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The B-52s’ Kate Pierson goes solo on ‘Guitars and Microphones’ LP, debuts new single

Kate Pierson

B-52s co-founder Kate Pierson will make her solo debut next year with the release of Guitars and Microphones, a 10-track album described as “marrying party rock, psychedelia and socio-political punk” and featuring songs co-written by Sia and a guest appearance by guitarist Nick Valensi of The Strokes on several tracks.

The album is due out Feb. 17, but you can get the first taste of the record via lead single “Mister Sister,” which boasts a Fred Armisen-starring video that you can watch below.

The B-52s, who formed in 1976 in Athens, Ga., remain active, although guitarist Keith Strickland announced in late 2012 that he would stop touring touring with the band. The group’s most recent studio album is 2008’s Funplex.

Below, check out the “Mister Sister” video and full tracklist and artwork for Guitars and Microphones.




Kate Pierson

Tracklist: Kate Pierson, Guitars and Microphones

1. “Throw Down the Roses”
2. “Mister Sister”
3. “Guitars and Microphones”
4. “Crush Me With Your Love”
5. “Bottoms Up”
6. “Bring Your Arms”
7. “Wolves”
8. “Matrix”
9. “Time Wave Zero”
10. “Pulls You Under”






  1. like the melody and the hook
    lyrics are predictable but ok
    beat might be a tad slow
    miss the keyboards
    overall, leaning toward buying this

  2. Is it wrong for me to say that I don’t find the “message’ in this to be very profound? Seems old and tired to me. Is it okay to not be interested in what I would look like in a dress? In short, has the whole androgynous/anti-gender labels movement gotten a bit tired? How about you? Do you question societie’s’ labeling of you? I’m actually quite busy navigating parenthood. Usually turn to music for pleasure.

  3. Not sure if this is the best choice for lead single…

    But will buy the album for sure.

  4. I think it’s a great song. That being said… that facelift tho. I know, I know… Kate is 66 years old and in an industry where your face makes money… but ouch, they pulled that really tight.

  5. RockLobster

    I guess I’ll have to be the first to say it. This is really bad. I agree with Nick, not very profound, a little tired, nothing interesting happening musically, not fun like B-52s (not that it has to be), just misses the mark in every way. Will not be buying.

    • There’s lots to sing about, why this? Hell, they sang a pretty decent tribute to the humble Butterbean and that’s a much better effort than this.

  6. I think Kate looks beautiful.
    I like the groove…lyrics are a bit tired I must agree.

  7. More power to her. I just wish someone could invent a time machine, and go back and slip this song onto “Out of Time” in place of “Shiny Happy People.”

  8. I’d even watch/listen to Kate sing the phone book.

  9. Scott Stalcup

    Okay, after watching this, who wants to open the bet that Fred Armisen is proof that either Fred or Keith got his end away with a woman once?

    He’s one of the two’s (I am SO sorry for going here) “Love Shack Baby.”

  10. Well, this sounds as much like a B52s track as anything they’ve done from 1979-2008. Kate’s voice is so freaking good! I love the fact that the song sounds like something that could’ve been recorded sometime between the early to mid 1980s. The double-tracked chorus sounds like Cindy could be in there somewhere, though she’s probably not…like on the GOOD STUFF album, you’d swear Cindy was still there on the choruses. If this is a taste, I’ll try to get it. My guess is, the sound of the album will be a mixed affair, as Kate herself described in the promo. I hope Kate hasn’t had any “work done”, since she’s never seemed to need it…the album cover could be much better…I would hope that’s just the single cover.

    Can we please get this song on the charts, please? I would much rather see this in the Top 10 than another Taylor Swift song.

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