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Stream Marsheaux’s track-by-track remake of Depeche Mode’s ‘A Broken Frame’

Marsheaux, A Broken Frame

For their forthcoming fifth album, contemporary Greek synthpop duo Marsheaux — Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou — have decided to remake a classic, recording a song-by-song cover of Depeche Mode’s 1982 sophomore record A Broken Frame.

Marsheaux’s album, also titled A Broken Frame, is out now digitally, and will be released on Feb. 23 on vinyl and expanded CD. The group also has posted all 10 tracks on its Soundcloud page; we’ve assembled them into a playlist that you can stream below.

Check it out:





  1. Love their interpretation of this album, been listening to quite a bit this past week. Hoping they’ll tour the States to promote this album. Their album Lumineux Noir is a favorite, love their sound.

  2. That’s really nice on the ears.

  3. WOW !!!
    This is pretty killer.
    The original recording is one of my fave albums Eva!

  4. Mike Bellwood

    This is fabulous!

  5. Sorry, I listened to this and it stinks. A Broken Frame is my 3rd favourite DM album after Music For The Masses and Black Celebration. In my opinion it sounds like a bunch of soulless androids went in and somehow managed to remove any kind of warmth or humanity from the album. I like A Broken Frame but that doesn’t mean I like Marsheax. Ugh.

  6. this is great, a superb tribute

    …but nobody tops DMK!

  7. I’m loving this!

  8. The very reason I will never shell out hard earned cash to see DM again – they refuse to play songs from this era live.

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