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Danny Elfman’s ‘So-Lo’ album reissued on CD after more than a decade out of print

Danny Elfman

Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman’s lone solo record — 1984’s appropriately titled So-Lo — has been reissued on CD for the first time in more than a decade by the Varese Sarabande label, which has supplemented the nine-song album with a lone bonus track: the original mix of single and album opener “Gratitude.”

The album, released between Good For Your Soul and Dead Man’s Party, is, for all intents and purposes, an Oingo Boingo record; it was released under Elfman’s name to get around a dispute with the band’s label, and features the rest of Oingo Boingo backing Elfman.

There is no indication that the album, reissued late last month, has been remastered. But the “Gratitude” mix that’s featured as a bonus track only was released as a single previously or available as part of the “Beverly Hills Cop” soundtrack, according to the label.

See full tracklist — and the original “Gratitude” music video — below.


Tracklist: Danny Elfman, So-Lo

1. “Gratitude”
2. “Cool City”
3. “Go Away”
4. “Sucker For Mystery”
5. “It Only Makes Me Laugh”
6. “The Last Time”
7. “Tough As Nails”
8. “Lightning”
9. “Everybody Needs”
Bonus track:
10. “Gratitude” (Single Edit)


Video: Danny Elfman, “Gratitude”






  1. What a great album. I have it on vinyl from back in the day. If you’re at all into Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo, this is tops on the list.

  2. I did a comparison of my old copy with this one and it does appear to have been remastered. I could be wrong but it sounds a bit sharper in comparison. Would love to see the Boingo catalog remastered with the wealth of bonus content floating around added but that might be a pipe dream.

  3. Where are the Gratitude remixes?…

    The Extended Dance Mix is available on the Hit That Perfect Beat, Volume 2 compilation CD.

    Agree it would be great to get proper remasters for all of their albums including all of the non-album tracks.

  4. I always found “Gratitude” to be an interesting song on the

  5. So-Lo is amazing. I already have every OB/DE cd, but I’d also love some remasters with bonus tracks-or even better, while I’m dreaming-a box set of all the hard to find or out of print soundtrack songs, b-sides and rarities, remastered!

  6. It will be nice to have the original “Only Makes Me Laugh”

  7. So-Lo has been available on I-tunes for quite some time.
    Was a big OB fan back in the day and remember the band around 84-85 era playing a lot of the songs from this LP on their live shows. Lightning was a staple from their live shows in the early 80’s.

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