craycraft

    Vauxhall & I is my favorite album. I think because it was the first album to come out after I became a true fan.

  358. Viva Hate is my favorite Morrissey album. A school friend loaned it to me in 1989 and I’ve loved it ever since. I think Stephen Street was the best music writer for Morrissey along with incredible playing by Vini Reilly and Andrew Paresi.

  359. Your Arsenal

  360. Kill Uncle, love this album. It was the first tour I saw him play live in 1991. Just a young girl at 16. Still love him just the same and so happy to have seen him play in Dallas this year.

  361. Skellngtn

    Your Arsenal for the Ronson effect.
    Glam + Morrissey= an album with ballsy rockers and some of his tenderest tunes as well.

  362. VIVA HATE for sure. I ditched work the day it came out and headed to the record store for my copy. I was never the same again..

  363. frank penczek

    the original Viva Hate!

  364. Vauxhall & I …. !!!!!!!!!!

  365. Dario Garcia

    Viva Hate is my all time fav solo album from Morrissey, it always takes me back to my first assignment in the Air Force stationed in Germany. I remember buying the album off base at a local German record store and listening to it all the way back to base and just escaping from the world wrapped up in world of amazing music. To this day I put it on and it just takes me back to Germany and all the great friends and awesome times….

  366. Southpaw Grammar has always been the most special, therefore my favorite Morrissey album. Not only is it a change in musical direction of sorts, it chronicles actual reciprocated love and friendship. Further, IMHO, it channels a longing sense of hope that could actually come true. The lyrics from Track 8, Southpaw:

    “here is something that you should know
    The girl of your dreams is here all alone…”

    are both the saddest and most hopeful lyrics in all of his catalog.

  367. My favorite Morrissey (solo) album is probably still Viva Hate. I also love Bona Drag.

  368. Why Viva Hate?

    Well…it was released the year I graduated from high school and left to go to college. I was an angsty child facing the cliched end of high school afterglow (including being dumped by my girlfriend0.

    Plus…I was just political enough to hate what was happening to the U.S. under Reagan, paralleled in the UK by Thatcher’s reign. I hadn’t yet gotten schooled to have a cogent rebuttal to the politics of the day but I still viscerally despised it all.

    And the songs are gorgeous. Stephen Street took all the things that worked during his time with The Smiths and helped Morrissey keep an even keel as he transitioned to his own independent trajectory.

  369. Carmen Fernandez


  370. simon garside

    I am the quarry , love this album every track great

  371. It’s “Vauxhall.” “I could have mentioned your name. I could have dragged you in. Guilt by implication, by association. I’ve always been true to you. In my own strange way, I’ve always been true to you. In my own sick way, I’ll always stay true to you.”

  372. Your Arsenal is not only my favorite Moz record, it’s one of my favorite of ALL TIME! The band was firing on all pistons, and the Rockabilly sound just blew me away! There’s not a throwaway in the whole batch!!

  373. Fred Ebersole

    Viva Hate. . .

  374. Viva Hate!

  375. Leah Leone

    Viva Hate. “Break up the Family” is so cute. That drum beat!

  376. Viva Hate!

  377. Viva Hate, I saw the cassette in my brother’s car when I was a kid, thought it looked interesting and then listened to it, and I was changed forever.

  378. Ringleader of the Tormentors. “You have killed me” is in my top 10 all-time, all-artists songs.

  379. Vauxhall and I. Loafing oafs know it’s the best.

  380. OK, contest is now closed. Thank you so much for sharing your Morrissey favorites.

    Winners have been notified via email.

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