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Stream Erasure’s new single ‘Elevation’ — off forthcoming ‘The Violet Flame’


We’re still two months away from the arrival of Erasure’s 16th studio album, The Violet Flame, but the duo has just offered up the first taste of the record in the form of first single “Elevation,” which you can stream below via Soundcloud. Vince Clarke and Andy Bell also revealed the full tracklist for the 10-song album, which is also presented below.

The Violet Flame arrives Sept. 23 via Mute Records.

In September, Erasure will embark on a massive 58-date world tour in support of The Violet Flame.



Tracklist: Erasure, The Violet Flame

1. “Dead of Night”
2. “Elevation”
3. “Reason”
4. “Promises”
5. “Be The One”
6. “Sacred”
7. “Under The Wave”
8. “Smoke & Mirrors”
9. “Paradise”
10. “Stayed A Little Late Tonight”






  1. Delta-Mode

    No one interested huh?

    Well i have to say i’m impressed with this, it sounds like 1995-97 era Erasure, which i think was their last really good period. I’m looking forward to the new album.

  2. I really like it too! I’ve already pre-ordered the box set. Christmas is coming a few months early for me this year.

  3. Very similar to Pet Shop Boys – Electric.

  4. Album version (as always) is far superior. Can’t believe that my favorite band since I was 13 (now 37) is still putting out viable music – I like that they still fly a bit under the media radar.

  5. Delta-Mode

    I’ll be honest, after hearing Light At The End Of The World in 2007, I completely wrote them off and the abomination that was Tomorrow’s World in 2011 obviously did nothing to change my mind that Erasure were total has-beens. But i’m stunned by Elevation, it is a superb track, on a par with In My Arms and Stay With Me, two of their best singles. If the rest of the album is anything even close to this then it could very well be Erasure’s best album since Cowboy, which was very underrated and their last truly great album.

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