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Andy Partridge working to restore XTC’s ‘Oranges and Lemons’ for audiophile reissue

XTC Oranges and Lemons

By all appearances, XTC’s 1989 album Oranges and Lemons is next up in the band’s current series of audiophile reissues, as bandleader Andy Partridge has been tweeting in recent weeks about work on the 5.1 Surround mix, including an attempt today at Abbey Road Studios to transfer the baked album tapes that were found “in a very bad way.”

Partridge initiated the new XTC reissue series last year with a new edition of 1992’s Nonsuch, followed, this past September, by a reissue of 1979’s Drums and Wires. In both cases, the reissues (on CD and Blu-ray) came with new 5.1 Surround and stereo mixes by Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson, plus various bonus tracks, including B-sides and demos.

On Nov. 14, Partridge began tweeting about Oranges and Lemons, saying he’d just been told the multi-track tapes are “in a very bad way.” He followed that with, “Fingers and eyes crossed,they are going to ‘bake’ them and see what can be done.Then there’s the ones covered in mould {not Moulding}.”

Last week, Partridge noted that he was sorting and mixing demos by himself and Colin Moulding for the reissue. Then, this morning, he tweeted: “Today Abbey Road are trying a transfer of all baked ORANGES AND LEMONS tapes. Here’s hoping that all goes well and nothing is ruined.”

Fingers crossed.












  1. I’ve really enjoyed the first two but would rather have English Settlement be next. I don’t understand why he is doing them this way. Not going to complain too much though, we’re lucky to be getting these at all.

  2. Rodger Hoover

    We don’t need to go by “appearances.” Andy has stated directly (to me and other tweeters who have asked him directly) that Oranges is next.

  3. I hate people who say what I’m about to say: I’d prefer new music to reissues. Yes, I hate myself.

  4. …you are aware that XTC essentially broke up in 2006 , right?

  5. Here’s to hoping nothing was damaged. Especially on “King for a Day,” which still stands as my favorite XTC tune.

  6. Oranges & Lemons is my least favorite/non-essential XTC release. Too many, “Andy Throw-A-Ways,” I’m afraid. Mayor of Simpleton, King For A Day and The Loving are very good though. If I were King, I would have paired it down to 9 tracks, instead of the 15 that were released. Tracks to include: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, & 15.

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