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Contest: Win a copy of ‘Pixies: A Visual History’ autographed by Black Francis

Pixies book

For any diehard fan of the Pixies, the just-published “Pixies: A Visual History” — a gorgeous, 215-page hardbound coffee-table book jammed with scores and scores of you-are-there photographs chronicling the ascent of the college-rock favorites — is a must-have.

Which is why we’re thrilled to have three signed and numbered copies — autographed by Black Francis, Sean T. Rayburn, who conceived of and put the book together, and graphic designer Aaron Tanner — to give away to some very lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, just drop a line or two explaining why you love the Pixies. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “Man, I gotta win me that Pixies book.”

RULES: This contest is open anyone in the world. We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 15. After that point, we’ll select three winners and random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person. Good luck, and godspeed.

UPDATE: Contest is closed. Thank you all for entering and sharing your memories. The winners have been notified.




  1. Saw the Pixies for the very first time this past February sans Kim Deal. They killed it. I walked away from that show wishing I was born one decade earlier so I could have fully appreciated them.

  2. Love the Pixies, brings me back to the WHTG days!

  3. José Alberto Pinheiro

    I love the Pixies because they don’t suck! :D

  4. The Pixies opened my eyes to another side of music. I not only hear the awesomeness but feel it as well.

  5. Because seeing them live in Brighton, UK (19 April 1989) two days after Doolittle was released is STILL my favourite ever gig some 25 years later!

  6. What? Are you telling me is there anybody out there who doesn’t love The Pixies?! Are you serious?!

  7. They changed the way I write, listen to, and approach music. I’ll be forever thankful.

    I used to work at a little dog washing joint in Dayton, OH. One day, Kelly Deal walks in with their bull mastif named “Carter.” That dog got the ROYAL treatment that day, and she tipped well. ;-)

  8. h Grape Minkoff

    nobody makes music like the Pixies

  9. The Pixies are always a fun surprise. I have loved them since high school- over 20 years- and have every album of theirs that I can find.

  10. I got hooked in college from a roommate that was obsessed, and every since then I was too. I just saw the Pixies in Louisville, KY 2 years ago and it was an awesome show! Can’t wait to catch more! I have started collecting all the vinyl albums.

  11. Today is my 43rd birthday, and I always wanted to grow up to be a debaser. Ho-ho-ho-ho I want you to know.

  12. The Pixies were the soundtrack to my 90s.

  13. The Pixies were like a bombshell going off when I first heard them (back when “Doolittle” was released). The guitar work, Kim Deal’s driving bass, Black Francis’ singing still get my blood pumping after all these years. And, man, I gotta win me that Pixies book.

  14. One of the best live bands ever- saw them at 1:00 am on Thanksgiving, I’ll never forget that show!

  15. I saw them a few months back, they were short of a Kim Deal but the show blew me away nonetheless, been a fan of them for longer than I care to admit, you might even call them my favourite band.

  16. Why I love the PIXIES:

    1. La La Love You

    2. Vamos

    3. Caribou

    4. Kim Deal

    5. Debaser

  17. In college I dated a girl who loved the Pixies and she’d always have their music on whenever I was at her place. Surfer Rosa became our soundtrack. Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last but my love for the Pixies did. Still my favorite album to this day.

  18. The Pixies saved me from hair bands. Ahhh ha ha ho!
    Albini talked smack,but nobody cared…I want you to know!

    I need that damn book.

  19. back in days… I dont like Pixies, but around 6 years ago I turn into a hardcore fan and collector! Pixies is now in my top 5 fav bands ever! that book fits perfect in my collection ;)

  20. I saw the Pixies do a sound check before the Kilkenny Cats show at the Uptown Lounge in Athens in 1990 something and was hooked for life. Have shown my son their talents at the Fox Theater not long ago.

  21. I have loved The Pixies since “Come On Pilgrim” came out when I was in high school, and was lucky enough to see them live in Boston in 1991. I would love to have this book!

  22. I work at a college. I often tell my students that I grew up in “pre-internet North Dakota.” Listening to the Pixies was like encountering aliens. They allowed me to imagine a world bigger than my own.

  23. I was fortunate to be in high school from 1986-1990, which was a huge creative boom of seminal, legendary, Slicing Up Eyeballs-approved™ bands & albums. To wit:

    R.E.M. = Life’s Rich Pageant, Document, Green
    The Cure = Standing on a Beach: The Singles, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Disintegration
    The Smiths = The Queen Is Dead, Strangeways, Here We Come; Rank, Louder Than Bombs (comp.)
    Depeche Mode = Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Violator

    By FAR the band that I orbited the most and claimed as “mine” during that period? PIXIES. More than most of the other alternative bands they seemed to have influenced a wider range of musicians, styles, and genres, and still do to this day.

  24. Because hearing The Pixies for the first time is like hearing music for the first time

  25. I’ve loved The Pixies since I was 16. I’m now 43 and listen to them all of the time and I got my children to love them too!!!

  26. Barry McElhannon

    I discovered the Pixies AFTER discovering all the offshoot bands that came after…..Frank Black, Breeders, Amps, Kelly Deal 6000. I must say, the Pixies should’ve been the place to start and then end with all the others!

  27. Because they were the ones who – thank god – changed rock and pop music forever, and at the same time changed lives, tastes and feelings. Mines included. Gggg, I just love ’em with or without the book. It felt good writing this shit down. Now back to breaking my body and sitting and wising on that cement floor

  28. Michael Martin Jr.

    The PIXIES are the truth. The are a thick branch on the Rock and Roll Family Tree.

    The Hall of Fame will not be complete until they are inducted.

  29. The Pixies aren’t derivative of anyone or anything else. They have their own sound. They are anti-style. There’s no uniform for Pixies fans. The Pixies are freedom.

  30. I love the Pixies. Saw them open for Jane’s Addiction in December 1990 at the Civic Theater in San Francisco. The Pixies were truly mind blowing. Perry Ferrell was drunk and falling off the stage.

  31. Daniel Bendig

    Love the Pixies…..I ain’t even mad!

  32. Dave Cartwright

    I was already a punk & alternative fan in high school in the 80s when I first heard them. I was already a 4AD label fan. The Pixies were like nothing else I’d ever heard. I was such a huge fan at the time, that when my then 10 year old brother found out I didn’t have my own (legal) copy of Bossanova yet, he bought it for me as my 1990 Christmas present.

  33. The pixies was the first band I saw as an 18 yr old at the fillmore in sf… And I saw them again 20 yrs later at the Fox in Oakland. Best concerts EVER!

  34. I love the Pixies because every time I put on “Death to the Pixies” I think about all the good times I had when I was 16 and blasted that CD in my high school parking lot.

  35. Love the Pixies since Surfer Rosa and have been able to pass my love them to my kids on the last two tours through Denver. Such a great band!

  36. I first heard the Pixies when I was in high school in the late spring of 1989. My friend had seen “Monkey Gone to Heaven” on 120 Minutes on MTV, and went to buy Doolittle the next day. That weekend, I went to his house to pick him up (to go see Dead Calm, if I remember correctly), and he popped the tape in my cassette deck. It blew my mind. After the movie, we went directly to the record store, so I could buy my own copy, and it didn’t come out of the stereo for months. I bought Bossanova and Trompe le Monde the day they came out and listened to them over and over again. When I moved into the dorm at college, I had the oversized Velouria poster on my wall before I unpacked anything else. When I was in my late 30s, I flew to Las Vegas from Indiana to see them play Doolittle. I love the Pixies. Death to the Pixies!

  37. Michael Rudzki

    I found the Pixies because I loved 4AD. I brought Surfer Rosa when it came out and have been hooked ever since.

  38. I got into the Breeders and Frank Black first, and then worked my way backwards. I am glad I did.

  39. Grew up listening to the Pixies and they’ve never disappointed.

  40. I still vividly remember listening to Come On Pilgrim in a little record store in Platteville, WI the day it became available as an import on 4AD. I had never heard anything like it, and I felt like the world changed just a little that day.

  41. Stefano Dozzy Valecchi Tajolini

    This is one of my favorite “nineties band”. When I Listen Bossanova, Surfer Rosa, Doolittle or Debaser I came back in the early 90’s years…when I was A teenage guy, very proud of me…Isolated from the entire world through a simple walkman full of beautiful Pixies Music….This band save my life, they give me the courage, the reason to face any challenge and move forward

  42. I love the Pixies in both their theatrical prog-rock phase as well as their latter pop incarnation. Some people say the Pixies sucked after Peter Gabriel left but I like the Phil Collins years just as much. “Land Of Confusion” had an undeniably great video.

  43. Why do I love the Pixies? They make music I can listen to with my college aged son. I always smile when he calls me on my cell because his ringtone is “Debaser”.

  44. Because no matter how bad my day is – it just takes a couple of seconds of swimming in the Caribbean to figure out where my mind is – and then it’s all better

  45. Why I love the Pixies? They are the perfect mix of crunchy, smooth and delicious!

  46. Loud, quiet, loud.
    Enough said.

  47. I love the Pixies because I have seen them twice. Once in la and once in Boston. I also saw a frank black show in Boston. Solo just him and a guitar. Pretty sweet

  48. DeEtte Rustermier

    The Pixie’s music brings back memories of good times! Definitely in my top 5 bands!

  49. I love the Pixies because their songs are very catchy.

  50. Cozette Livingston

    I listened to the Pixies on a road trip in 1988 and fell in love with them, but didn’t catch the name of the band… About 4 years ago I discovered them again and I haven’t been able to get enough of them since…. Buying albums & seeing them live!! They’re great now just like back then!!

  51. The Pixies were one of the bands that I discovered in college that defined those times for me and made them better, and have lasted to this day as one of the cornerstones of my music collection from that period.

  52. Laurent Queyssi

    Don’t love the pixies because they’re the soundtrack of my life, but because my life is the sensorium of their music.

  53. El Arreglardo

    Debaser, Tame, Subacultcha… let me count the ways!

  54. One word…Dynamics!

  55. I listened to my Surfer Rosa cassette until the tape perished. Years later I bought the CD and it was never the same because Come On Pilgrim was tacked on the end (it’s great, but it jars). Now I own it on vinyl, as God intended. I’m listening to it now…

  56. I was huge fan of most bands on the 4AD label and I bought “Come on Pilgrim” for Vaughn Oliver’s cover art – it made me smile, which was rare in the ’80s – but on listening, I was instantly smitten. It sounded like nothing I had quite ever heard but everything I’d wanted to.
    They were one of the weird pre-grunge US bands, along with Throwing Muses, I only knew about from reading British music magazines at the time. But if Kristin Hersh from the Muses was like your arty friend off her meds, the Pixies looked like people who could be your roommates or coworkers. It was pretty easy to imagine a mind-numbing work shift behind you and Kim Deal at your side shooting darts or playing pool.
    That was part of the appeal; these four average-looking people made a fantastic racket. I couldn’t wait to see it live, and was lucky enough to do so many years after I was first smitten by them. Now that I’m older and just as weird, I still listen to the albums with similar teen awe.

  57. Scott Swisher

    The Pixies changed my life. The baseline for Debaser made me buy a bass. I’ve traveled to five states to see shows. Favorite. Band. Ever.

  58. I was in high school during the Pixies early years and vividly remember hearing them on college radio. There was this special power that came from the bands internal conflict and chaos.

  59. Adam lawrance

    I love the pixies for the screaming. Every song on every album is brilliant

  60. They bring back happy carefree memories every time I hear them. Love The Pixies!

  61. Debaser. The site name is the game. I am that “girlie so groovy” I would die happy winning that book.

  62. What’s not to like about the Pixies? Really good rock ‘n roll! Always love to hear the song “Gigantic” in particular.

  63. One of those bands that just hammered your heart.

  64. My husband is the biggest pixies fan. I get him to tell me the story of when he was in 6th grade and heard them for the first time. He says that us when he became aware if what music should be. They, especially Black, inspires the music he now makes. His birthday is in November and this would make his year! It would be a gem to pass down to our kids, because he’s vocal about making sure they know good music!!

  65. Louis St. Pierre

    I remember hearing “Isla de Encanta” for the first time. I thought, “What planet is this from?”. My love has only grown in the decades since.

  66. The Pixies are awesome. They inspired as many bands as the Ramones and made modern music possible.

  67. I love the Pixies because of their influence on so many things. And their sweet, sweet love songs.

  68. I love “Pixies” because they are indescribable. Slightly -controlled musical anarchy. Organized sonic chaos.

  69. My friends and I wore the grooves out of Surfer Rosa. The pixies have the right energy, depth and style to their sound and songwriting that makes them a must have for any fan of music.


    my band is Pixies, there is nothing else really

  71. I started my relationship with the Pixies when I was a teen. It was the early 90s. I am a Breeders fan and my friend told me that if I liked them, I should check out Kim’s original band. That friend handed me Trompe le Monde and my obsession quickly spread. I was depressed for awhile, since my fandom could only exist through tapes then CDs, as the Pixies were broken up back then. I was beside myself when they got back together to tour, and have gone to see them live numerous times, thrilled every single damn time. I have a tattoo of lyrics from “I Bleed” on my ribs and I can say without a doubt they are my favorite and most influential band. Love them all.


    I love them just because

  73. It’s so hard to think back to a time before the Pixies, but one of the reasons I loved them so much was how normcore they all looked. Their loud/soft sound and lyrics were so unique to me at the time that I expected their physical appearance to match. The fact that it didn’t endeared them to me even more.

  74. My favorite band since I started college. It’s funny that it was all made at the time of my birth.

  75. I love Pixies cuz they’re better than Nirvana.

  76. Wendy Daldakis

    Because I actually learned things from the lyrics. Used to bust out a dictionary.

  77. José Enrique Plata Manjarrés

    Living in Bogotá, Colombia, South America in the late eighties and early ninenties was bearable with Pixies. I grew up listening to them and being able to recognize the importance of independent music as well as their lovely label 4AD.

    I hope to have this book.

  78. April 2004 Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis. I was fortunate enough to be there. I risked everything to see my beloved Pixies. Including any post vasectomy activities.

  79. Most people I knew hadn’t even heard of one of my favourite films, (Un Chien Andalou), then here’s one of my favourite bands with a song about it! Me + Pixies = truly a marriage made in heaven.

  80. A line or two? OK – when Surfer Rosa came out – it simply BLEW MY MIND. I was into punk & English pop (Cure, Smiths, NO, etc.) since about ’84, but SR tied it all together in a way that was unbelievably unique. To have the screaming intensity of the best Minor Threat right next to the most lush melodies I’d ever heard? Kim’s voice on Gigantic? Joey’s two note guitar solos? The whole loudQUIETloud dynamic… OMG – my friends & I had gone to musical HEAVEN.

  81. Yes, we all love the pixies blah blah blah. I really need that book because we have a lopsided dinner table and this book would be the remedy for having a balanced meal.

  82. Pixies were my gateway band to better music!!! Really defines who I am to this day…

  83. I love the pixies because when they first graced my ears in highschool they turned me on to a whole plethora of genres and far out music. I was a yuppie twerp until I got into them in my honest opinion. Plus David bowie has a thing for them and if bowie digs it its gotta be awesome. Please give me that book.

  84. I love the Pixies because they gave me a new empathic perspective on sound.

  85. “Doolittle” was the first CDs I went out and bought (along with the Smithereens “11”).

  86. Layne Petersen

    I’ve loved the Pixies since “Doolittle,” which, admittedly, makes me later to the party than some. I’ve always loved their ability to write a perfect pop song and then twist and distort it in a new way that’s never really been heard before. Brilliant!

  87. I was just a pup getting into modern rock around 1990 and was more a techno pop fan then. Knew the hits but it wasn’t until this past year that I began to celebrate their entire catalog. Takes me back to the days of 120 Minutes when indie rock was cool.

  88. My favorite Pixies memory is at college in the early 90s, we were going around caroling, but instead of singing Christmas carols, we sang “Here Comes Your Man”.

  89. I love the Pixies because they are about to give me this epic book, signed by Charles no less!

  90. you weren’t living the 90’s without breathing in the Pixies

  91. I have loved the Pixies since I was 13. My husband and I were able to see them once, and after he passed away I was able to take my step daughter to see them as well. She has loved listening to them since she was 3. For me now, everytime I listen to the Pixies I am filled with sweet memories of our family singing, and inside jokes, and simpler times.

  92. Michael Piantigini

    I also would like to win the BIG contest. Please.

  93. My younger brother was a huge fan. Would love to win this for him.

  94. because my older brother loves them and they’re cool.

  95. I’ve been a fan for over 20 years and what I like most is that they sounded like no other band out there, truly original.

  96. I’ve loved the Pixies since 1989/90 because there was and hasn’t been anyone like them. The music and lyrics paint compelling images that never get old.

  97. I was one of the oddballs years ago, never like mainstream music, an the pixies were in my album collection, but rarely in the album sleeve as I played music constantly!

  98. I love them because they broke things and put them back together in an awesome way, made me laugh and think at the same time, and killed it on tour in ’89 and before and since. And Stormy Weather.

  99. It’s mainly the obtuse lyrics. Loved the way the drums sound on those early records too.

  100. Nicki Eichhold

    I have loved the pixies since hanging out at the college radio station when I was in high school. I may be a minivan driving mom, but they are what is in my player right now.

  101. Those first few records evoke a time and feeling unlike anything else, and the fact that they finally got back to making new music is reinvigorating.

  102. I love Pixies because I’ve got taste.

  103. Love their sound–always have.

  104. I have loved the Pixies for 20 years. My friend and I once raised sea monkeys and played Palace Of The Brine for them every morning. I’ve seen them live (with Kim) during their sold-out reunion tour. It was a spiritual experience. I met Frank Black and Kim in an elevator at a hotel in Atlanta. I could barely speak, but managed to squeak out that I am a huge fan. Super nice people. Please give this girly-so-groovy one of these awesome books!!!

  105. The Pixies were my soundtrack to what was left of the 80’s and every decade since. Their music is beautiful,raw, violent, moving and above all timeless.

  106. The Pixies are just the shit, the best albums of the late 80s and early 90s. … formative years! A unique sound that influenced so much other music and simply changed the way life sounded, for the better.

  107. Hook laden, noisy, melodic music with weird surreal lyrics. What’s not to like!

  108. because Doolittle is the first CD i bought, and it’s still the best one i have.

  109. Love them so so much….makes my heart happy and light. Supported Sean on kickstarter, but entered my best friend’s name instead of mine and gave her the book as a 40th bday gift. She’s a die hard fan as well. Saw you guys with Kim on the Doolittle tour in L.A. and drove out to see you in Vegas last Feb. Amazing!! Would love a copy of the book!!

  110. would love to have the book. the pixies have always been there in the background of so much that I listen too.

  111. The soundtrack of my soul.

  112. I love Pixies because everyone loves Pixies!

  113. I love the Pixies because they truly are more than the sum of their respective parts. The yin & yang, the tension and release in vocals and music.

  114. Pixies are the OST of my life, they rock like no others

  115. Fraser Higgins

    Hey Bagboy, I was once a Sad Punk, and I’ve asked Mr Greives for the answer..I would ask my Monkey, but he’s gone to Heaven. He’s Gigantic..Where is my mind? It’s Vamosed…Do I get the book??

  116. I love’em because they were the first band to inform me that uriah hit the crapper, the crapper.

  117. scott kershner

    Loved the Pixies since the first time we saw them as an opening band in Philly. Guessing 87-88? Just caught them in Pgh. this year as well. Great show!

  118. I saw them in 1991 on the last show of their tour and they played every single song (or so I remember). The best band

  119. Steve Nichols

    First saw them 25 years ago. Can’t wait to see this photo book of their history!

  120. benjamin vargas

    I went to a Pixies show unwillingly in about 1990, and was mesmerized by Black Francis and Kim Deal. I have been a hardcore fan ever since! Am looking forward to seeing them, will miss Kim though. :(

  121. Brett Whitney

    flew to Coachella to see the pixies on the reunion tour a few ears ago. Then we went to a palm beach show in south Florida. We then flew up to New York to catch them at the Hammerstein at the end of the tour. Die hard fan.

  122. Pixies were the first band that got me out of my New Wave phase. The very first Pixies song I heard was “Debaser”, it was on a mixtape(along with Tones on Tail & The Sugarcubes)that a friends brother made for him.

  123. I love the Pixies for their innovation and their boundary breaking!! True originals!

  124. Actually, the Pixies Suck!

  125. Emilino M Conill

    Loud, quiet, loud: how not to love the Pixies? I love them since the first time they just blow up my head from ¡a tape!

  126. If not for the Pixies, I would have never met some of the most sweet, creative, and genuine people in the world. We all met on back in 2004 (thank you, Madtempest). We’d spend hours upon hours discussing everything Pixies (and non-Pixies) related, and ultimately formed deep relationships, which I’m positive will last forever.
    Oh, and one last reason why I love Pixies… Charles, Joey, David, Kim, AND Paz ROCK!
    So there.

  127. Philip Ciulla

    I loved the Pixies even before…. hearing This Monkey Gone to Heaven right after its release on an AM “alternative modern music pre post modern” AZ station while sitting in my 65 Ford Fairlane (cars were cheap back then)and saying this is going to change music and radio stations forever!!! Well….It changed everything for me. It took over 5 years and Nirvana for everyone else but a few to catch up.

  128. Saw Pixies twice, once in DC and once in NH. They were incredible both times. Rock on!

  129. The Pixies are one of the few bands that has remained on the “soundtrack of my life” since the 80s They’re always there and never get bumped off. I’ve heard their music a million times and will never get tired of it.

  130. George Vivilakis

    Makes me smile, dance, headbanging, feel sad and cry. Sing, shout, jump around. :-D

  131. Because Charles Thompson is a genius and Joey Santiago is god.

  132. Why I love The Pixies? How space do I have? The reason is simple: I found them at the right time in my life, when I was looking for something that did not sound like everything else. Most bands hope for one great song; The Pixies have a catalog of great songs. It is now hard to imagine a time when Wave of Mutilation did not exist: it is a like a folk song found by Alan Lomax. It has always been part of the DNA of alternative music. Of course, by that, I mean alternative to bad music. For me, The Pixies have always been an important band, so I am always struck by others who claim that they were not a huge band. They were huge, and in heavy rotation, in my life.

  133. Where is my mind??!!!

  134. Patricia Martorana

    I LA LA LOVE the Pixies because they LEVITATE ME! They are more GIGANTIC than any other band out there. And OH MY GOLLY, I’M AMAZED every time I see them live. They are never TAME and always make me question WHERE IS MY MIND?

  135. I love the Pixies because with every album they change their sound but are still able to sound familiar at the same time. I was lucky enough to finally be able to see them live in February and it was everything I thought it would be. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for their sound!

  136. The Pixies pushed the envelope for what we called college rock or indie rock. They are an institution.

  137. Well we collegiate kids of late 80s to early 90s loved the Pixies, but my fav Pixies story revolves around a trip to Santa Barbara on July 4th of ’93. My friend was the Pixies leader (got the rest of us into them) and had a van we all piled into; we’re talking a van-van, not some mini van. Anyway, all but the driver were plastered by the time we spilled onto the pavement arriving in SB. The highlight was all 8 of us screaming Debaser along the way. It became a rallying cry for the entire weekend. Now when we’re together, that song brings back the vivid road trip/bender weekend of 1993 Santa Barbara 4th of July. good times.

  138. Gigantic! ’nuff said

  139. Because they are cool, and so am I.

  140. Pamela Haldane

    Pixies are inventive if not downright quintessential punk meets pop! Brings the 80’s vibe right into 2014! LOVE THE PIXIES!

  141. The Pixies are the epitome of everything I love about (proper) alternative rock.

  142. I love the Pixies because they are the soundtrack to all the important parts of my life.

  143. Uh…because they’re the greatest band ever!

  144. Started in college radio in the 80s, learned of them my first year djing and have not stopped listening to them since. Pixies Rawk! Plain and simple.

  145. If it wasn’t for the pixies I’d probably still be listening to def leppard and bon

  146. I met the love of my life at a pixies show.That’s just one of many reasons why I love them.

  147. If it wasn’t for the pixies I’d probably still be listening to def leppard and bon jovi. Opened my eyes so much. Firstly, to myself in the mirror. Time to let the blond highlights grow out and cut my hair. Then to all this amazing new music.

  148. Pixies are one of my top ten music influences and therefore why I listen to much of what I listen to now. But why I really love them? Because Black Francis says “In Heaven everything will be fine”. And I belive in him.

  149. The Pixies are the best at everything that is great about music – they’ve perfected the right way to be LOUD, Barlow and J play off each other in the love/hate way a duo should, J’s songwriting is hilarious and clever without being pretentious, and when she was there Kim added just the right amount of female-vocal counterpoint to J’s drawl. Oh, and they have one of the greatest guitarists of all time and a magician for a drummer! I need this book!!

  150. I wanna win this one so I can finally believe in internet contests again.

    Oh, and the Pixies rule, natch.

  151. we’re chained

  152. Turned on to The Pixies as a teenager on a search for the best music out there. Their music is as powerful to me now as it was back then.

  153. Just one reason? Because there’s life before I heard the Pixies and life after, and it changed me forever.

  154. I’ll focus on where my love starts; the songs. Stripped down, deconstructed, raw, soulful melodic sing-a-longs. The Pixies are those yin & yang, masculine / feminine, sweet tantrums and sour lullabys that we all feel could have been pulled somewhere from our own subconsciousness ( by aliens ). ~Hey!.. you Pixies…I’ll always Bossanova with you..

  155. I love the Pixies because they take me back to being young and hearing things I had never heard before.

  156. Even Robert Pollard agrees with me, The Pixies don’t suck. In fact they rock.

  157. I was lucky enough to have a roommate who brought Come On Pilgrim when first available, and we stayed up-to-date with each release. They then began to have a great influence on a lot of the later music I would buy.

  158. I first heard the Pixies on 120 Minutes back in 91 right after they released Tromp le Monde. I saw the video for Planet of Sound and my mind was blown, it was love at first sight and sound. It didn’t hurt that they were Kurt Cobain’s favorite band either.

  159. Reminds me of my College Days!

  160. cuando escucho a los pixies siento lo mismo que billie eliot contestó cuando le preguntaron que sentia al bailar

  161. I love The Pixies because of the music, but the attitude doesn’t hurt. Saw them open for U2 around the time Trompe le Monde came out. On several occasions during the show they introduced themselves to the crowd as ‘Support Band.’

    This, of course, is what was printed on the tickets, which were sold before the opening acts were chosen.

    BONUS: In the intermission I heard someone ask a friend about the opener, whose set they had missed. “You mean ‘Support Band’? They rocked!” Not a shred of irony in that reply.

  162. Because they’re awesome

  163. The are an amazing, iconic, 80’s band. Here comes your man, need I say more?

  164. Sergio Vieira

    Pixies are… Gigantic!!!!!!!!
    They are crazy, violent, surreal, fun, mellow and tender, deranged and frantic, hard and soft, rocky, surfy, mariachi, sad and happy… all in the same song! They’re UNIQUE and a legacy!

  165. Imagine hearing Bailey’s Walk, 16 years old the first time you got stoned, now that was a religious experience for me! I found the music!

  166. I had the Pixies down as one of my musical interests on a dating website I was on. My husband responded. The Pixies brought us together and we have been married for almost 11 years. We even gave our daughter the middle name “Velouria!”

  167. My best friend in high school bought “Doolittle” one day, and we listened to it in my car driving somewhere. I have since moved away from home, but whenever I listen to that album it sends me back to the good times in high school with my friends who stayed behind.

  168. I just La La Love em – ain’t that enough?

  169. I love the Pixies because I grew up in a small backwoods town where people only listened to Top 40 and country music, when I first heard the Pixies I thought “holy shit! You mean real music exists? ” and I’ve loved them ever since

  170. Been a huge fan since the 80’s. Why do I like the Pixies? Listen to them, there amazing enough said!

  171. I attended high school in a small town, and I just had no connection to Poison or Richard Marx or whoever else was mainstream at the time. When I discovered the Pixies via the soundtrack for Pump Up the Volume, it all just started to make sense. They were a gateway band for me, leading me into a world of great music and songwriters. I am forever grateful.

  172. I grew up the only Pixies fan in my little home town in lower Alabama. The least you can do is give me a damn book.

  173. Havalina and the Navajo Know. Two beautiful songs that wrap up two incredible albums.

  174. When, as a teenager, I discovered the Pixies, I knew it was a life-changing moment. They were, and still are, the epitome of cool.

  175. Chris Gallagher

    I first heard them with Bossanova shortly after it was released. I was hanging with a guy who brought the album over to my place- he’d just purchased it. As soon as the opening tune started playing, I was just amazed and wondered where the pixies had been my whole life. I could never get enough of them and still can’t.

  176. 1. Surfer Rosa was never out of arms’ reach for me in college.
    2. See above, but also with Come on Pilgrim.
    3. David is a magician.
    4. Frank actually answers to Black. That’s cooler than Meatloaf answering to Meat.
    5. Kim Deal.
    6. Joey is an unsung college rock guitar hero.
    7. Doing the impossible, their cover of “Head On” is better than The Jesus and Mary Chain’s.
    8.-10. The Pixies are cool enough to only need 7 entries in a top 10.

  177. SPC: Beautiful 2-minute songs = more Songs Per Commute.


  179. Planet of sound

  180. I love the Pixies for many reasons. One such reason is that I never tire of their music; they are still as fresh today as the first time I heard them decades ago.

  181. Why I love the Pixies? What’s not to love? Visceral. Beautiful. Timeless.

  182. As a college student in Boston in the late 1980’s, I began exploring what we now call “alternative” rock. “Where Is My Mind” was in heavy rotation on WFNX, and it really caught my attention, so I went out and bought the Surfer Rosa LP. As soon as I heard those first drum beats of “Bone Machine”, I knew something had changed for me. I still have that LP.

  183. Boston, Massachusetts

  184. 1995- traveling from fire to fire across the country in the back of 7 Ball (hotshot buggy). Hobart Hotshots rockin out to Surfer Rosa and Come on Pilgrim. Been a fan ever since…

  185. Carrie Fairchild

    The Pixies have been my absolute favorite band since my first listen in 1987. Just about everything else I listen to can be traced back to their influence.

  186. i love the pixies because they got back together and Frank Black didn’t even need a kidney! Thanks for the rock, guys!

  187. Pixies… no one else sounded quite so melodic and unhinged at the same time. Impossible to pick a favorite track. So many great tracks with Mr. Francis, and then Kim chimes in with some wonderful words. Magical.

  188. I’ve love the Pixies for more than 2 decades now. My most valued experience was when Black Francis played solo at the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg PA. I had a chance to speak with him 1 on 1 for about 5 minutes. Rock legend down to earth.

  189. The thing I liked about the original incarnation of The Pixies is that they were pretty unpredictable and different. Their lyrics were anything but traditional, and they drew inspiration from some intriguing (and sometimes frightening) sources. They weren’t above throwing in a weird guitar break in the middle of an otherwise straightforward tune (at least by their standards), just to keep listeners on their toes. It was also pretty common for a different language to pop up on an album somewhere. I mean, “Isla de Encanta”? I have no idea if that is actual Spanish, Spanglish or just some Pixies gibberish, but that doesn’t stop me from cranking up the volume and trying to sing along, now does it?

  190. The Pixies were the soundtrack of my youth. From high school to the Army and eventually to when I had my own family. There was always a Pixies album in the background.
    Viva La Pixies!

  191. Robert Abernathy

    I’ve loved The Pixies ever since I first caught Monkey Goes to Heaven on 120 Minutes. They are the best of all music from the 90’s!

  192. Surfer Rosa got heavy rotation on my radio show in college, saw them open for Love & Rockets and the Cure 8-28-89 at the CNE Grandstand in Toronto

  193. Christian Ellingson

    One of the first three cassettes I bought before starting high school was Come On Pilgrim.The start of a beautiful friendship.Not High School,my love for the Pixies.My head was feeling scared but my heart was feeling free

  194. Richard George

    I will make a coffee table and this will be the only book on it. Back when listening to music was an experience, Pixies were the center of it all for me.

  195. Robert Billick

    In my youth, I would stay up late Sunday to watch 120 minutes to catch a glimpse of a Pixie video. Worth sleep deprevation

  196. 1986 -Houston, TX. My brother came home from college and I was listening to Born in the U.S.A.. He popped my cassette out of my boom box and said “That’s crap. Listen to this” and put on Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim and everything I listened to changed. Immediately went out and bought my own copy. Luckily, my brother moved to Boston the following year and was able to see Pixies at TT the Bear’s and a special show at the Rat (I think 89 or so- freaking cold so know it was December or something). Every jukebox I see, “I’ve been Tired” or “Bone Machine” are the first pennies I spend, every time. Never even a question.

  197. The flying Gold P logo with wings will catch your attention just like that. From Kim Deal’s catchy bass lines and David Lovering’s precise drumming. Joey shredding the guitar like no one’s business and finally Frank Black writing about aliens and extraterrestrials, mutilation, incest and for the band being pioneers in the Loud/Quiet/Loud style.

  198. They are the soundtrack to my college days.

  199. oO and there’s this website named after a lyric of the song Debaser from The PIXIES. Without that song, this amazing knowledgeable website about the alternative underground would of never existed. I mean who thinks of slicing up eyeballs. The PIXIES.

  200. Cos I likes me the Pixies going on 25 years!

  201. Jeremy Bourque

    My dad took me to my first concert in 1989 to see the cure, love and rockets and pixies at dodger stadium. They blew us away. The most amazing concert of my life, and Ive been to hundreds of shows. But none like my first. Been my favorite band since.

  202. Because so unique!

  203. because Kim Deal. and because wave of mutilation.

  204. Because they are the best thing to listen to when you’re staring out of a train window in Norway on a journey to find yourself.

  205. I distinctly remember listening to a cassette dub of Surfer Rosa/Come On Pilgrim on my yellow Sports Walkman during the height of hair metal mania. Hearing Black Francis and Kim Deal trade vocals and tell beautiful, twisted stories over such gorgeous noise, I recall saying aloud to my friends, “This band is gonna save rock n’ roll!” And I was right.

  206. I love the Pixies, but my friend Hagen loves them more, so if I win this I’m gonna pay it forward and watch that great smile of his light up.

  207. The way they are able to create accessible music with unorthodox guitar playing.

  208. Jean-Christophe Manuceau

    I love them, I met them, they made my young adult days much brighter. Thanks Pixies.

  209. One of the greatest bands, and with excellent screaming thrown in. What’s not to like?

  210. The Pixies wrote the greatest song ever to reference a Bunuel/Dali film!

  211. Listened to the Pixies in high school and loved them, and now my kids do. My 4th grade son had to write down his favorite song for an ‘all about me’ page at the beginning of the school year a few weeks ago, and he wrote Space (I Believe In). How cool is that!

  212. Don't call me Nymphadora

    Because Loud • Quiet • Loud. Nobody else quite sounds like The Pixies. When I need some energetic music to help keep me motivated to do some work: Pixies get it done.

    My (now) husband is a huge fan of theirs from their beginning and I’d love to be able to hand him this signed book. If I don’t win, it’ll be under the Yule tree regardless.

  213. Ian Westbrook

    I love the Pixies because they’re the best goddamned rock band ever to draw breath, is why!

  214. Sergio Goulart

    Hail The Pixies! Winning the book would be … gigantic (wink).

  215. Great tunes, key changes, interesting lyrics – what more can anyone want from a band. Love them!

  216. Because they appreciate Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel as much as I do

  217. ..because they bought me a soda and tried to molest me in the parking lot, yep, yep yep YEP….but I miss their soup and I miss their bread.

  218. The Pixies created a sound all of their own, created some of the most exciting music during the dirge of the late 80s. Surfer Rosa and Doolittle influenced a multitude of 90s bands – put simply – Quiet Loud Quiet was the template to follow.

  219. Jolaine Breton

    Their music is sensational!

  220. Not many bands get to influence and change music forever.Pixies are one of those bands and in my book they are right next to The Beatles and Sex Pistols.

  221. The Pixies got me over an 80’s slump.

  222. I dig the Pixies because my 6 year old son calls them the “eyebies” – due to the fact that he ramdomly picked out the Tompe le Monde CD (because of the fish eyes) and made us listen to it in the truckster. We then had the song “trompe le monde” on repeat for about a week.

  223. Kendall Defoe

    Summer of ’89: dance music & rap are king, but I still have my R.E.M., Husker Du, and other punk tapes on my Walkman. And then, with a job cleaning movie theatres every weekend from six to noon, I hear “Debaser”. I don’t know who the group is or the album, but I want it (sounds like “Gigantic”). A lot of big, big love when I finally find “Bossanova”, “Surfer Rosa”, and “Trompe Le Monde”, but still, where is that song? Finally, I find it on an album where a monkey’s gone to heaven and someone’s rubbing a bad charm with holy fingers.
    Death to the Pixies…?

  224. Besides being one of the greatest bands of my generation, I love The Pixies because without having ever written Debaser, Slicing Up Eyeballs could have very well have been called something else.

  225. Brian Andersen

    Monkey Gone To Heaven opened my eyes for amrican indie music – it was not only English that rocked

  226. I love the Pixies not just because of the music. (That’s really good.) I love them more for their insane lyrics that don’t always paint a pretty picture, but always reveal a truth. Honesty in art. They have done it with originality and panache! LOVE THEM.

  227. Love Frank’s lyrics and they are one of the loudest bands I have ever seen when I saw them the first time!

  228. Fred Ebersole

    I was attracted to the Pixies since I heard “nimrod’s son” and “I’ve been tired” on a cassette borrowed from a friend standing outside my parent’s garage. Listening to my walkman. Feeling the chill of that autumn afternoon, about 24 or 25 years ago.

  229. The Pixies have meant so much to Rock music through the years. They changed music when they broke onto the scene and then they inspired many new bands and the sound that alternative music would develop into. That inspiration gave us Nirvana. Cobain always gave credit to the Pixies for giving him a reason to make music. The Pixies made brilliant albums and were like no other when performing live. Long live the PIXIES!

  230. Many thanks to the “Pump up the Volume” soundtrack. The purging began, here come The Pixies!

  231. Abner Devereaux

    Never was ‘into’ The Pixies until I saw them open for U2. Black Francis/Frank Black is a freakin’ lyrical genius !!

  232. he got friends
    like paco picopiedra

  233. The Pixies will always be part of my college

  234. Love the loud/soft loud/soft thing. The Pixies were unique in that way.

  235. Pixies. Fucking. Rule. If I could scream like anyone, it would be Black Francis.

  236. Love the Pixies…makes me nostalgic for the 90’s

  237. Francisco Simoes

    Shame keeps me from saying what was in my cassette recorder back in 1994, my teens, but Trompe Le Monde changed everything for me. They had disbanded by then, but what I heard shaped everything that would follow. And it all started with a question related to Cupids, Angels and Dreams.

  238. I love the Pixies because they help me make sense of the world.

  239. Richard Pierson

    I’ve been a fan of the pixies since hearing Surfer Rosa in college, there’s no other band like them.

  240. Purchases Surfer Rosa when it came out (@ RecordSwap in Homewood, IL!) and thought this was the coolest thing i ever heard. Still holds up well after all this time!

  241. Pixies’ lyrics turn all the notions of love and relationships inside out. Crazy, messed-up spastic frustrations of youth. Plus, Kim Deal rocks.

  242. I remember buying Doolittle when it came out, on cassette. Reminds me of skating in Hawaii visiting my grandparents for Christmas.

  243. I love The Pixies for the same reason I love any band: their music makes me feel a sense of belonging and connected to the human race in some way. Not sure why that makes me want to look at 215 pages of their pictures, but I do.

  244. I absolutely LOVE the PIXIES!!! Because how in the freaking world could you not LOVE the PIXIES!! Kim is an absolute bad ass Bass thumper!!!

  245. First saw them open for the Throwing Muses in the UK .. followed them ever since :)!

  246. Jeffrey Molesky

    I was introduced to the Pixies the year Smells like teen spirit came out. I picked up Surfer Rosa then all the other CDs the next day. They put me in a happy place. I haven’t missed a show in Detroit since they reunited in 2004

  247. I love the Pixies because they define alt rock and continue to do it brilliantly and organically!

  248. The two things that make me love a song are lyrics and melody. The P I X I E S are masters of writing and recording both. That is why I love The P I X I E S.

  249. First saw them in 1989. I was 17 and the course of my life was changed by the pixies. (and i fell in love with kim deal)

  250. Karenin Biaggi

    As a young girl in Puerto Rico music options were scarce. I’d order through catalogs and made pen pals who worked in record stores. Hearing the Pixies blew my mind. They automatically became a source of obsession and Francis’ references to the island made me feel less alone and weird. Forever grateful. Long love the Pixies!

  251. Because when I hearing Caribou, just remember my wildest years..of course I never did roll joint to bible papers. Rock me Joe, forever!

  252. Pixies changed my view on what good music is. I feel still alive hearing them after al these years.

  253. Saw them three times in the past few years, even the one show w/no encore, which really was an awesome show. La la love ’em! Got me a movie, ah ah ah ah…!

  254. Why shucks…the pixies have superb songwriting, that’s why.

  255. Cause who else has made fantastic cheery suicide surf rock like Wave of Mutilation? Fuckin’ no one, that’s who. <3

  256. Where to start? How about a little story?
    One day while coming home from work i stopped by the family video store in New York, yes they still had video stores back in the nineties! They had WDRE/WLIR playing in the background and at the time the radio station had a contest to win a goodie bag from the Pixies. All you had to do was be the 10th caller and name 3 bands that the station had played withing the past hour and the loot was yours. I bet you can tell where this story is going?
    The store phone had speed dial and after a few attempts I was the selected caller, I had won!!!!! Problem was I had no idea what bands they played but I was going to guess The Cure, Depeche Mode and U2, chances were pretty good. It was noisy so I decided to go to the back office to give my details to collect my Pixies goodie bag.
    Long story short ( oh be quite) while transfering the call I got disconnected! I never could get back in touch my prize went to some other lucky soul.
    Winning this could help me forget this sad event!

  257. A song about El Nino? Who else has done that?

  258. They are my favorite band! Can’t wait to see them in Minneapolis next month!

  259. The Pixies – they allow me to revisit the 80’s without putting on makeup.

  260. I love the Pixies because you can never get tired of listening to their music. They’ve inspired many musicians, yet no one sounds quite like them.

  261. Tom Edgington

    I’ve been with the Pixies, and they with me, since Come On Pilgrim. Ditched my first class ever to see the Pixies at a venue fittingly by the ocean. Record store trips to find maxi singles with the additional tracks were plentiful. Learned of the initial break-up while driving and felt gut-punched. The trip continues today from surf to space to Español to Magdalena and on……

  262. they relate to my insanity – making me feel sane

  263. I was already listening to 4AD bands when Doolittle came out and was struck by how different they sounded compared to Clan of Xymox, Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins– but the amazing artwork from Vaughan Oliver was there to give it some sense of continuity in vision– if not sound.

    They have been a constant favorite of mine and have probably aged better than some of the other bands on that label!

    Viva la Pixies!

  264. Michael Woods

    Their music just stands the test of time

  265. It was the late 80’s when I was introduced to the Pixies sound. I was in my first job after leaving school, sat in the tea room of the hardware shop, when Rachel (a part time assistant) shoved a cassette into the stereo which blasted out these tunes which sounded like nothing I had ever heard before. I had just listened to the Surfer Rosa album. Oh my golly, that was just about the greatest music I had ever heard.
    Her beautiful ghostly voice, the pulsing base line, that scream!! I had found that sound I was looking for.
    25 years on, and I am still hooked, and seeing them live for the first time in my life at the Hammersmith Apollo last year, my life is now complete.

  266. The one and only band name that I can put backward spelling in front of my car “231X19” as same as an ambulance!

  267. If man is five, then the devil is six.
    And if the devil is six, then god is seven.
    The Pixies is hundred.

  268. sHANE tEA fRENCH

    The first time i went to NEW YORK CiTY, ever, driving from Ithaca College, was to see the PiXiES during the Trompe Le Monde TOUR! I failed the Psych test i arrived late for the following day. :(

  269. Man, I gotta win me that Pixies book because I love them!!

  270. Cactus
    Surfer Rosa was my soundtrack for a couple years :P

  271. The Pixies were transformative and Black Francis is so underrated it’s not even funny. Pixies Rule.

  272. Tyler Adkins

    How can you not love Pixies is the real question, they will make you feel like no other band can. I fucking bleed everything pixies. I’ve got every record on vinyl including the purple tapes. I wanna shave my head just cause Black Francis, Joey and Dave. If i got one of these copies you would also need to send me an extra pair of pants because mine would be filled to the brim with poop and pee, however if that effects my chances of winning forget about the pants, I would be more than happy to sacrifice all my pants just to be able to touch something Black Francis has touched. I would be a very happy punk *wink wink nudge nudge*

  273. Listening to Pixies has always been an instant personality test. I have never met someone who liked them who I didn’t immediately like as a person.

  274. Kevin Erwin

    Ed Is Dead. 1987. Haven’t stopped since. B-Sides CD is in the car as we speak.

  275. Their music is timeless!
    And I still have a crush on Kim Deal

  276. Lee Lovetro

    The Pixies for me represented a decade of my life each and every day! I feel so fortunate to be a FAN and a FAN from beginning to end.

  277. the pixies give me all the feels.

  278. Because if you’re listening to Doolittle, driving through Kentucky seems to take no time at all.

  279. Bleddyn Williams

    I have loved them since Doolittle and am working on my 10-year-old daughter!

  280. Mary Reading

    The Pixies are a reminder of high school. Aimless road trips and the music blasted. I saw them in 2002 and felt I was reliving high school all over agaon, in a good way.

  281. Brian Ignacio

    Why I love the pixies? i just do.

  282. Why do I love The Pixies? That’s easy…there is NO other band whose music helped guide me through the turbulent, trying, troubled teen years like The Pixies. Every note of every song on every record helped protect me from the jocks, douchebags, and assholes at my school. The late 80s would’ve been a sad, violent time for me without The Pixies.

  283. Amber Taliman

    The Pixies got me thru a period in my childhood that was full of trauma, confusion, shame, hurt, and rage. A welcome and wonderful escape that help me remember all that is beautiful and worthwhile.

  284. Fell in love with the Pixies as a 13 year old. Discovering Nirvana lead me to the source of that loud quiet loud dynamic sound. A year or two later they’d broken up and thought I’d never get to see them live. Not that having those albums to listen too was a bad thing. Now that I’ve seen them live a number of times my love affair is complete, a life long passion continues.

  285. Mark Turner

    The Pixies were different then and they remain, an influence to many diverse musicians who state their 1st 2 albums as some of the best released. Add to that they were on 4AD, then a place in history remains assured

  286. The pixies, for me, represent a time in my life where everything wasn’t perfect. A time when I had great friends, went to amazing places and the Pixies were a big part of that time for me. Though, at the time, I just wanted a way out of it all. Now, I find myself looking back on those times wishing I could go back to those places with those people. The pixies is more than just nostalgia, to me, the pixies are apart of my life.

  287. When I was a teenager at my first job in 2005 I met a guy who was cute and funny. We worked at a retail store an the rules were pretty rigid as to what music we could play in the store. But whenever we worked together he would bring in music he liked to let me listen to. We listened to My Morning Jacket, The Cure, and of course The Pixies. It was the perfect soundtrack for 2 kids falling in love. It was one of the best times of my life. I was pretty much a cookie cutter kid, who had a “vanilla” taste in music, movies, and art. He introduced me to interesting, meaningful art. We grew up together and discovered ourselves. We were best friends and spent every moment together. We had so much in common that we decided to make the leap and date. And now we’re engaged. A couple years ago we got to see The Pixies in Louisville and it made everything feel full circle. Each song stirs a memory. It was crazy to get to share this moment with my best friend. as we plan our lives together I look forward to sharing new experiences and adventures together!

  288. I saw the Pixies at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, November 1989. The Zulu’s opened. Pixies came on, did around 2-3 songs, Black Francis got pissed because the sound sucked, unplugged and left the stage. Show over.
    Would you care for a little drama with your show? Yes, please!!!

  289. allen B. Land

    What is not to love about the Pixies? But what really sealed the deal for me, is the crush I had on Kim Deal that continues today, even though I am happily married!

  290. what’s not to love? Boston/Mass roots – check. awesome songs – check. great stage presence – check. rock and roll drama from the first breakup to the current exit of Kim – check.

  291. Ronny Pangia

    The moment I saw Isla de Encanta played live is when I grew to love the Pixies. It’s one of those concert moments where time stopped and the crowd and the band were one. Unforgettable.

  292. I saw the Pixies for the first time in 1991. Never heard of them before that show. They blew my socks off and my musical preferences were forever changed!(Sorry Def Leppard)

  293. Aude Dumenil

    I have been hooked since the day I listened to Surfer Rosa … They’re just amazing!

  294. André Yamagami

    How can we not la-la-la-love the Pixies?

  295. I’ve been a fan since junior high. The Pixies saved me from the monotany, from mainstream music that was killing me. The Pixies create sonically perfect noise. What makes them so great is that they’ve always had their own unique sound. They rock with the best of them. It would be a dream come true to see the Pixies live, but alas I don’t think the opportunity for that is gonna happen. They’ve reached that cult status, full of mystery and legend. They are the epitome of cool. They’ve inspired so many great bands. Without the Pixies, there would be no Nirvana.

  296. rachelle moseley

    What’s not to love about the Pixies? A book would sweeten the deal!

  297. D R Maguire

    Frank Black was the funny kid you wanted to hang with, and the smart, clever kid you’d want to impress if you did. Kim Deal was the cool girl everyone wanted to be their girlfriend (but other girls didn’t hate her, they loved her too). Joey and David rounded out the act with precision and power. All together they made music like we’ve never heard before.

  298. “UMASS” is why I got in to the Pixies and it’s why I’m in to them to this day.

  299. The Pixies are a timeless band from my adolescence that continue to inspire and comfort me into adulthood.

  300. I came in late to the game. The “Fight Club” trailer changed everything…just like The Pixies did.

  301. Have loved them since first hearing Doolittle in the 90″s, I’ve seen Frank Black a few times, the Pixies only once but it was the shit!!!
    ps, I sure love to win this!!!!

  302. I am from Boston…Pixies are a Boston Band…loved them since I was a lil Kid!

  303. Eduardo Abrantes

    Because their music is the soundtrack of regular joe gone berserk!

  304. What is there not to love???

  305. Nigel McDermott

    They still scare me. First time I heard them, the guitar noise, the voice, it sounded like a thing lurking and buzzing. Still does.

  306. Ger Dunleavy

    The Pixies rock my world and have done ever since I first heard them. They will still be revered in 100 years time.

  307. Clint Brannan

    I love the pixies,because when I saw em in the late eighties they blew away the cure and love and rockets.I was so astounded,being a huge cure fan also loved dodger stadium like 75000 people.ive seen thousands of bands and played in a few too,but the energy and raw power they exuded was phenomenal.gratzi ciao bella :-)

  308. Pixies music was a staple of the Iowa City scene in my college years!

  309. I need this book. I love band photography. And The Pixies are amazing. I wanted to be Kim Deal.

  310. I like the Pixies because it’s like when peanut butter met chocolate.

  311. Jacinta Kilber

    I saw the Pixies back in the late 80s, and it changed my life. Not as much as the guy screaming, “I love you, Kim!!!” but I don’t think anyone was as affected as that guy.

  312. Stason Zweifel

    My wife and I saw the first Hollywood Bowl performance on the same date that Come on Pilgrim came out 27 years ago. What a special night, Black and new girl Paz were on!! We have to have that book!! Our 10th Pixies show..

  313. The Pixies remind me of the summer before my freshman year of college, and that was a great summer!

  314. Because, The Pixies are pissah,WICKED PISSAH!

  315. Jacob Kitty

    I started listening to Pixies in the eighth grade when I had the opportunity to play some of their music in a School of Rock cover show. I immediately fell in love, and ended up doing a first listen of Doolittle on the beach at about 10 pm on vacation. Which is the perfect environment to first hear Here Comes Your Man by the way.

  316. The Pixies are my first love. I found DOolittle in a used bin on holiday in eighth grade and their albums have been my anthems ever since. “Hey” became THE song of my high-school friends and my friend Jef permanently dropped the second “f” off his name, if you catch my drift. As a musician, I’m always drawn to others who love this band and have played so many Pixies songs live. In fact, my all-time favorite jam to get revved up for a show is “Rock Music.” La la love them.

  317. Pixies were like gods to me first time ’round. And when I say “gods” I actually mean: “a goddess and her minions.” Having Kim in the band made them special… My iTunes library contains 157 Pixies studio tracks (albums, singles, covers, demos, rarities) and 326 live tracks documenting the Kim Deal era. All excellent – with their Spanish language cover over Evil Hearted You as an absolute stand-out.

  318. You should just give the book to me. Thanks.

  319. Barbara Willenzik

    Because I want to make my husband’s heart explode with joy. Nobody loves Mr. Santiago’s playing style more than my hubby, and Frank is the icing on that awesome Pixie’s cake.

  320. robert whitford

    When i first heard, Pixes, ” I knew, they were connected in some way to Throwing muses, I loved the vocals by the Hairy little girl, who was the lead, then After seeing em play in Frisco, I kept on thing the T shirt I bought; was of Black Francis, flashing his dick! LOL, It so fit My Late teens rebellion, of and I dug the Chic Bass, player Mrs’ John Murphy!

  321. La la Pixies. Forever.

  322. Derek Mclachlan

    Monkey gone to Heaven makes me cry.

  323. I was a teenager in the south of Chile in the early 90s, and The Pixies records that some friends showed me back then saved me from a soundtrack made up of Michael Jackson and Phil Collins. Thanks Black Francis for this!

  324. Stefano Dozzy Valecchi Tajolini

    There’s no words to describe the feeling when I listen Pixies…. This Band Change my entire life, and my interpretation of music, When I was 14 years old I listen for the first time Doolittle…it was great….Francis Black and his Band is an incredible inspiration for me….
    I’m Pleased to could have the opportunity to catch this amazing book.

  325. Joe Glessner

    They introduced me to a new form of music, Quiet Loud. They also made go watch Un Chien Andalou, the film by Bunuel and Dali. The Pixies have been in rotation since 1989 in our home. Now my seven year old chants the choruses.

  326. augusto moya

    I will always love the Pixies.
    Even when sir Black Francis and Kim get heavy.
    And Joey and David get hairless.

  327. I’ve got a big big love for the Pixies.

  328. Rick Hartig

    come on pilgrim+surfer rosa+doolittle gets them in(to) heaven no questions asked.

  329. Warrick Goodin

    The Pixies provided the soundtrack to a period of enlightenment and understanding during the wickedly wildest times of a misspent youth!

  330. Because Ive been having sex with nuns since 1991. I needed something to remind me of the Pixies and be close to Charles after you guys quit originally. This visual history will help me quit these lewd and glorious acts.

  331. Pixies saved rock n’ roll!

  332. Gavin Ashworth

    Nobody sounds like The Pixies and I can scream along to every one of their songs.


  334. I’ve la la loved the Pixies since only like forever.

  335. Kirsten Jude

    Their music stands the test of time and is truly inspirational

  336. I love the Pixies, too. Because they’re the best.

  337. I love them because they are like no other band and creativity and musicianship. And my baby even loves them, especially Wave of Mutilation.

  338. Lisa Jensen

    I love the pixies because their music rocks my chest cavity

  339. A ringing bell that shakes my teeth … still, every time.

  340. One of my favorite bands of all time… extremely influential and simply amazing. Yeah!

  341. I love the pixies simply because there was nothing like them, either before or after. in a class all their own.

  342. A band that sounded like no other…

  343. The Pixies to me are the sound of surf rock’s joy in Santiago’s guitar, tickling Beatnik cheek in Black’s lyrics, and the power in pouring a little personality into your bass and drum lines. Kim Deal is the musician and stage presence that I want to be and photos of the band together in their earliest days always remind me of what a rock band ought to be. I would love, love, love to win this book.

  344. I love the Pixies because I too sailed away on a wave of mutilation.

  345. Rachel Jones

    I was lucky enough to be introduced to Doolittle at my local CD listening bar. The second I heard the Pixies, I knew my short lifetime of listening to my parents’ classical music and 60s rock while simultaneously eschewing Bel Biv Devoe and the like, had just been preparation for this mind-blowing sound. I was enchanted by the cryptic lyrics, and all the manic howling and whispering of their melodies. The Pixies have always, and continue, to be my touchstone for intelligent, otherworldly rock music.

  346. They remind me of rock candy and make me smile.

  347. The guitar lines are the simplest brilliant riffs in rock history.

  348. I LOVE the Pixies!!!! Best band ever! I had a chance to meet Black Francis at a solo show back in 2009 (before the Pixies started their never-ending Doolittle tour) and I never thought I would have a chance to see the Pixies live. Since then, I’ve seen the band 6 times and had a chance to meet every member. I recently met Kim Deal at a Breeders show and she didn’t autograph my Pixies live photograph I took of her. She actually crossed out her face! Later on in the night, she told me no disrespect, but she is done with the Pixies. When I first started listening to the Pixies in college and Charles in 2009, their music was the first music I ever heard that spoke to me and reflected the feelings I had as a misplaced youth. Years later in my married professional life, it amazes me how their songs still speak to me in a a whole new way. As said in comments before, their music is simple, but powerful. Edgy, but sweet. I have the chance to see them in Madison, WI this Sunday. For all I know it may be the last time I ever get to see a the Pixies live. I’m go to be crazy in the front row like I’m 18 again. The band changed my life!

  349. loud QUIET loud. I can’t imagine my youth without them!

  350. I’ve been a huge fan of the Pixies since the beginning and they have been at the core, the center, of my musical upbringing. Their personalities shine through in the music, and their music is consistently both surreal and powerful.

  351. Contest is closed. Thank you all for entering and sharing your memories. The winners have been notified.

  352. James McQuillan

    A band that makes records that can live on the turntable for months at a time without becoming tedious, and only then just to be rotated with another Pixies’ album

  353. Learned playing bass with “Gigantic”. Simple, repetitive, perfect!

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