Contests — June 30, 2014 at 12:09 pm

Win tickets to see The Psychedelic Furs and The Lemonheads in Anaheim, Calif.


As we reported last week, The Psychedelic Furs are touring the western U.S. this fall with The Lemonheads, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one of those shows: the bands’ Nov. 13 concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Calif.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, please name your favorite Psychedelic Furs song — and, if you’re feeling so inclined, offer up a few words as to just what it is about it that you think makes it so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “I gotta win some Psych Furs tix.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, July 11. After that point, we’ll randomly select two winners, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person.

TICKETS: If you’d rather just buy tickets, they’re on sale now.

Good luck, and godspeed.




  1. She is mine

  2. Heaven, because years ago Richard Butler was looking at me, a foot away from me, when he sang a verse of this song and I still remember like it was yesterday.

  3. Steven montez

    all that money wants! Love the Furs. Would love to see this show. Also ” it’s a shame about Ray”

  4. Lisa Jensen

    Heartbreak beat
    Because #80s #highschool #nostalgia

  5. Christopher Modisette

    Dumb Waiters has always been my favorite song of theirs…something about the swagger of the song has always gotten to me! It would be amazing to see the Furs for the first time!

  6. El Arreglardo

    Can’t choose between All of This and Nothing and No Easy Street. Already have tickets for Austin and San Antonio, why not Anaheim?

  7. Sergio Valdes

    “No Tears” – something about the shiny guitar arpeggios backing Richard Butler’s gruff voice just make me feel stuff.

  8. Jordan Marquez

    Love My Way is my favorite Psych Furs song. My dad used to play Talk Talk Talk and Forever Now a lot when i was a toddler and after that he stopped playing their music around me (lost his cds i think). Anyways, about 10 years later I heard Love My Way on the radio and felt an overwhelming sense of happiness as soon as i heard the familiar melody because i remembered being a worriless child and spending time with my dad. Im 17 now and i still cherish the song because of the nostalgia it brings me. I would love to see them play live for the first time with my dad.

  9. Jenny Rose

    “Get a Room..” melodic masterpiece.. It’s down to earth and ethereal at the same time. <3

  10. Jim McCabe

    India. I played it at the start of my college radio show at 6am because of the long intro.

  11. Until She Comes. there is nothing quite like it.

  12. finallyfee

    Heaven…all time fave

  13. Ghost In You, of course. A perfect pop song. I remember belting it out in the car once on the highway, and having some preppies drive up alongside and laugh at me through the window. I just smiled and punched it, left them behind and kept singing.

  14. Mike Halbrook

    Heartbreak Beat

  15. Abner Devereaux

    ‘Heaven’ – pure pop perfection. ‘Nuff said. :)

  16. David Vasquez

    Love My Way

  17. The Ghost in you. There is no question in my mind this is what the Furs do and this song is the epitome of their signature sound.

  18. Richard Lawson

    Every song from the perfect Talk Talk Talk is excellent, but She Is Mine has always been my fave. If I was stranded on the proverbial desert island and could only have the one album Talk Talk Talk would be the one for me.

  19. Heartbreak Beat. It reminds me of lovers blissfully running hand-in-hand through steam-filled alleyways illuminated by pale purple street lamps on a rainy night. Where they’re headed, well, I never thought of that; but they are young and for that moment, unstoppable. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s my interpretation and I’m sticking with it. Plus, Psychedelic Furs didn’t play it the one time I saw them perform, so I’d like a second opportunity to possibly hear it live.

  20. “Sometimes”

  21. Forever Now. My first punk rock girlfriend let me borrow her copy of the LP because my mother wouldn’t let me buy “That Weird Music”.

  22. Hiro Sasaki

    wedding song

    gotta love it because it goes on and on…. and it reminds me today of the supreme court: see a line of stupid women, see a line of stupid men, love me love me love me love again again again again, USELESS! you’re USELESS!

  23. Gianni Zhivago

    Soap Commercial always does it.

  24. Heartbreak Beat

  25. L. Thornton

    My favorite song by the furs has to be Heaven. I just love the way the whole is put together…

  26. “Love My Way” because it makes me feel like a woman. And I’m a dude!

  27. Glenn Kay

    Partial to Love My Way and Heaven. Those tracks really bring me vivid memories of being a kid in the 80’s.

  28. President Gas – great early BBC TV appearance to be treasured.

  29. The Ghost is you…great song!

  30. sillyboob

    Pretty In Pink, because I’m a kid of the 80s.

  31. Heaven
    looking forward to that day

  32. President Gas – Love the early Furs albums. Great memories!

  33. “Love My Way” isn’t the most original answer, I guess, but it’s always been my favorite Furs’ song. I believe it was the first one I heard by them. I never get sick of “Love My Way”, it’s haunting, beautiful, catchy, and was just weird enough for me when I was little to intrigue me. That’s my favorite!

  34. “Love My Way”… because it’s a new road. Saw the Furs at the USF SunDome in 1984 for only $5. WOW!

  35. Favorite song – Forever Now.
    So brilliant – sounded so good in concert.
    very ahead of its time

  36. Love my Way. Great song!

  37. Buffy Stalker

    “Heartbreak Beat” Reminds me of warm summer nights & feeling free & in love. Just makes you want to be madly in love with somebody. Lol How could you not want that?? :-)

  38. Just one song? Hard to choose just one, but I’ll be in Heaven if I won and suffering from a Heartbreak Beat if I don’t. Send some Love My Way and my wife will show up Pretty In Pink. Here Come Cowboys looking for All That Money Wants in Anaheim. If we see the Furs, it will definitely be one of my Highwire Days.

  39. The Ghost in You, Love My Way, Pretty in Pink….WXB102 Music was born in the Philippines, now Global and will always remain in our lives as well as The Furs!

  40. Athena. Daytona

    The Ghost in You.

  41. My favorite Furs song is “Love My Way,” but my three-year-old son’s favorite is “Pretty in Pink.” He also adores the Lemonheads! I used to sing “Into Your Arms” to him as an infant, but now he loves “It’s a Shame About Ray.” Seeing both bands for his very first live concert would pretty much blow his mind.

  42. Jose Gilberto Torres

    Alice’s House from the Mirror’s Moves (Heaven, Ghost in You) album. I just love the melancholy lyrics with the rock background in the tune especially the slight eerie guitar intro. Just a slightly different flavor from their other tunes.

  43. Stephanie

    Alice’s House

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