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Siouxsie and the Banshees re-pressing ‘Peepshow’ reissue over ‘minor mastering error’

Siouxsie and the Banshees Peepshow

The just-released reissue of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ 1988 album Peepshow is being repressed following the discovery of a “minor mastering error” at the end of “Rawhead and Bloody Bones,” the band’s bassist, Steven Severin, announced today via the Banshees’ Facebook page (read the full announcement below).

Those who already have purchased the disc and who want replacement copies are instructed to return them to their retailer, which will provide the new pressings once they are ready. The new discs should be shipped to retailers over the next three to four weeks, according to Severin.

A Slicing Up Eyeballs reader describes the problem:

There’s a weird glitch on my copy of the Peepshow reissue. Track 8 has all of “Rawhead and Bloodybones” and then the first three seconds of “The Last Beat of My Heart”, followed by nine seconds of silence. Then Track 9 starts with the last six seconds of the fadeout from “Rawhead” before going into “Last Beat”. Nothing is *missing*, but it sounds like the disc is skipping backwards, even though the time coding shows that it is playing smoothly.

Peepshow was reissued last month along with 1987′s Through the Looking Glass, 1991’s Superstition and 1995’s The Rapture, marking the belated conclusion of the Banshees’ reissue series. The earlier albums were reissued in expanded fashion in several spurts between 2005 and 2009. But in 2010, Severin revealed Universal was ending the Banshees’ reissues.

The new batch of Banshees reissues is expected to presage further as-yet-unannounced archival releases.


Siouxsie and the Banshees’ announcement:

Apologies: There is a minor mastering error at the end of track 8 on the new edition of ‘Peepshow’, which is currently being fixed and new discs are being manufactured. Some have made it out there so anyone who would like a replacement copy should return it to their retailer, who will send out new versions once they have been delivered. The new discs should be shipped to retailers over the next three to four weeks.

— Steven Severin





  1. While I was hoping for more “unreleased bonus” content from the originals (at least The Rapture has a song I don’t have), I’ll probably be picking up Peepshow – when it gets fixed – and The Rapture….though the “further as-yet-unannounced archival releases” gives me pause.

    • Jacques, in all likelihood, every remaster at least from PEEPSHOW onwards will be issued as a double disc edition w/ bonus tracks, detailed liner notes, and deluxe packaging. There are live concert and bonus tracks from the last 3 LPs’ sessions. The PEEPSHOW tour inaugural concert was recorded (audio) in its entirety in late Summer ’88 and was forgotten/lost until a few years ago. SUPERSTITION has the KROQ Xmas concert, and THE RAPTURE has both the Radcliffe radio sessions and The Mayfair Club mini-concert just at the album’s release. Only LOOKING GLASS will have probably the same exact track listing w/out bonus cuts besides what’s being released today.

      I’m TOTALLY waiting for the Deluxe Editions coming in mid-March 2015…along w/ Siouxsie’s second solo LP!

      • Anthony, who told you these sets are supposed to come out in March, or at all? Steven Severin confirmed on the Facebook page last month that there is NOT going to be any 2 CD deluxe editions forthcoming. He said it wouldn’t be right to release a single CD, then dump double sets soon after. He said he didn’t care for the Radcliffe sessions either.

  2. I didn’t listen to the whole release so I missed the error. I’ll check with my store, glad I didn’t get it from Amazon.

  3. This has been a huge problem during the last ten years. Albums keep being promoted as being remastered, but the mastering jobs are lazy and often fucked up, so the original CD version end up being superior even though they aren’t perfect. It seems like a few people on the night shift are paid to do remaster work and they sleep through their shifts without doing the work that is supposed to be performed. Where is quality control pertaining to reissues? It always makes me hesitant when a supposedly superior remaster comes out.

  4. Did these recent reissues come out in the US? Amazon only appears to have import versions of the three of them.

  5. I love how Severin says “minor”. He had been touting on the Facebook page how much he was thrilled with the Peepshow remaster in particular, going on and on about how great it sounds, though this error wasn’t mentioned until a fan pointed it out on the Facebook page. Severin then stated surprise that none of the 6 people, himself included, who allegedly listened to this master before it went to production caught the error. But this is far from a nearly undetectable minor error, it’s a huge error that grossly affected 2 songs, and confirms pretty obviously that NO ONE actually listened to the CD in advance. Severin, so eager to get product out and royalties in his pocket, blindly approves another shoddy product for release. After at least 10 years of this, you would have thought he’d have tuned in a bit more by now. And by the why, the remasters are brickwalled with lower fidelity than the originals. Shocking, eh??

  6. Is the Kathak Remix #1 on the Superstition reissue really different than the version on the original US maxi CD? Was listed as prev. unreleased on the track listing on SUE. Same intro, same length.

  7. Oh wait! But there’s more! I just bought this and noticed the Mastering error on “Rawhead And Bloodybones” and “The Last Beat Of My heart” isn’t the only problem. There is also a problem with the first track “Peek-A-Boo”, it doesn’t start until after 3 seconds of silence. Which to me is more annoying than the mastering error mentioned in this article.

  8. Mark Cappelletty

    Any news when to expect the fixed version of this? It’s been nearly six weeks.

  9. Yeah, any news on the release for the corrected pressing of Peepshow? It’s been awhile now and I can’t find a copy anywhere =(

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