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‘Love Bites’: Watch a 38-minute documentary about Morrissey fans from 1995

moz doc

It’s no secret that Morrissey fans are among the most devoted in modern music, which is why this is such a delightful find: “Love Bites,” a 38-minute documentary about the ex-Smiths frontman’s fans from 1995, filmed largely on Moz’s “Boxers” tour of the U.K. that February.

The film surfaced this week on, and features interviews with fans, footage of the making of the “True To You” fanzine, shots of bandmembers and scenes outside venues during that U.K. tour. There are also a few fleeting glimpses of Morrissey himself (check out the film around 4:33).

The doc was posted to YouTube by LondonFetishFair with the following note:

“A documentary about people who loved following Morrissey during the early 1990’s ‘Your Arsenal’ & ‘Vauxhall & I’ tours in the U.K.  In memory of Darren Connor & Tom Gallagher who have sadly passed on and were tremendous people to know. I think my main reason for wanting this video online is not only all the fun we had going to those gigs at the time, but also because it’s so great to have videos of Darren and Tom available for their families. I think it’s important.”

Watch it below:




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