Tour Dates — September 17, 2014 at 8:10 am

‘One night only’: James to play New York next month in support of ‘La Petite Mort’


Manchester-bred rockers James this week released their new album La Petite Mort in the U.S. — it came out in early June over in the U.K. and Europe — and have now announced they’re “venturing stateside for one night only” with a performance set for Oct. 21 at New York City’s Webster Hall. Tickets for James’ lone U.S. show go on sale 10 a.m. EDT Friday.






  1. Dammit. Do a full US tour. I’ve seen about 40 concerts by national acts, and James’ show on their Mirrorball tour a few years back ranks in my top 3 concerts of all time. Was so hoping for a chance to see them again.

  2. “One night only” for a market (‘Murica) that already has them pegged as a one-hit wonder. Brilliant. So as to not be entirely ungrateful hypocrites, maybe they could return all the royalty checks they get from whenever someone Netflixes an American Pie movie and see how far they’d get. What idiot publicist planned this “one night only” b.s.?

    • One-hit? People here in the USA wouldn’t know that Laid even existed had Beavis and Butthead not made fun of it. The only thing cool about this band is the name, but you can guess why I write that.

  3. They’ll be back in the Winter/Spring. Their last two tours showed them still on top of their game.

  4. Matt Thurston

    One of my favorite live acts of all time. Love the new album. They need to come to Los Angeles!!!

  5. Thank goodness I saw them in Toronto a few years back!

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