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Video: Mitch Easter reunites Let’s Active for first performance in 24 years

Let's Active circa 2014

Last weekend, ’80s jangle-pop favorites Let’s Active reunited on stage in Carrboro, N.C., for the first time in 24 years, performing an 11-song set at Be Loud! ’14, a benefit for the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation in memory of 15-year-old Sophie Steiner, who died of cancer last year.

The performance featured bandleader and R.E.M. producer Mitch Easter joined by founding drummer Sara Romweber and Game Theory bassist Suzi Ziegler filling in for original member Faye Hunter, who took her own life last summer. The Love Language’s Missy Thangs assisted on keyboards, and onetime bandmember Lynn Blakey pitched in, too.

Below, check out the full setlist and some video clips courtesy of Larry Tucker.


Setlist: Let’s Active, Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC, 8/9/14

1. “In Between”
2. “Easy Does”
3. “Waters Part”
4. “Fell”
5. “Every Word Means No”
6. “Badger”
7. “Edge of the World”
8. “Ornamental”
9. “In Little Ways”
10. “Leader of Men”
11. “Blue Line”


Let’s Active, “Waters Part”


Let’s Active, “Every Word Means No”


Let’s Active, “Ornamental”


Let’s Active, “Blue Line”






  1. Great to hear these songs played live again. I saw Let’s Active way back in the early 80’s and they were great live. Maybe they will get with the times and release Cypress and Afoot in digital format or at least do a CD reissue. These albums are too good not to be heard by the masses.

    • The whole catalog was reissued on CD about ten years ago (with bonus tracks) on the Collector’s Choice label. Not sure if they’ve since gone out of print again, but there should be some floating around.

      Another item worth picking up is “Every Word: A Tribute to Let’s Active,” which is really delightful from beginning to end. It’s available for download from the usual sources, although you probably already know that!

    • I’ll add that anyone who enjoys Let’s Active should check out the three albums Mitch did with Shalini Chatterjee, “We Want Jelly Donuts,” “Metal Corner” and “The Surface and the Shine.” They’re all chockablock with smart Mitch Easter production and crafty guitar work, wrapped inside Shalini’s brainy songwriting and vox. Fantastic stuff.

  2. Frank Holleman

    Great to hear Mitch after all these years…another Carolina band the Connells will be celebrating their 30 year anniversary later this month … great SE could be there to share their show!

  3. Boosie Sauce

    I saw these guys in the 80’s and loved it.
    To me they are like Guadalcanal Diary -a great band thats been criminally overlooked.

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