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Dave Wakeling launches campaign to fund first new English Beat album in 32 years

Dave Wakeling

After years of touring under the English Beat banner, frontman Dave Wakeling now is turning his attention to recording brand-new music, launching a PledgeMusic campaign to help crowdfund a new record that would be the Beat’s first since 1982’s Special Beat Service.

Wakeling’s campaign is currently at 36 percent of its unspecified goal, with 50 days remaining. As with any such crowdfunding campaign, fans can donate varying levels of cash, and receive varying incentives in exchange, from CDs, vinyl and T-shirts to a phone call and voicemail from Wakeling ($200), a jam session with Wakeling ($500) and a ride on the Beat’s tour bus for two U.S. dates ($1,500).

Additionally, 10 percent of any money raised above the goal will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

He writes:

I am the most excited anyone has ever been about our PledgeMusic campaign! I have always enjoyed interacting with the band’s fans, and this Pledge campaign provides us with a tremendous opportunity for even greater hi jinks and connection!

Over the next coming weeks and months, we will take you through the laughter and joy, the pain and fear of making a pop record, from early dark brooding fumblings to its final triumphant and glorious release! Ahhh!

Will it be like making sausage or political compromise, or will people behave because there are cameras around?! Haha! Become a part of this adventure and find out, by being an artistic benefactor, a modern day Medici to this monumental project!

The songs have been hand picked from a cauldron of passion, cuddled for endless nights, then tested for connectivity in front of selected crowds, and are now ready to be fully realized and revealed! I would be as pleased as punch if you would join us on this journey….


A portion of your Pledge will go to Doctors without Borders, a wonderful group that bring comfort around the world, wherever needed. Compassion in the face of cruelty, courage in the face of fear, we are proud to stand with them.

Thanks and see you soon,


Dave Wakeling

Any new album issued under the Beat’s name would be the first in 32 years. The band released three albums — 1980’s I Just Can’t Stop It, 1981’s Wha’ppen? and 1982’s Special Beat Service — during its original incarnation. Wakeling’s current version of the band, however, does not feature Ranking Roger or any of the band’s other original members.

You can also hear some early demos of the new music on Wakeling’s PledgeMusic page.

Plus, tour dates galore below.

LINK: PledgeMusic: The English Beat starring Dave Wakeling


The English Beat tour dates:

June 25: Port City Music Hall Portland, ME
June 26: Johnny D’s Boston, MA
June 27: Stephen Talkhouse Amagansett, NY
June 28: City Winery New York, NY
June 29: City Winery New York, NY
July 2: City Winery Chicago, IL
July 3: City Winery Chicago, IL
July 7: Duck Room St. Louis, MO
July 13: Orange County Fair Costa Mesa, CA
July 17: Live 105’s Block Party San Jose, CA
July 18: City Winery Napa Napa, CA
July 19: City Winery Napa Napa, CA
July 22: Jenks Club Allenhurst, NJ
July 23: Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood, NJ
July 25: Stephen Talkhouse Amangansett, NY
Aug. 1: Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA
Aug. 2: Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, CA
Aug. 8: The Canyon Club Agoura Hills, CA
Aug. 9: Pershing Square,  Los Angeles, CA (Free show)
Aug. 13: Triple Door Seattle, WA
Aug. 14: Triple Door Seattle, WA
Aug. 15: Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR
Aug. 23: Reggae on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheatre Denver, CO
Aug. 31: ’80s Rewind Fest Lincoln, CA
Sept. 7: The Magic Bag Ferndale, MI
Sept. 12: Bottle & Cork Dewey Beach, DE
Sept. 26: Coach House San Juan Capistrano, CA
Oct. 9: Lake Perris Community Fair Perris, CA
Dec. 31: The Coach House San Juan Capistrano, CA






  1. This from the guy who was responsible for the band’s original break up. This will be a Dave Wakeling solo album regardless of what he thinks.

  2. I have seen plenty of video footage of Dave’s so called English Beat and the Beat they certainly are not. Now Roger has a version of The Beat here in England and until recently they sported 3 original members and I got to see them live a few years ago and must say they were just out of this world. How many original members does Dave’s version have i wonder? Hmmmm. Can’t really call them The Beat can they? Dave admitted on bands re-united that he left the band purely for more money and, that is how it looks when he plays live….Just for the money. As Charles said,It will be a solo effort and i doubt a very good one either.

  3. Scott Stalcup

    None of the original band members and he’s passing it off as the band? “I see no joy. I see only sorrow. I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow. So stand down, David. Stand down, please. Stand down, David.”

  4. Richard Rider

    If there’s no Ranking Roger, it’s not even a proper General Public release! To say nothing of the absence of Dave Steele, Everett Morton, and Andy Cox. If they were all involved in this, I’d gladly open my checkbook. As it is…… like others have already said, this appears nothing more than a Dave Wakeling solo project trying to capitalise on the name of something bigger than he ever was.

    Ranking Roger’s version of the Beat is more ‘authentic’ simply because his line-up at least includes Everett Morton. I hate it when once-great bands do this!

    Sad. :(

  5. I’ve seen Dave’s version of the band 3 times now and he/they are great. Nevermind the silly comments above.

  6. puddin head wilson

    wanker. hundreds of bands put together albums every year without begging the public to fund it. record it then let it sell on it’s own merits.

  7. Dave (not Wakeling)

    Ah yes, typical commentary from the same crowd who probably whines “No Hooky, no New Order.” Saw Dave’s ensemble recently and I have to say they sounded tip top, never missed a note. Gladly chipping in what I’d pay for an album anyway.

  8. This never came to fruition. Fail

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