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Vintage Video: Gene Loves Jezebel glam up The Ritz in New York City circa 1986

Gene Loves Jezebel

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present a full 50-minute MTV broadcast from 1986 that finds Gene Loves Jezebel — back when there was only one incarnation of the band — performing at The Ritz in New York City circa the release of the band’s third album, Discover. As you can see from the video below, the Aston brothers are in full regalia, offering us a concert special that’s both great musically, and quite excellent to look at, too.

This footage was submitted to us by a Slicing Up Eyeballs reader (Thanks, Mark!). If you’ve got a good candidate for the Vintage Video feature, feel free to shoot us a link at



Tracklist: Gene Loves Jezebel, “Live at the Ritz,” 1986

1. “Always a Flame”
2. “Wait And See”
3. “Brand New Moon”
4. “The Rhino Plasty”
5. “Stephen”
6. “Kick”
7. “Cow”
8. “Bruises”
9. “Over The Rooftops”
10. “The Sweetest Thing”
11. “Desire”
12. “Upstairs”
13. “Heartache”






  1. track 2 is “Worth Waiting For”

  2. So, we get notice of this video of these poseur wankers, but you fail to mention the announcement of the Ride reunion. Really?

  3. I’m 61% sure MTV showed this concert back in the day. Great find.

  4. I remember this band as the opening band for everyone in the 86-88 time frame. Not very good, but entertaining enough. As for the comment about ride, yes, ride is amazing. But I don’t think they are really an 80s band, and that is what this website is about.

  5. Did anyone ever see Gene Loves Jezebel and Nelson in the same room at the same time? Just wondering.

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