120 Minutes Rewind, Video — February 6, 2015 at 7:01 am

‘120 Minutes’ Rewind: Hüsker Dü gets a ‘120 X-Ray’ post-mortem — 1987

Husker Du

For this week’s installment of our “120 Minutes” Rewind series, we turn to this Carolyne Heldman-hosted “120 X-Ray” that aired in 1987 following the break-up of Hüsker Dü. The four-minute segment looks back on the band’s career with live footage and pre-split interviews with Bob Mould, Grant Hart and Greg Norton. Plus, afterward, you can watch Mojo Nixon smash some TVs. Watch the full segment below via mrbriefcasetv2.





  1. Scott Stalcup

    Nice to see Greg Norton took time from his role as Recondo on the G.I. Joe cartoon to give the interview.

  2. IMHO, the best and most important American band of the 1980’s.

  3. This was nice to see again. At the risk of sounding nostalgic I miss media outlets like television actually spending a few moments acknowledging something like the breakup of a band and the fact that it is usually a sad thing. Yes nowadays online things like this are put together very quickly but still seems a bit more touching somehow seeing something in a format like this.

  4. Sorry, for a second I thought I was looking at Colin and Andy from XTC

  5. I remember watching this when it originally aired and thinking that the gal hosting 120 minutes that night had probably never even heard of Husker Du, yet she was trying so hard to act like she was totally bummed out about the break up.

  6. Punk is Life

    Still the best band ever.

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