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‘Monsters of Industrial’: Skinny Puppy enlists Front Line Assembly for North American tour

Skinny Puppy Front Line Assembly

Turns out Front Line Assembly mastermind Bill Leeb’s “Monsters of Industrial” tour is happening after all — although with a less monstrous name — after Skinny Puppy tapped FLA to replace the departed VNV Nation on the bands’ 17-date North American tour that’s slated to kick off in Toronto in late November.

Leeb, who launched FLA after leaving Skinny Puppy in 1985, proposed the idea publicly in the summer of 2013 after both bands released new albums. But when Skinny Puppy announced its “The Alliance of Sound” tour this past summer, VNV Nation was on the bill (along with openers Haujobb and Youth Code), not Front Line Assembly.

Last week, though, VNV Nation dropped off the tour “due to a problematic situation that had unexpectedly worsened in recent weeks” And now comes Front Line Assembly on the rechristened “Eye V. Spy Tour 2014.” The dates remain the same as originally announced over the summer. See them below.


Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly ‘Eye Vs. Spy Tour 2014’ dates:

Nov. 28: The Sound Academy, Toronto, ON
Nov 29: Metropolis, Montreal, QC
Nov. 30: House of Blues, Boston, MA
Dec. 2: Best Buy Theater, New York, NY
Dec. 3: Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 5: Jannus Landing, Tampa, FL
Dec. 6: Buckhead Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Dec. 8: The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
Dec. 9: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL
Dec. 10: Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN
Dec. 12: Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
Dec. 13: The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
Dec. 15: Showbox SODO, Seattle, WA
Dec. 16: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Dec. 17: Roseland Theater, Portland, OR
Dec. 19: Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
Dec. 20: The Fox Theater, Pomona, CA




  1. So where is the San Francisco gig? Regency Ballroom (as in the text part of the post) or Warfield (as shown on the image)?

  2. Not sure what to say about this. I’d been looking forward to seeing vnv nation. I just saw them and Skinny Puppy (seperately) this spring, and both were fantastic. I’ve also wanted to see FLA, so I’m excited on that front. I hope there aren’t too many pissed off VNV fans who bring a bad vibe to the shows.

  3. Last week Was very interesting for this tour. First vnv dropped out, then haujobb needed a crowdfunding campaign just to actually pay for their travel expenses. But the addition of FLA makes this tour really can’t miss for electro-industrial/EBM fans.

  4. i’m glad to see FLA getting some US shows again! they always seem to have a tough time getting tours to come together, and in the states, honestly, no one ever seems to know who they are… me-“Can you play some Front Line Assembly?” Industrial DJ (who should be well versed in industrial, you would think) “oh do you mean Front 242???” lol

    • damn, where do you live? that’s a place i don’t ever want to be if the industrial DJ’s don’t know who FLA is. seriously?

    • Then they aren’t true industrial fans. How do you know who SP is and not know FLA? They were like the evil twins of the scene.

  5. Note to everyone in Vancouver:

    The poster says the show is at the Commodore, but that is wrong. The article is correct in stating that it is going to be at Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

  6. PLease come to San Diego!!!!

  7. josey walker

    Texas? Hello? Don’t forget FLA has beloved fans down here too!

  8. Rodeny Anonymous

    I’m a huge VNV fan, and was really bummed when they dropped off of the Alliance of Sound Tour, that said, if anyone has to replace them, I’m glad it’s FLA.
    Also, we here in Philly didn’t get to see Skinny Puppy last yeas, as we were hit by a blizzard on the day they were scheduled to play.
    So, to recap: Great lineup, very psyched.

  9. Jonathon Boone

    Front Line Assembly and Skinny Puppy will be an amazing show. What a line up! Maybe the “problematic situation” will be remedied and VnV will rejoin the tour. Yup, in my own little fantasy world!

  10. I know its Doubtful, but add some more dates after the New Year, hint Texas and whatever poor souls areas didn’t get picked. Can we press our luck and get Uncle Al and company added to the bill, to do an entire “With Sympathy” setlist mixed with some early Revolting Cocks? A million envys to all that get to see them though.

  11. FLA is a way more monstrous name in industrial than VNV. VNV is more EBM, half their albums are slow-almost emo and Ronan never shuts up on stage. I’d much rather see this show.

  12. To Gabor. Sf gig is at warfield now.

  13. Nardwuar – Please interview FLA and Puppy when they return to Vancouver. Aaaaaargh!!!

  14. @Jenna

    The Vancouver venue really is Commodore. It’s confirmed by Ticketmaster and the Commodore staff.

  15. what are you waiting for come to Chile?

  16. To Jenna – pretty sure the Vancouver show was originally scheduled for the QET but is now moved to the Commodore!

  17. Not Alaska how can this be a true North American tour then.. We get skiped over all the time..

  18. I live in Australia. Skinny Puppy have never been here. So you can all get fucked :)

  19. With Sympathy era Ministry?
    Like “All Day “-and “Halloween ” ???- I totally don’t see that happening! -lol! Not unless Flock of Seagulls invited em! AL’s bread n butter started with “The Land of Rape and Honey ” This is a
    tour so Badass I may have to
    follow it for a couple days!

  20. Jenna / Squeal: The concert is definitely at the Commodore. Got a Ticketmaster notification saying the venue had changed. I would assume the new poster has all the latest venue info :)

  21. Kathy Pearce

    No Phoenix?!?!? Omg. I’m going to die. I want to see you all so bad. :(

  22. What about Texas?

  23. The Dec 5 show is at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, not Jannus Landing in Tampa. I hope the bands don’t end up driving the tour bus to the wrong city.

  24. Well, I’m on for Saturday in Montreal! Sorry to miss VNV, looking forward to FLA, and Skinny Puppy of course. Also Haujobb, who are pretty new to me. I know almost nothing of Youth Code.

  25. Darn, I would love to see them in Texas. I’d even be willing to drive to Dallas for that.

  26. This is a much better show without VNV Nation!!! I can’t stand their trancey ebm honestly. I like harsher sounding bands. I much rather have FLA any fucking day of the week! No show for Los Angeles on this tour? What happened?

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