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OMD’s ‘Junk Culture’ reissue to include B-sides, remixes, 5 unreleased tracks

OMD Junk Culture

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark will reissue its fifth album, 1984’s pop comeback Junk Culture, in February as a two-disc Deluxe Edition that will find the original album fully remastered and supplemented by a disc of the era’s B-sides, extended remixes and five previously unreleased songs and demos.

The reissue is due out Feb. 2 via Universal Music, and is now available for pre-order.

The bonus disc features 10 B-sides and remixes, plus two previously unheard songs (“All or Nothing” with Paul Humphreys on vocals, and “10 to 1,” an unreleased song featuring lyrics later used in “Love and Violence”), plus three previously unreleased Junk Culture demos.

See full tracklist below:


Tracklist: OMD, Junk Culture: Deluxe Edition

Disc 1
1. “Junk Culture”
2. “Tesla Girls”
3. “Locomotion”
4. “Apollo”
5. “Never Turn Away”
6. “Love And Violence”
7. “Hard Day”
8. “All Wrapped Up”
9. “White Trash”
10. “Talking Loud And Clear”

Disc 2
1. “Her Body In My Soul”
2. “The Avenue”
3. “Julia’s Song” (Re-Recorded Version)
4. “Garden City”
5. “Wrappup” (Dub Version Of ‘All Wrapped Up’)
6. “Locomotion” (12” Version)
7. “Tesla Girls” (Extended Mix)
8. “Talking Loud And Clear” (Extended Version)
9. “Never Turn Away” (Extended Version)
10. “(The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe”
11. “10 To 1” *
12. “All Or Nothing” *
13. “Heaven Is” (Highland Studios Demo) *
14. “Tesla Girls” (Highland Studios Demo) *
15. “White Trash” (Highland Studios Demo) *

* = previously unreleased




  1. Nice to see this finally coming out 6 years after the Dazzle Ships reissue.

    Julia’s Song (Extended Version) 8:33 from ‘Talking Loud and Clear’ 12″ (assuming re-recording is from 7″)
    Waiting For The Man (Live) from ‘Never Turn Away’ 12″
    Telegraph (Live) 4:05 from ‘Tesla Girls’ 12″

    US Tesla Girls Mixes (presumably includes UK ‘Extra Remix’):

    Tesla Girls (Specially Remixed Version) 5:03
    Tesla Girls (Instrumental Version) 4:43
    Tesla Girls (Video Version) 3:26

  2. Joe Mac Pherson

    For me, just hearing The Avenue, (The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe and the gorgeous, extended version of Never Turn Away are enough to have me wanting to own this immediately. I’m pleased to see Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark giving their catalogue the respect it deserves. Well done guys, bravo!

  3. Hard to believe it’s been over 30 years since this was recorded. I remember my excitement when I laid my hands on a “promotional only” LP a week or two before it hit the shelves. OMD was firing on all cylinders – and this was no exception.

    Out of thousands of recordings this album still finds its way into rotation frequently – and is in my car right now as a matter of fact. Needless to say – sold!

  4. glenn (and all), i believe the version of “julia’s song” IS the 8:33 version (can’t recall where i read that). however, i do lament that the additional versions of “tesla girls” have been overlooked, especially since there is room on the 2-disc set for them, even if it’s far from my favorite track.

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