Tour Dates — February 19, 2015 at 6:57 am

The Psychedelic Furs roll out spring tour dates, Hollywood Bowl shows with B-52s

Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs this week rolled out what the band is calling the “first wave” of dates for its spring tour, nine shows in the eastern U.S. this May that will be followed a trio of “Fireworks Finale” concerts in September at the famed Hollywood Bowl with The B-52s.

The increasingly hard-touring Furs follow up last fall’s trek with The Lemonheads and a run of U.S. dates last month with the spring tour, which opens May 11 in Cambridge, Mass., and runs through May 31 in Ponte Verdra Beach, Fla. It’s not clear how many shows will be added.

Then, come Sept. 11-13, the Furs team up with the B-52s for an “end-of-the-season” bash at the Hollywood Bowl, three shows at the iconic venue that will be followed by fireworks.

See full dates below:


The Psychedelic Furs tour dates:

May 11: The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA
May 13: Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH
May 15: The Paramount, Hunington, NY
May 16: Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ
May 22: The National, Richmond, VA
May 23: NorVa, Norfolk, VA
May 24: Lincoln Theater, Raleigh, NC
May 30: Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 31: Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Sept. 11: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (with The B-52s)
Sept. 12: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (with The B-52s)
Sept. 13: Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (with The B-52s)




  1. Michael in SoCal

    Three Hollywood Bowl shows? Just the B-52s & the Psychedelic Furs? I think maybe one show would sell, not sure about three. Hope they prove me wrong though.

  2. I saw the Psychedelic Furs back in 1985, and then again last year. I still can’t decide which was the better show.

  3. Chicago! The people demand it

  4. Carl Sampson

    Wow 3 shows at the Bowl. I agree that it will be interesting to see how well these sell. I am seeing the B-52’s a few weeks before at Irvine Meadows so it’s not just the fact of having to sell three shows in a row but also to do so with concerts in the same area a couple of weeks before.

  5. Minneapolis, damn it. I need to see every band I ever enjoyed hearing on King Biscuit.

  6. F*** Chicago, come back to the!

  7. If not Minneapolis…strongly consider Saint Paul MN at the Excel Center!!(and bring the B-52s too)

  8. Richard Butler is a class act. The Furs always put on a good show.

  9. Australia, please, please! .

  10. Saw them in Dallas this past Halloween…absolutely HATED this show. Richard came out, said “Hello Halloweenies” – and said nothing else besides the occasional “thank you” to the audience – nothing at all. That coupled with his usual hamming it up with his little theatrics and ending each song with a phony exasperated look on his face just ended up being extremely annoying…especially given that we know they tour endlessly. Too easy to tell that they’re just mailing it in for the paycheck and wouldn’t know if they were in Dallas, Houston, or Cleveland.

    Supremely disappointing, and has adversely affected my love for the Furs’ music.

  11. Where is Chicago?
    Please do add #Chicago, #Milwaukee, #SummerFest

  12. Please come back to Nashville TN! thank you. :)

  13. I saw the Furs many times back in the day and have seen them again a couple of times recently. They sound just as good as ever and they look like they are having a blast. They realized that they are making a living making music and are really loving it. No tension between brothers. Just playing great music. If you get a chance don’t pass it up.

  14. The smile on Richards face above really says it all.

  15. But, I just realized know Colorado….WTF!

  16. The Hollywood Bowl puts on a “Totally ’80s” show each summer, and they’re always very successful. It’s the theme of the event more than the draw of the specific bands than draw out the masses. To be honest, the crowds are kind of annoying. More into dressing up and getting drunk than paying respect to the bands.

  17. I bough tickets to see the b-52s at the OC fair I. August. Then this show popped up. Like others have said, I think three night at the bowl will be a tough sale especially when the B-52s have been selling tickets to solo shows on sale prior to this show being announced.

  18. Sounds like it’s going to be a great show. As far as three nights at the bowl, looks like I’m going to be able to get some nice seats!

  19. Three shows….and they were sold out. Pretty impressive after all.

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