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Contest: Win limited-edition cassette reissues of 808 State’s ‘Ninety,’ ‘ex:el’

808 State cassettes

Next month, Artoffact Records will reissue pioneering electronic music act 808 State’s second and third albums — 1989’s Ninety and 1991’s ex:el — in expanded and remastered form on limited-edition, collector’s item cassettes with eight different tape-shell colors — and we’ve got two sets of them to give away to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The two albums — which can be pre-ordered now via Storming the Base — each are remastered with bonus tracks (see tracklists below) and limited to 150 copies worldwide, packaged with a full-color J-card and “awesome unique pad-printing shell design.” Each also comes with a coupon to download MP3s of all the tracks. In addition to the individual tapes, fans can buy all eight color variations in a single set.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, please name your favorite 808 State track — and, if you’re feeling so inclined, offer up a few words as to just what it is about it that you think makes it so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “Man, I’d love some 808 State tapes.”

RULES: This contest is open worldwide. We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, June 27. After that point, we’ll select two winners, each of whom will receive one copy each of the Ninety and ex:el cassettes, the colors picked at random. Winners will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person. Good luck, and godspeed.


808 State Ninety

Tracklist: 808 State, Ninety

Side A: Ninety remastered
1. “Magical Dream”
2. “Ancodia”
3. “Cobra Bora”
4. “Pacific 202”
5. “Donkey Doctor”
6. “808080808”
7. “Sunrise”
8. “The Fat Shadow” (Pointy Head Mix)

Side B: 808 State Archives, Part I
1. “Pacific” (Britmix)
2. “Cobra Bora” (Call The Cops Mix)
3. “Donkey Doctor” (Gmex Mix)
4. “Boneyween”
5. “Kinky National”
6. “State To State”
7. “Revenge Of The Girlie Men”
8. “Magical Dream” (Instrumental)


808 State exel

Tracklist: 808 State, ex:el

Side A: ex:el remastered
1. “San Francisco”
2. “Spanish Heart” (Featuring Bernard Sumner)
3. “Leo Leo”
4. “Qmart” (Featuring Björk)
5. “Nephatiti”
6. “Lift”
7. “Ooops” (Featuring Björk)
8. “Empire”
9. “In Yer Face” (In Yer Face mix)
10. “Cübik” (original mix)
11. “Lambrusco Cowboy”
12. “Techno Bell”

Side B: 808 Archives, Part II
1. “In Yer Face” (Facially Yours remix)
2. “Olympic” (Euro Bass remix)
3. “Lift” (Heavy mix)
4. “Cübik” (State To Pan AM mix)
5. “Open Your Mind” (Sound Garden mix)
6. “Lambrusco Cowbay” (Alt mix)
7. “Ski Family”
8. “Ooops” (Mellow Birds mix) (Featuring Björk)
9. “In Yer Face” (Cheadle Royal mix)
10. “Olympic” (unreleased mix)




  1. Stuart Myerburg


  2. Cübik. Was my bridge from industrial into techno.

  3. Spanish Heart…because Bernard!

  4. My favorite track is “Lift” from ex:el just because it has such a great groove.

  5. Nimbus

  6. William O'Donnell

    “Cubik” is my favorite 808 State track, because it manages to sound big and bouncy but dark and brooding at the same time. How did they do that?

  7. Cubik. Really captures the time period perfectly. Miss those days.

  8. My favorite 808 state track still has to be “pacific state”. Any and all versions of it. It’s timeless. Beautiful. Amazing.

  9. Pacific was the song that moved me first, One in Ten made me move… but Spanish Heart brought together my two favs (808 and Bernard) and is still my all time fav of MANY 808 State tracks.

  10. I am also a fan of Spanish Heart.

  11. Lift.

    Just because all the versions i know of this track are a perfect mix of dance and melodies. Also the sleeve design of this single is one of my favorites.

  12. Richard Fingard

    Pacific 202

  13. My favourite track will always be, Nephatiti. I recorded it off the John Peel show, but I must’ve recorded over Peel naming the track at the end. As for years I never knew who the track was by, until I finally got round to hearing ex:el.

  14. Of course Pacific is where it all started for me (thank you Greg Stump ski movies), but Lift is my all-time favorite. It’s got disco strings and wailing guitar in the same song, all on top of a great beat.

  15. Cübik. Because reasons.

  16. Hi there. I really like 808´s track called “Cobra Bora” from their Ninety album.

    Now I hope to get those tapes in here.

    Cheers from Bogotá, Colombia
    José E. Plata M.

  17. tom mulvihill

    Spanish heart and oooops are 2 of my favorite tracks…I bought the CD remasters a few years back these cassette tapes would be nice pieces for my tape collection.

  18. Pacific and Boneyween are my faves! Please send me some killer analog

  19. Alex Hales

    Ancodia; the version from Ninety rather than the Extended Pleasure Of Dance EP. It’s heavy but fun, dark but fabulous – a great tune and one of their most atypical offerings from this period.

  20. You can’t go wrong with PACIFIC 202.

  21. Cubik and Pacific!

  22. oops

  23. Qmart, because Bjork, but also because it takes me back to the old school, early 90’s techno/rave scene. Best vibes ever!

  24. In Yer Face!

  25. Kelly Czajka

    Oops (Bjork)

  26. Pacific state – pure rave nostalgia

  27. lift

    its just so trippy

  28. I have ’90 on vinyl and have Ex;el on CD… Would love these as well :)

  29. “Cübik.” I wish I could say I had fond memories of hearing it in clubs in the 90s, but as I am in my 20s I’ll just admit that I enjoy listening to it as an MP3 and then quietly beg you to send it to me in a tangible format.

  30. “Open Your Mind” (Sound Garden mix) es mi favorita

  31. Contrique. It’s got some JD in it.

  32. Drew Crumbaugh

    San Francisco. LOVE ex:el and it’s the perfect kickoff to the record.

  33. The Only Rhyme That Bites

  34. Jamey Lowry

    Spanish Heart

  35. Robert McKinney

    OOOPS – Bjork + 808 State = perfect storm

  36. cubik, that was THE song of the era!

  37. Archie Cabebe

    My favorite song is Cübik because it’s an essential electronica track in history.

  38. “Pacific” in any variation. When I 1st heard this it changed dance music for me. Before that it was a lot of New Order and this just was amazing to a different level.

  39. Spanish Heart

  40. Todd McBride


  41. Cubik.

  42. 10X10 – love the sample from Forbidden Planet!

  43. kristopher irizarry

    In Yer Face

    so hard hitting and the sample is so gloomy and prescient.

  44. Joseph Burkholder

    Definitely ‘Spanish Heart’ cuz, Barney!

  45. Mark LostWater

    808’s redo of Bowie’s Sound and Vision. While not technically from the 80’s, it came out the year I graduated HS, so it will always be an 80’s song to me. Great mix, probably better than Book of Love’s remake of the same song.

  46. Hard to choose…but it has to be Cubik for me. An absolute classic track.

  47. Cubik. Really turned me onto 808 state.

  48. Cubik for sure. Really stood out when it was released.

  49. Pacific, was very good, nice and mellow!

  50. I almost forgot 808 STATE!!! I used to love STATE TO STATE and I still love it

  51. Pacific always makes me smile. It’s a great track, and my son used to love tottering about to it when he was a toddler!

  52. Spanish heart (new order…)
    Cubik (groovy)
    Contrique (joy division…)

  53. Ooops….because Bjork! She’s just uniquely weird.

  54. Chris Blair


  55. simon garside

    Cubik, Hacienda classic.

  56. Gembira Putra Agam


    Defining what chillout means in Summer of Love-era.

  57. Mike Roeder

    It’s between “Pacific” and “In Yer Face.”

  58. Robert Pinkevitch

    In Your Face

  59. Terence Concannon

    Magical Dream

  60. Spanish Heart!

  61. Pacific

  62. steinomite

    Sorry folks, but, in my opinion, “Flow Coma” from Newbuild beats them all!

  63. In yer face and Spanish Heart tie for the best

  64. 808080808 because it is completely mental.

  65. Rob Cavenagh

    Cübik – iconic synth riff.

  66. I really like Spanish Heart. Since I knew NO. I knew it would be a great song. But for a good jammming song I really enjoy 10X10. Leslie Neilson you are not forgotten ;)

  67. Neil Colquhoun

    It’s got to be Cubik. Why? Just because!

  68. Revenge of the Girlie Men

  69. Cubik

  70. All of them. But really, 808 Utd. State 90. Pacific 202 or Magical Dream. Wow does that take me immediately to a time and a place and still, after all these years, blows me away.

  71. CakeSaint

    I actually bought ex:el on cassette the first time around! Loved the longer mix of “Cubik” on the US version of the album, sometimes called the “Tomix” of that track.

  72. Pacific

  73. matthew m

    Plan 9

  74. First time I heard Cobra Bora (edit b-side of Pacific State) it picked me up spun me round turned me upside down and put a large ‘smiley’ on my face!

  75. Cubik

  76. Spanish Heart
    Bernard + 808 State – excellent combination, works so well.

  77. Love the Major 9th chords on In Yer Face, the octave dives into deep bass on Cubik, but the jazzy song structure of Pacific makes it one of my favorite songs of all time – anywhere – any artist – any genre.

  78. Cubik remember playing the tape/cassette (gasp) until it was worn out then bought another one. It will always be one of the few songs that makes me smile and remember the 80s.

  79. Their best track is The only rhyme that bites by Mc Tunes . Top Mancunian rap.Ok they produced rather than played it but that amounted to the same thing in those dim and distant days.

  80. Although “Cubik” is what brought them to my attention while dancing my ass off in some redneck bar in upstate New York (they had one non-redneck night each week which let me know I wasn’t alone in having superior music tastes), “Spanish Heart” is my ultimate favorite. I love the mix of 808’s genius beats and airy chords with Bernard Sumner’s cool vocal delivery.

  81. Merlin Hay

    Donkey Doctor. Because I bought the album when it came out and loved the “Welcome To Techno City” sample, found the band Cybotron years later… finally bought the remaster anniversary edition of Cybotron’s debut LP with the Techno City bonuses track. And, well I’m just an electronic music nerd and Donkey Doctor just presses all the right buttons.

  82. David Geiger

    Cubik. But so many great tracks to choose from. I played the hell out of both albums.

  83. cubik is first.

    but i like ooops (bjork), and spanish heart(bernard sumner) also.

    along with moses with ian mcculloch.

    they had great guest singers.

  84. didn’t have the right email on the last post. sorry.

  85. Cobra Bora. It’s just an awesome sounding song.

  86. Jeff Zinger

    Tough one to choose but I have to go with Cubik. It was my favorite song to listen to while stoned for the longest time…:)

  87. Justin Case


  88. CUBIK – defined the time & the true sound of 808 State. Saw them in concert & it was awesome!

  89. Travis Rolando


  90. Joel Baldwin

    I will have to go with Pacific 202. A track to close your eyes and just enjoy.

  91. Cubik and In Yer Face! Love the electronic music and the touch of industrial groove. Another Manchester band to love!

  92. Spanish Heart, because of Bernard and its beats. Its mad fun and just cool. perfect party music. its mental good

  93. Pacific 202

  94. Eugene Sotela

    Spanish Heart! Bernard Sumner of course!

  95. Pacific. I discovered 808 State in the Ex:El and Gorgeous days but this track just seems to define them. Classic electro. Even my 4-yr old recognizes the bird song.

  96. I would say Rise. Actually, most of my experiences with 808 State was at my mates place, with his 12″s on the plate, and I needed a little recap of the band. When Rise began, I could sense the atmosphere from those days. The room, the furniture and the people. The dancing. Thanks.

  97. Pacific 202

  98. Pacific State – just a wonderful song. i would groove for hours to 808….and dance to the remixes too

  99. Cubik

  100. Actually, the entire Ex:el-album. But if I must highlight it will be Spanish Heart (because of Bernard Sumner and his influence on the song) and Cubik (is it electronic? Is it Industrial? Is it techno? Strangely enough, yes to all 3!)

  101. Dominic DiSanto

    Pacific- I wanna win!!!!!

  102. Jason Burchaski

    Cobra Bora

  103. Michael Broshears

    Love Pacific 202 and Spanish Heart (Bernie’s voice is awesome!)

  104. Lopez. I’m not saying it’s the best 808 State song, but it has the most awesome memories attached to it for me. It was the perfect come down song after a night out partying. I listened to this song (and metamorphic mix) countless times while driving home, and my post-party mood would match perfectly with Lopez.

  105. Lift – always wonderful about 6 AM

  106. Ken Tretler

    I dig me all 808 vibes, but I love “Colony” from Gorgeous.

  107. Cormac McCann


  108. Moses is my favorite 808 State piece of all-time. On these releases, Spanish Heart.

  109. Cübik – Because after thousands of listens, spins in my sets, and seeing it live numerous times it still gives me the same chill up my spine the minute the synth hits!!!

  110. Brett Zingler

    My favorite 808 state track still has to be “pacific state”. Any and all versions of it. It’s timeless. Beautiful. Amazing.

  111. Rob Stafford

    Nimbus :D Love 808 and made my email address after them.

  112. Chad Thomas


  113. Mike Chamberlain

    Cubik got me into sniffing Vicks Vaporub. Thank you 808 State

  114. sam watson

    Pacific state

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