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Siouxsie and the Banshees to release new ‘Spellbound’ 18-track best-of in January

Siouxsie and the Banshees 'Spellbound'

Siouxsie and the Banshees will follow this fall’s final batch of remasters with a new introductory best-of set called Spellbound: The Collection next month, which comes as the Banshess’ take advantage of a renewed relationship with Universal Music.

The 18-track set is due out Jan. 12 in the U.K., and touches on each of the band’s albums, with songs selected by Severin and Siouxsie Sioux. All tracks, aside from those included from Hyaena and Tinderbox, were remastered in the past year by Kevin Metcalfe.

Check out the full tracklist below:


Tracklist: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Spellbound: The Collection

1. “Hong Kong Garden”
2. “Mirage”
3. “Placebo Effect”
4. “Happy House”
5. “Desert Kisses”
6. “Spellbound”
7. “Into The Light”
8. “Cascade”
9. “Tattoo”
10. “We Hunger”
11. “Cities In Dust”
12. “Lands End”
13. “Shooting Sun”
14. “Peek-A-Boo”
15. “Turn To Stone”
16. “Kiss Them For Me”
17. “Drifter”
18. “Not Forgotten”






  1. Mark Cappelletty

    When are we going to get the “fixed” version of the remastered PEEPSHOW?

  2. Isn’t this about the fourth or fifth “best of” they’ve released?

  3. How many times am I going to buy these same tracks?

  4. Aren’t you overshooting the mark here by using artwork that has been rejected, and aren’t you quoting out of context?

  5. Just finding out about this: Whether this is the correct cover art or not, I love it. I love the typeface/font of their name from the DREAMHOUSE/HAEYENA eras. I almost wish they’d kept that as their official typeface for the rest of their career, though in the 21st Century, it seems to be the case.

    I hope Siouxsie’s sophomore LP coming in early 2015 has as cool an album cover.

  6. Early 2015? Hahaha! Bwahahahhaa!

  7. The “fixed” Peepshow is being sold via the official shop. This is your best chance of 100% getting a “fixed” Peepshow CD — other retailers MAY still be selling “bad” stock.*/*/Peepshow-Remastered-Expanded-Digipak-Edition/3HXW0000000

  8. It is not a “best of”. check your sources.

  9. Aww, no ‘Israel’! That’s a must have in my book. That guitar :)

  10. I am excited about this, as the sound quality of their last best of CD collection wasn’t the best. Also it will be nice to have the single versions of “Cities In Dust” and “Peepshow” newly remastered (wasn’t thrilled with the album versions and the way they were cut off in the mastering.)

  11. 2 box sets and all the remasters should have me covered as far as their discography goes, but this is an interesting mix of songs – not a “best of/popular” collection of songs at all (I doubt many fans would put Drifter or We Hunger among their best work, though I do like both). If this was a list in Mojo or Uncut, I would love to see their reasoning for the selection. Maybe there will be liner would hope.

  12. this is not meant to be for the die-hard fan. it’s for “casual” fans. Severin has said die-hards can expect “something” in 2015.

  13. The title of your article is very misleading, you need to change it. It is not a ‘best of’, it’s a compilation (collection!!) of Banshees’ material designed to give people more unfamiliar with their work an idea of the musical spectrum within which the band have created.

  14. Scott Stalcup

    And it’s Costello and Bowie neck in neck for pointless best-of releases and–



  15. It would be cool if I could get a free copy, since the one I’d purchase would be for one of the “casual fans” that aren’t totally educated, immersed, and indoctrinated.

  16. I’m so ready for Siouxsie’s next proper solo album, please don’t take another year to finish it…

    As for this compilation, its a bargain item for supermarkets, I might buy one for a couple of dollars, I already have all this material but it might be good for the car.

    And I still hope more box sets next year with unreleased material!

  17. Let me guess a new intern at Universal JUST LOVES Siouxsie & The Banshees and convinces a suit to re-release an all new compilation of Siouxsie & The Banshees songs that the new generation of hipsters has never heard. We can advertise it in Urban Outfitters and Details magazine. Plus we can start a rumor they a going to tour with Morrissey. It’s sure to go Gold and generate a whole new buzz.

    • M, If that’s true…I hope it does go Gold, then gets the other reissues to go the same, and sets up the table for Siouxsie’s solo LP in 2015.

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