Contests — March 4, 2015 at 8:27 am

Contest: Win a pair of The Glove T-shirts featuring Robert Smith, Steven Severin

the Glove

It’s no doubt one of the more standout one-offs in modern rock: The Glove’s Blue Sunshine, the 1983 album by The Cure’s Robert Smith and Seven Severin of Siouxsie and the Banshees, with Jeanette Landray on (most of the) vocals. To celebrate that LP, we’ve got a pair of T-shirts to give away to four lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers courtesy of Lethal Amounts.

Each of the four randomly selected winners will receive two shirts, one featuring the Blue Sunshine design with Smith and Severin on it, the other with a “Punish Me With Kisses” design featuring Landray, both in the same size (sizes available are S, M, L, XL, XXL).

You can see the shirts, and order some if you’d like, at Lethal Amounts’ webstore.

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, name your favorite song off Blue Sunshine and let us know why you think it’s so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “I HEART THE GLOVE.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EST Friday, March 13. After that point, we’ll select four winners at random, who will be notified via their provided e-mail addresses. Important: If the winners do not reply to their notification emails within 48 hours, new winners will be drawn (hey, it happens). One entry per person.

Good luck, and godspeed.




  1. Like an animal!

    XL please!

  2. A Blues In Drag

    XXL please…I like tacos

  3. Punish Me With Kisses

    I love the lyrics and the dreamy guitars

  4. Perfect Murder — trippy vibe, crazy echoes, and Robert Smith vocals!

  5. Mr. Alphabet Says. Why? Because Robert Smith.

  6. Orgy. Sounds like chaos.

  7. “Like an Animal” by far. It’s pure pop bliss.

  8. “Mr. Alphabet Says” because the lyrics are cheeky and Robert sounds so dreamy while singing it. He and Severin were such an awesome collaboration on this album.

  9. Jim Carmichael

    A blues in drag.

    Just a wonderful song. Used to play while I was studying in college.

  10. Perfect Murder.

    Why? Perfect Lyrics.

    Size: L

  11. ‘Perfect Murder’
    Two iconic lead vocalists!

  12. Jim Carmichael

    Large please

  13. Mr. Alphabet Says – it’s the great lost Cure track. XL

  14. ron petto

    Like An Animal, the vocals are incredible. Large please!

  15. Nathan Mattimoe

    Like an Animal! That bass and that drum machine. I forgot how great this album is. “Let the dry air cut her happy throat!”

    It reminds me of “Lovecats” and because it has an entirely different sound than the other songs.
    “XL PLEASE” :)

  17. Brian Martin

    “Relax” – one of my favorite moody instrumental tracks from that period, along with The Cure’s Carnage Visors.

    Large, please…

  18. Elizabeth

    Punish Me With Kisses, cos it’s weirdly nostalgic for me.

  19. Like an Animal, because just reading this post was enough for me to dust off my turntable and listen to the album (on vinyl, of course).

  20. Jess Rogers

    Punish Me With Kisses! Such a gorgeous song, and the perfect blend of Siouxie/Cure sound from the time. Love it.

  21. Robert Alcala

    Mouth-to-Mouth-favorite track…great guitar work by Smith. The Glove stands out because of its heavy psychedelic influences

  22. “Sex-Eye-Make-Up”…the most seductive song on the record and when Laundry sings the line “Screaming, laughing, fucks me to death” you know she means it and then it’s followed by the crazy panned guitar solo of Smith. Pure genius. I wish “Mouth to Mouth” would have made it to the vinyl….another fave.

  23. Mouth to mouth by far my favorite!

    XL please!

  24. Like an Animal! The track has such a great lead-in and makes you wonder where the rest of the album will go.

  25. “Like an Animal” because it was the first song I heard from The Glove.

    Size L

  26. Mr. Alphabet Says

  27. Toss up between Mr. Alphabet says or Like an Animal— but I’ll have to go with Like An Animal— great opener you can dance to and also sets the tone for the rest of the album. If selected I would love a large ;)

  28. Perfect Murder…mysterious with a touch of nostalgic melancholy…Robert and Steven, free from their day jobs create the perfect album , An embarrassment of riches.

  29. “Like An Animal,” size S

  30. A Blues In Drag. Because of the bassy sound, melancholic atmosphere and beautiful strings by the Venomettes and Martin McCarrick. Brings me in sort of the same mood as All Cats Are Grey… L please…

  31. Jim acknowledge

    Mr.Alpabet Says because it’s so WEIRD and wondrtful.

  32. “Punish Me with Kisses”, because it’s a catchy and quintessential post-punk gem.

    Size XL

  33. Rich Raposa

    Like an Animal…in XL please! :)

  34. Erik Zakis

    Mr. Alphabet Says

    One of the perfect moody Mr. Smith songs!

  35. Kirby Broughton

    Mr. Alphabet Says. Why? All because of Robert Smith.

  36. jude hayden

    “Mr. Alphabet Says”, just because it’s so great to hear RS’ vocals on that album!

  37. Every note on this album is perfect. But I’d have to go with “relax” just because it’s got so much sonic depth.

    Xl is my size.

  38. Jay Breitling

    “A Blues In Drag” is one of my favorite songs, all time, it is on the playlist I played to both of my young kids at bedtime, so I have easily listened to this song, well, let’s check Last.FM. I’ve listened to this song AT LEAST 963 times in the last five years. These shirts look amaze, I’d be totally grateful to win one. Cheers. Jay

  39. Mouth To Mouth. It’s a song that has just always captivated me. And well, Robert Smith!!! Size L please!

  40. Johnny Sake

    blues in drag

    It’s so delightfully surreal and dreamy!
    Size small!

  41. “Mr. Alphabet Says” is my favorite Glove tune because it’s the first song I heard by them and I think the instrumentation was pretty unique for the time – the plinking piano (which we were hearing on The Top), the violin/viola, the hollow drums. Must have been fun to record.

  42. Orgy. Creepy and convoluted. XL

  43. Punish me with kisses. Small

  44. brett grossmann

    Punish me with kisses it sounds so Rob Smith-y.

    size medium

  45. Mr. Alphabet Says, because of Robert Smith voice

    (size small please)

  46. Punish Me With Kisses! Because it was my girlfriend’s and I song!!!! XL Please!

  47. Will Yogus

    “Mr. Alphabet Says”
    Not my favorite just for the Robert Smith vocals but also for the lovely orchestral work & those quirky lyrics.
    “Don’t be afraid, there’s no marmalade!”

  48. “This Green City”

    Size: XL

  49. This Green City – Mad breezy sound and fine guitar

  50. Will Yogus

    “Mr. Alphabet Says”
    Not just my favorite for the Robert Smith vocals but also for the lovely orchestral work & those quirky lyrics.
    “Don’t be afraid, there’s no marmalade!”
    Size XL

  51. Mr. Alphabet Says. I love the creepy violins, and how Robert sings ‘Smile like a weasel’, ‘Give me all your money’ and ‘Don’t be afraid…. THERE’S NO MARMALAAAAAADE’. I just love him. So much.

  52. Tyler Rutt

    Mr. Alphabet Says…great lyrics, great Robert Smith vocal

  53. Matthew Grimes

    Punish Me With Kisses,first heard it on a mixed tape, loved it instantly. Although I had no idea who it was . . . .

    XXL please and thank-you

  54. Mouth to Mouth – brilliant pop with a darker edge.
    Medium please!

  55. Punish Me With Kisses

    It pulls the listener in from the beginning synth swells then “kissed” perfectly with Jeanette’s vocals.

  56. Sébastien Caron

    “This Green City”
    Kind of gives you a glimpse of where The Cure would go next with Head On The Door and Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. I just wish Robert was singing it.

  57. Todd Parker

    Like an Animal… just love the music!

  58. Jon Stroud

    A Blues In Drag

    I could (and have) listened to this track on repeat for hours. Its like a rainy day melancholy with a dash of nostalgic whim.

    Size XL

  59. Robert Abernathy

    Like an Animal with Robert Smith on vocals – because it’s beautiful & dreamy

    size large please and thanks

  60. Because “The Glove” fits! Robert & Steven are goth icons in itself and add the Jeannette awesome vokals and wrap it up with Andy’s drummy beats.

  61. Michael in SoCal

    Like An Animal – I love the back story about a crazy lady dropping eggs on people. It gives me hope for humanity.


  62. Vitor Duarte

    “Punish me with kisses”. Love the atmosphere and the lyrics.

  63. Punish Me With Kisses. It’s just full of gorgeousness.

    XL please!

  64. Favorite song off Blue Sunshine: Mr. Alphabet Says


    During the recording of Blue Sunshine, Robert Smith was simultaneously working on The Banshees’ “Hyaena” and The Cure’s own “The Top”. If read any account of Robert during that 1983-1985 time period, you’ll see that it was pretty crazy. Drugs, paranoia, insane antics with Steven Severin, more drugs, more paranoia, even more cocaine, staying up 24/7 watching strange t.v. shows and Japanese movies. And then topped off with even more cocaine.

    While I am not celebrating that lifestyle, it did churn up a great batch of music on all three albums… but at a price.

    Robert’s mind was beginning to crack a bit. I think it’s evident on Mr. Alphabet Says. Not necessarily for the lyrics (although those are pretty out there), but the strange Caterpillar-like violin squeaks, muted whispering, and on-microphone muttering. It’s just a brilliantly insane track.

    I’m just glad Robert was able to pull back from the brink.

    • I think this album is crap. Even though The Cure has been my favorite band since the 80’s, I just can’t stand this. Most musicians that had a coke period will tell you that it wasn’t a creative high point in their career and this is another example.

  65. Oh and Mr. Alphabet Says is best! – THANX!

  66. Carol Mergl

    “Mouth to Mouth” because I love the lyrics!

  67. Graham Whatley

    Punish Me With Kisses – highly charged eroticism in a perfectly-formed sultry Goth single package. I bought the singles, the album on the day of release, and then the CD format when that came out too, so a t-shirt (large) would round off my collection nicely!

  68. Mr. Alphabet Says XL

    The music, the words, the singer…

  69. Timm Davison

    “Mr. Alphabet Says” has to be the standout cut on Blue Sunshine. It’s psychedelic, it’s cabaret, it’s barely-hinged and nearly-not-there sanity. It makes excellent use of studio trickery and found sound arrangements while also showing us that The Glove could have been more than a mere side project if Messrs. Severin and Smith had decided to actually concentrate on it.

    Large please.

  70. Looking Glass Girl. The ethereal voice and psychedelic sounds were the background for many a good night in my life. Really the whole album was, but Looking Glass Girl was put on repeat often.

  71. Mr. Alphabet Says – ’cause Robert Smith sings it! Also…all of the musical interludes are pretty cool too in between the tracks!

  72. Ummmm…winning a size medium would be like winning golden teeth! Hahaha!

  73. “Mr. Alphabet Says.” Love that jaunty piano riff (it’s stuck in my head right now just from thinking of this song).

  74. Jason Myers

    Like an animal. RS is feverously strumming away like a champ for the entire 3.5 minutes. (or how ever long the song is?

  75. “Like an Animal” because it still thrills me!


  76. toss up between Looking Glass Girl (so dreamy and just begging for candlelight or moonlight and reminds me of the scene in Labyrinth when Sarah eats the peach and goes to the party in the glass bubble) and Mr. Alphabet Says (the traveling circus act quality to it’s impishness and of course how can you not love a song with the word “treacle” in it??).

  77. Like An Animal – love the energy and lyrics, kicks the album off with a bang. XL.

  78. ‘Punish Me With Kisses’, because of its lush instrumentation and aching lyrics.

  79. A Blues in Drag…

    Those shirts are fantastic!!!

  80. Renee Gonzalez

    Mr. Alphabet Says stands out for me not only because of Roberts hypnotic vocals but the music itself is super catchy and kind of manic all at the same time. The first time I heard it I was hooked.

  81. RELAX !! it’s weird and gllomy , it feels like a fantastic nightmare film music to me. I just love it
    LARGE please

  82. Brian Bourguignon

    Mouth to Mouth – A one of a kind song that never gets old to me….

  83. Looking Glass Girl

  84. Blues in drag –


  85. Like an animal… robert smiths version on the deluxe disc changed the song for me completely.

  86. “Mouth to Mouth” – Love the dreamy synths and guitar dialog type of melody, and impeccable drum machine beat. Excellent remix as well. So inspiring it’s on my “sex” playlist :p

  87. It’s hard to choose just one. A Blues in Drag just because it’s such a gorgeous, evocative piece of music. Or Like an Animal because it builds to such a crashing finale. I also love the quirky, in-between bits. (My friend Amy and I rented the Blue Sunshine video. It was wonderfully awful.) If I don’t win a shirt, I definitely want to buy one!

  88. Mr. Alphabet Says !

    Such a beautiful crazy song.

  89. This Green City – from intro to outro, this track sounds like a race from a formidable citadel where there is much foreboding. The lyrics are sung in a careful desperation and become quite resolute and melancholy. They puts me in mind of the smokey ‘Surrender Dorothy’ banner (Wizard of Oz) … escape your confines! Is what this beautiful song says to me.

  90. Sex Eye Makeup

    Classic fucking album!

    XL please!

  91. Like an animal…because Robert can do no wrong!

  92. Like an Animal. It reminded me of Jean Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers.

  93. Perfect Murder: It’s like having your wife and your mistress meet, and instead of killing you they want a threesome!

  94. Looking Glass Girl

    best alice in wonderland inspired song!!!

  95. greg anthony benjamin

    the whole album! what can i say? i’m an 80s kind of guy… okay, okay, to stick with the rules – Like An Animal ((cuz the words to the song popped in my my head first) -cheers! (i turn 51 on the 12th…. size large, please)

  96. Blues in drag. Large.
    Everytime I hear it it makes me think of going to my daughter first ballet recital in the future. Every note is her foot hitting the ground as she slowly and gracefully makes me a proud father. I can only dream

  97. Mouth to Mouth, on the remastered version with Robert Smith singing it. Too perfect for words!!

  98. Alessandro

    “This Green City”

    I love the obsessive guitar and I love the Robert Smith version from the Deluxe Edition. It’s a truly dreamy song and yet so strange: when that dissonant synth enters in the chorus you can understand what kind of sound research Smith and Severin were following. You can also catch most of the sound of The Cure’s album The Top, so pop, so romantic and yet so creepy and weird.

  99. Smiler Grogan

    Very easy, it’s “A Blues In Drag.” It manages to coney so many emotions: melancholy, regret, sorrow…all without the benefit of any lyrics.

    One of my favorite tracks from either Smith Or Severin, including work from their day jobs.

  100. Perfect Murder: dark and brooding, just like I like it! The deluxe edition is one of the best releases – the extra material is phenomenal.

  101. Smiler Grogan


  102. A Blues in Drag – very dreamy, melancholy

  103. My most favorite song off the Blue Sunshine would be MOUTH TO MOUTH. Why? Because I love the atmospheric vibe in the song and also I first I was a murderer then I was a saint
    We’re all in this (competition)
    But nothing can hurt us at all ( or can it? if we DON´T win a T SHIRT)

  104. Tom LoMacchio

    Punish Me With Kisses, because it’s catchy as hell and gets me dancing! But I sure wish I could choose more than one!

  105. My fave song is like an animal…yep, that song is the best!

  106. “This Green City”

    Size L

  107. MR Alphabet Says – sardonic lyrics faux-celebrating complacency will always get me. Size XL

  108. Although I LOVE most of the Blue Sunshine deluxe version with Robert’s vocals, Blues In Drag has to be my favourite… it’s one of the few instrumental songs that leave me speechless, it’s like the most pleasurable daze put into music, perfect for when I want to let my mind wander :)

  109. Mr Alphabet Says because umm, Robert Smith & how can you not love a song with the word treacle in it?!?
    L please & thank you!

  110. Cynthia Lewis

    Relax. Why? Because it feels like everything all at once. Size medium please. Thank you.

  111. Sex-Eye-Make-Up … Jeanette Landray takes charge on this one! (XL)

  112. Mr. Alphabet says – if I can´t win my golden teeth, I take Shirts in XXL. There´s no marmelade !

  113. “Looking Glass Girl”
    Because it sounds like hope in a fantasy land.

  114. Mouth to Mouth.
    One of Robert Smiths best music.too many layers but subtle.

  115. Punish me with kisses because the guitar is so dreamy.

  116. Jerry Ramsey

    “PERFECT MURDER” it is so dreamy, reminds me of a thief in the night moving silently all around. Size “M”…

  117. Punish me with kisses
    Size xl

  118. mr alphabet says. because he says so!

  119. Dubois herve

    Favorite song is : punish me with kisses

    So pre the cure and siouxie at the same time… Love the sound so memorabilia…

  120. Mr. Alphabet Says – easily sounds like missing track on The Top.
    A Blues In Drag – so ethereal

  121. Mr. Alphabet Says. It’s a killer, groovy tune, and that stomp it has is unforgettable.

    And I’ll take a large if I just so happen to win.

  122. sex eye makeup…lyrically it’s like ‘what?’ lol but the way robert smith sings it makes it amazing.

  123. butter & eggs

    “Sex-Eye-Makeup” is hands down my favorite.

    It’s just so sultry and delicious and mysterious.
    It makes me grin from ear-to-ear.

  124. butter & eggs

    “Sex-Eye-Makeup” is, hands down, my favorite.

    It’s just so sultry and delicious and mysterious.
    It makes me grin from ear-to-ear.

  125. “Like an Animal” because Landray’s voice is so good on that one.

  126. a blues in drag – with RS vocals, heard it again last december, such a perfect christmas song, peace of mind and heartwarming while snowflakes dancing in line with the piano tunes in front of a grey sky.
    size M pls.

  127. Luisana Luna

    Like An Animal, it’s just so special to me. It’s the first song of The Glove I ever heard “hide her heart and lose her happy head” size men’s Medium

  128. “Punish me with kisses”! Pure psychedelia!

  129. Lonnie Mason

    Punish Me With Kisses

    That classic bass sound, the ringing guitar…it’s just an instant “stuck in my head” song that you aren’t in a hurry to fade out.

  130. Mouth to Mouth.

    The lyrics just get to me, through and through! Hard to pick faves with anything Robert Smith has been involved with though.

    Size L please :)

  131. Panish Me With Kisses
    I like to be panished like that!

    XL pleaase!!!

  132. This Green City. Having just finished five days of flu, I can only say that the song is still relevant thirty-some years later.

  133. My favorita song is “LIKE AN ANIMAL”… COMO UN ANIMAL…
    :) :)}GOOD LUCK!

  134. punish me with kisses is my favorite track. i used to like it simply because of the title but it grew on me fully because i listened to it non-stop when i was 18. honestly, i adore the whole album but since i have to choose, that’s what i’ll go with.

  135. Mr. Alphabet Says. It’s an interesting juxtaposition from typical Cure songs at the time, with Smith giving a very playful vocal performance, and Sevrin allowing for his Beatles obsession to really Shine through.

  136. “Like An Animal”. Why? Because I remember discovering it after its first re-issue, and my girlfriend and I just blown away by this “lost gem”.

  137. Jens Freibert

    “hide her heart and lose her happy head”
    Reminds me of wanting to be a AXOLOTL: then I would have the ability to regenerate all my limbs and losing my head is no problem anymore.
    Ambystoma Mexicanum XXL please

  138. XL
    Mr Alphabet Says, as it was the first song I ever heard of theirs, courtesy of a dj friend who made me a killer mixtape back in the day.

  139. “A Blue in Drag” is my favourite song of the album. It’s very sweet and melodic but with some character to it that sets it apart. Coming right after “Mr. Alphabet Says,” it’s a great turning piece in the album.

  140. Mr Alphabet says. It could be a b side of the lovecats and meet mister pink eyes :-)

  141. A Blues in Drag, for its simple, intense and beautiful pop melancholy, the kind of music we would find in the following Cure records.

  142. mark souce

    A blues in Drag is my favorite song off The Glove me and my friend met Steve Severin in 2010 on his blood of a poet tour.

  143. Daniel Silva

    It’s like an acid trip, somewhere in Japan.

  144. “Perfect Murder! Because ist just perfect and Robert Smith

    shirt in XXL pls

  145. Emiliano Conill

    Relax: that japanese speech will be the loop in my burial… (XXL, please) Long life for Robert and Steve!

  146. Punish me with kisses, because it is a day dream swirling around your ear drums and inside your head, a dream but on the outside ……bliss.

  147. Eric Greene

    Punish Me With Kisses! I love the female vocals — very Nico’ish!

  148. François Nègre

    Mr Alphabet says. I was thrown into the dictionary looking for words to define this song and the one I found was “unique”. As a quintessential pre-Divine Comedy experience, the way the cello makes its way into our brain cells before and after they are bombshelled by Robert’s voice makes this song the most peaceful nuclear device ever.
    I like SMALL t-shirts ! Thanks

  149. peter vandeneng

    like an animal!
    always loved to watch people try to figure out how to dance to it.

  150. Joe Gonell

    I have owned this CD since 1993 and always “Like An Animal” had been my favorite until recent years that I started to listen to the whole CD in my again and “Mouth To Mouth” became my new favorite. I think the arrangement of this song is executed perfectly and that distinctive guitar riff by Robert Smith is fantastic.

  151. Greg Jones

    The vocals at the beginning sound like they should be part of the soundtrack to the C64 Video Game “Bruce Lee.”

    Well-placed samples.
    Dripping soundscape loops
    Meandering melody.
    Bassline is very “Seventeen Seconds”


  152. “Perfect Murder”, the lyrics is great! my favorite song.

    Please, t-shirt in M

  153. Punish me with kisses💋💋💋 Robert’s version

  154. Annalee Hardison

    “Mouth to Mouth” (with the Landray vocals)
    This song has ALWAYS been my favorite, although it is hard to pick one out of such a gorgeous selection. I have always loved this song b/c it’s so perfectly layered, melodic and the lyrics are sexy and beautiful. I have danced around the house many times to this tune cranked at full volume ever since I was 18 years old. I am now 41.

  155. karen hekman

    Mr. Alphabet Says.
    Large :)

  156. “Relax”
    Although The Glove unfortunally made only one album, to me, this song stands for the ultimate typically hallucinating Glovesound!

  157. Jorg Dahmen

    Perfect Murder

    because it is so laid back and has excellent lyrics.

  158. Mr Alphabet Says, because The Top is brilliant and this is one of its lost children.

    L Please

  159. Diana Ramirez

    Punish Me With Kisses.
    It’s like a dream turned nightmare turned dream. A strange tune with great melody.

  160. Mr Alphabet Says, because it was the first song ive heard of blue sunshine, and brings good memories

  161. Mr Alphabet Says
    …dont be afraid
    Theres no marmalade…
    Outstanding lyric
    Size S (for my son)

  162. Like An Animal with Jeanette Landray on vocals because the instrumentation sounds like In between Days with Peter Hook on bass ready for a manic club night.

  163. Mouth to mouth – because i like your tongue !

  164. Perfect Murder! Does it even need a reason? Great vocals from Robert

  165. Personally, my favorite parts of Blue Sunshine is all of the little short incidentals between songs. Brings the whole album together for me. Little details is what makes something superb.

  166. “Mouth to Mouth” because it sounds like the artwork on the cover of the album.

  167. Greg Fasolino

    My favorite track by far is “Mouth to Mouth,” originally a B-side but added to the reissue versions. So hypnotic and disturbing that my band was compelled to release a cover of it:

  168. Robert McKinney

    Song – Like An Animal

    Reason – Those swirling keyboards & that incredible bass line.

    Size – Medium

  169. Perfect Murder

    Robert wrote and sang and works for me.

  170. jesse l mabus

    A Blues in Drag – for it’s russian radio samples and an overall amazing experimental instrumental. like a great cure b-side.
    size: small

  171. Well of course it’s “Like an Animal” for it’s waterfalling caterwauling

  172. Like an animal.

    Love the album because it’s a unique twist on the cure/banshees sound.

  173. Michael Tate

    Song – Like An Animal
    Reason – It’s the catchiest song on the album!
    Size – XXL

  174. This Green City
    I love how orchestral this song is. I’m always so excited when I hear it start. I remember being so happy as a teenager when I found a copy on vinyl on a school trip to London.

  175. Mr. Alphabet Says, initially because it sounded like a Cure outtake to me & now because it reminds me of the good bits of 9th grade…


  176. Mark Rainbow

    This Green City

    It has a driving psychedelic energy, held together with a typical Severin bassline then Smith lets loose with his guitar.

    Size – XL please

  177. Albert Cunningham

    Punish Me With Kisses

  178. Roy Opochinski

    Like An Animal. It introduced me to The Glove and is a perfect perfect pop song.

  179. Punish me with kisses . It sounds like my kind of punishment .

  180. This Green City – A wonderful pop tune.

  181. SlopeRocker

    “Mouth to Mouth” Why? Sounds the most like The Cure meets the Banshees. Plus, that woman who’ “singing” ruins the other songs isn’t on it! Size L.

  182. Dexter Collins

    Sex Eye Make Up

    I want to learn the bass just so I can play that bass line!

    Size S please!

  183. Perfect Murder. Why? It’s trippy what’s better than trippy AND Robert Smith??! xxl

  184. Brian Mullen

    “Mr. Alphabet Says” XL please. Thanks

  185. Mr Alphabet says! because the melody is so fine! despite the fact that Robert Smith was in The Glove, the project obviously differs from The Cure, Robert and Steve did a great job. :) the song has nice lyrics and the sound is fantastic! size XL

  186. Diego Terrazas Rodríguez

    Definately “Mouth To Mouth”. Too much sensuality in the lyrics, and the synth creates an aura to guide you to somewhere very calm. The guitar part is simple but it works very well. And Jeanette Landray makes a good job singing it. YUP!

  187. steve torch

    perfect murder .. Dracula kites ! ? :)

  188. SrTapeworm

    “Like an Animal” Perfect pop with trippy lyrics, “Tuesday in the sun, nothing could be worse”. Size XL.

  189. Perfect Muder. A touch of real class from Robert and Severin amongst some delightful psychedelic nonsense.

    Size Medium please!

  190. Dennis Grisez

    Mr. Alphabet! Was like a soundtrack for my life.

  191. Giedrius Stankevicius

    Punish Me With Kisses – perfectly reflects early 80’s. Could easily be voted as an anthem of New Wave.
    XL please and thanks!

  192. Charity Chars

    My favorite song is ‘Sex-Eye-Makeup’. Because it’s such a sexy, groovy song *as is the entirety of the album really*. Also the lyrics are lush, especially the line “I think that I’m jazzy like Christ”… which is a simile that should be used more in conversation, in my opinion. Jeanette Landray does wonderful at vocals as on most of the album, but of course I have a hairspray boner for the version with Robert’s vocals.
    I wear an XS or S

  193. Perfect Murder. As much as Jeanette’s vocal grew on me, I would more often fast forward to Perfect Murder and Mr. Alphabet says when playing this (had the early 90’s reissue cassette).

  194. Sex eye make up. It’s just so bleak and haunting to me.

  195. A blues in drag

    I love the performance of it in the siouxsie and the banshees play at home special, perfect mood for the visuals

  196. Punish Me With Kisses. It’s swooningly romantical.

  197. Perfect Murder!! I love Robert’s voice and it is so fun and quirky. But honestly I love all of The Glove’s songs!!
    Shirt size Small if it’s in men’s sizing

  198. Mr. Alphabet Says, because everything Robert Smith sang was my favorite!

  199. Mr. Alphabet Says, because everything Robert Smith sang was my favorite!

  200. ruben francisco miranda

    Like an animal, it reminds me of an ex… that was a snake.
    M, thanks.

  201. Perfect Murder! Robert’s voice melts me. When he holds his notes, like on “kite” and “ice”, it cuts me deep for some reason. It trips me out when I’m tense and uptight. It unwinds me in such a peculiar way, oh that mad man.

  202. Ohhh, that’s a hard one! I love Sex-Eye-Make-Up, flow of the lyrics with the beat. Plus the lyrics,
    “I think that I’m jazzy like christ” is pretty amazing. Size small please. ^v^ ^v^ ^v^

  203. Lock A Mum

    A Perfect Murder is my favorite. The howls and their echoes are probably my favorite part. I need this shirt.

  204. Jim McCabe

    Punish me with Kisses. The guitars are very ethereal. XXL for me, please!

  205. Nicklas Gahnström

    Perfect Murder. Because it reminds me of that summer when I was 17, larger than life, but still fits like a glove

  206. Orgy. This song, more than any other, was the bridge between Pornography and The Top.

  207. Mikal Wentz

    Like an Animal well because it’s Bob!

  208. “RELAX”.
    I know it’s not a traditional pick, but it’s meaningful to me because they used it as the intro-music as the band walked onto stage on The Kissing Tour (1987) in Toronto. It was my first time seeing the band and hearing “Relax” in that context really took it up several notches!!
    Size XL, pls’n’thx! :D

  209. Mr. Alphabet Says! It’s hard to pick because every song is great! XXL shirts f possible please. Thank you!

  210. Claire Abernathy

    Blues in Drag-I just get swept away in a once forgotten dreamy, melancholy memory.

  211. Perfect Murder

    They just kill it!

  212. Abner Devereaux

    Mr. Alphabet Says. Buffalo Bob Smith & Steve Severerin. Reminds me of their brief time in The Banshees together ! XXL I’m a WHOLE lotta luvvin’ !! :P

  213. elizabeth

    “Sex Eye Make Up” because I love the marimba & guitar sounds.

  214. Punish me with kisses

    That’s because you can sing it on every single night to your beloved one, said that, you’ll approach heaven a bit closer…….. from bed.

  215. Doug Metherell

    This Green City
    …but how do you pick just one song from such a phenomanal album?

  216. a blues in drag
    I too listened to the song over and over (as well as the entire album) while studying in college. I liked the song for its mix of happy and sad and felt it reminded me of tears falling into water.

  217. Like An Animal, it’s just such a great album opener. The whole release was pretty brave for Robert and it added to why he was so creatively on fire at this point in his career!

  218. Mr. Alphabet Says, because its melodic piano and lyrics, makes me think the song is about and being sung by carnival ring leader on acid…

  219. Mr. Alphabet Says

    An amazing Robert Smith vocal and such a great track! Size: Small

  220. Perfect murder. Was the first song I ever heard off the album. It was on cbc radio – brave new waves. I had no idea what it was, all I knew was it was Robert smith.

  221. Gotta go with ‘Mr. Alphabet says’…this is the one that grabs ya from the first listen and has everything you’d what in a crazy Robert spin-off…the piano haunts like a demented Sesame Street clip come to life…I’m so glad a video was never made for this one because the imagery that usually accompanies it is so bizarre it could never bet matched! …a great album as a whole though, and REALLY love the bonus versions that finally got released aroudn 2006.

  222. CJ Keough

    Mr. Alphabet Says….Because its a great song and also because Robert references “treacle”….probably the first time that was ever used in a song!

  223. Iceblink Luck

    Mouth to Mouth. Of all the Glove songs, it is the most perfect marriage of the Cure and the Banshees. And as with both of those bands, some of the best songs were reserved for the single b-sides.

  224. A Blues In Drag. It’s dreamy and beautiful and sad.

  225. Wendy Sowa

    Sex-Eye-Make-Up! Close second would be Looking Glass Girl! Because SMITH or SEVERIN is too hard and together too awesome! <3

  226. Orgy – off the album it is Brilliant
    off disc 2- rarities – And all around us the mermaids sang – perfect

  227. All the Robert Smith sung demos from the 2 disc reissue were great…but I have to go with Mouth to Mouth. A hidden classic. Andi Blacksugar did a great cover of it that reignited my love for this classic album.

  228. Mouth to Mouth

  229. SonnyBonoWigDo

    Looking Glass Girl. That song and whole album remind me of my first big love and bigger heartbreak. We both met and bonded because of The Cure and when we first started talking one of us brought up The Glove and we both were so excited that someone else had heard of them. Nearly 20 years later, I can’t hear Looking Glass Girl without thinking of her.

  230. Mr. Alphabet Says. It lets my mind wander where it’s normally not supposed to go. xl

  231. Robbie Austin

    Perfect Murder is simply hypnotic.

  232. mr. alphabet says. it’s psychotic! robert on acid is my favorite robert, really. large please?

  233. PERFECT MURDER – Because Robert’s voice and those lyrics are magnificent. It’s so sharp and clear and perfect like cut glass. I love everything about it. The music is right, the words are right – and Robert’s singing is AMAZING.

  234. Looking Glass. Still listen to it on cassette as it should be.

  235. Perfect Murder. It could have been and should have been a Cure song. When the remaster came out with Robert’s new vocal, it was even more…. perfect.

  236. Clarissa Serna

    “Looking Glass Girl” for sure. I love the entire album, but the summer I found it was one when my depression was very bad. I spent a lot of time in my head and when I listened to this song I felt a bit better. I really identified; I was a looking glass girl and Jeanette’s voice was so beautiful it sent me to a magical place where I found peace for four minutes. That’s why it’s my favorite.
    *size Large*

  237. Mark Sanford

    “A Blues In Drag” – Because it makes me feel sensuous and relaxed.

  238. Punish me with kisses!
    Cause it takes me back to a beautiful place…

  239. Oh, size medium please!

  240. john gallo

    sex-eye-make-up….does one really have to explain why? Just listen…enough said…..XL please.

  241. Relax

    A long trip without drugs


    This track will be on repeat at my funeral, turned up to 11. I will also be buried wearing my victorious Glove t-shirt.
    Don’t overthink it, but I speak the truth!

  243. Whoops… XL!

  244. This Green City. My favorite track since I was a lil boy written by Severin

  245. Julia Ramirez

    Mouth to Mouth

    Because it’s an awesome song & the beat is like no other. Definitely ahead of their time with the sounds & best of all the lyrics

    Size Large please

  246. Perfect Murder.

    Hypnotic. Groovy. Timeless.

  247. Mr Alphabet Says because Give me all your money. And also it’s a dreamy song. Shirts in medium please!!

  248. Rob Dixie

    Mouth to mouth, I love the lyrics, but so hard to choose one track from one of the best albums of all time! My size Large please!

  249. I love “Mouth to Mouth”! The lyrics really capture what falling in love is like and how stressful it can be to tell someone you love them without it sounding the same way it has for centuries! From the dreamy sounds of Robert Smith’s guitar to the very lush sound of Landray’s vocals…. This album has been a favorite for a long time!

    p.s. I would love a Large if you are so kind as to choose me :3

  250. My favorite song from “Blue Sunshine” is “Looking Glass Girl”.
    I feel very nostalgic when I listen to it, it’s dreamy and it has a beautiful melody.

    (Size S please!)

  251. Dennis Salzman

    Perfect Murder, Anything Robert Smith touches turns to Gold!

  252. Just one song?! Okay then, if you must make this so very difficult…

    “Relax” has it for me. That’s the one song. The instrumentation is hypnotic, the static laced whispers are haunting, it has the seductive intrigue of “Mouth to Mouth” with a touch of the mellow that “A Blues In Drag” offers (even if it does feel a bit more manic toward the end). I also love that it feels like a perfect blend of musical genetics between Severin and Smith.

  253. Brittney West

    Looking Glass Girl–It’s so otherworldly, it feels like it could have easily belonged in Jan Svankmajer’s film Alice. It’s a perfect, magical song!

    Oh, and size small, please! <3

  254. Craig Haggar

    Relax – love the way it starts off slowly and builds into a fantastic crescendo

  255. Mr. Alphabet Says because it s a perfect smith songs

  256. I have been obsessed with Mouth to Mouth since I was a teen. Although most people like the Robert Smith vocals version better, I prefer Jeanette’s version. Such a mystery that lady, she recorded this fantastic album and disappeared. I guess it adds even more magic to it.

  257. Catherine

    Do I have to pick one?! A Perfect Murder For all the meeker sleeker circle girls! (pick me!)

  258. Dena Griffin-Whitehead

    “Mr. Alphabet Says”!

  259. Terry Dean

    a blues in drag. gorgeous melancholy and hope at the same time. brilliant album. still sounds current. (bonus lost cure album with the RS demo vocals)
    Medium :)

  260. Mr. Alphabet Says – i just love the way Robert Smith is singing, and all the composition of the whole song. Thank you!

  261. Relax. Just takes me back to being 16 and my first boyfriend had this album which we played to death. Hard to pick just one song as the whole album is great.



  263. Oh please let it be me

  264. My favourite song is “Punish Me with Kisses”. Dreamy and soft but…majestic: simply perfect!

  265. “Mouth to Mouth” Is catchy, is beauty, is an awesome track!!!!

  266. THIS GREEN CITY. As a The Cure fan, obviously I use to listen the 2 songs sung by Robert, but this song is really amazing… after this “psychedelic” intro, we have an “almost” perfect pop song. It sounds like a typical The Cure B-side.

  267. Punish me with kisses.
    Fell in love with this song when first heard it made me buy the vinyl. All them years ago!!

  268. Like An Animal – the first, the best!

  269. Stefan Bazan

    “When the Blue Meanie Army began its assault on Pepperland, they did not count on Old Fed escaping. The Chief Blue Meanie calls on The Dreadful Flying Glove to stop him. However, he is ineffective and manages to get trapped under one of Pepperland’s monuments”. Then PERFECT MURDER would be my choice of best song on this album. And my size is M… like murder !

  270. Punish me with kisses

  271. Chris Blair

    This Green City
    Beautiful swirling sound sculpture with fantastic guitar work.
    Love it!

  272. Like An Animal – the guitar work and the lyrics nail the Glove perfectly and succinctly.

  273. Bethanie Edmondson

    “Punish me with Kisses” it was always my favorite as a kid! Medium

  274. Åke Tireland

    Must say I really like the suggestive Relax with a hint of the orient, have always done so!

  275. Sex Eye Make Up
    Because of the lyrics
    Size S

  276. A Blues In Drag

    one of my favourite instrumentals ever, it used to be the main theme of my old radio show.

  277. like an animal

    I had just bought the album, pressed the button ‘play’, and as soon as the drums rolled in, it made me jump around like mad and i knew i was in for a good 45 minutes of exciting music. How right i was, and from the second track to the bonus extended remix one, it was from one surprise to another, and with quality and power and inventivity too. But ‘like an animal’ got it all straight away in a ‘bang’.

  278. John Peterson

    Mr. Alphabet Says

    It’s quirky and fun and seems to reflect the mood of the recording sessions.

  279. Aaron Johnson

    Although not technically an album track (even though it’s been on the re-issues) hands down my favorite Glove song is “Mouth to Mouth.” At once melancholy and terribly romantic. Perfection!


  280. Toni Gonzalez

    Relax – this song fascinates me, is my favorite song of whole album. Whenever I hear the gradual upward trend and transported me to an unknown surreal dimension!

    Size S or M Thanks!! ;)

  281. Like an animal…..Fat Bob forever! Team-Rocket blasting off!!!

  282. Mr. Alphabet Says .. due to Robert’s vocals .. of course with the remaster’s bonus tracks, I now love it ALL !!! :D

  283. ‘Punish Me With Kisses’ – because the whole masochistic idea of being punished with kisses is ‘just like a dream’, but the lyrics also add value w.r.t. a charged relationship, not just in the literal, first hand meaning, but also the more ‘global’ reality-check meaning which, when compared to what RS & S were ‘experiencing’ at the time, makes the whole sense of it all that much more pertinent. Very clever song indeed!

    XL please

  284. Perfect Murder…love Robert’s vocals on this one as well as the atmospheric music.

  285. Sex eye make-up!
    Medium please!

  286. Andrew D.

    Looking Glass Girl – I think that this song clearly displays Robert Smith’s song writing skills to best on this album. The textures throughout the song and depth of instruments used really show where Robert Smith was going with his music. There are elements of “Plainsong” emerging with the chimes and the heavy synths. This song, to me, is the hint of “Disintegration”emerging. The greatest record of all time.

  287. Definitely A Blues in Drag. It’s so beautiful and reminiscent of Cocteau Twins music minus Elizabeth. Large please.

  288. stefan spickermann

    this green city

    because its the perfect headphone song to be out on the streets

    size s or m please

  289. “Mouth to Mouth” Just finished listening to it. The Keyboards and Guitar rhythm just remind me why I love the Cure’s sound so much.

  290. Perfect Murder … for reasons I’d rather not share!!

    Medium please!

  291. A Blues In Drag (Alt RS Vocal). Creating something that is one of kind; especially during the unusual time period of Siouxsie and the Banshee, and The Cure.

  292. Nima Behforouz


    This song is great, formally and lyric wise, ambiguous and dark it represents the whole album’s concept. For me it also has a cinematic sense as an avant-garde or experimental piece, you can imagine the pictures in your head, different by every listen. You can’t forget a song which begins with these lines: “A disease is under my fingernails…”


  293. Mr Alphabet Says! Intro is different, what comes next is so unexpected!

  294. Perfect murder

    That RS voice… and the xylophone…

    Large please.

  295. Mouth to Mouth, cosmic, haunting & endearing.

  296. Perfect Murder

    Robert Smith’s voice and the music arrangements.

    Medium please!

  297. A Perfect Murder

    It’s just a beautiful song! Love the whole album though.


  298. steve torch

    looking glass girl
    dreamy trippy gorgeous

  299. Fernando Santos Motta

    I ♥ it! It makes me close my eues and make a trip to my past, it makes me move inside my daydream like fingers in a glove, like an animal, like a looking-glass girl, like a man from nowhere…
    I need a XXL size – maybe larger, if you have it!

  300. DemiCercle

    Mr. Alphabet Says
    Because Mr. Smith sings !

    Size : L, please !

  301. This Green City – Fantastic!
    XXL please.

  302. “The Man from Nowhere” is a double-time rhythm guitar driven instrumental that could serve as a film theme song for for some bizarre spy or superhero.

  303. Punish Me With Kisses

    It always reminds me of a certain girl-friend from college who had it on a mixtape. Size L.

  304. ORGY! It’s so trippy and reminds me of Caligula!! XL!

  305. my favorite track of ‘The Glove’ album is ‘A Blues In Drag’ because it’s a fantastic instrumental; I can’t want until the next 2 Glove albums!!

  306. Martin Castro

    For it’s comical/sarcastic lyrics, its toy like piano, its pounding sexy beat, it’s powerful sway and for it’s drug induced inspiration I choose ‘Mr. Alphabet Says’.

  307. Jesse Dorris

    “This Green City” is the best, because the synth sounds on it are the best. Size L, please.

  308. Blues in drag – Large please

    Great vibe. Could easily have fitted on The Top album. Great dreamy sound.

  309. Cody Alder

    Song: “Mouth to Mouth”

    Why: Great, classic Robert Smith guitar line, great main synth melody and that weird underwater sounding loop in the background. I think it’s the single best song The Glove released.

    T-shirt size: L


  310. New to me, this album!
    Listening to it now … like an animal is catchy!
    Great tunes!

    Size would be XL.

  311. Mr. Alphabet Says – Echoing the sentiment that it could be a great lost Cure track…It would have it perfectly on “The Top”!!! [XL, please!]

  312. Mr alphabet says. Classic Robert Smith lyrics!

  313. Punish Me With Kisses because it’s perfect!

    Size small

  314. Kevin Erwin

    Sex-Eye-Make Up. Perfect Siouxsie/Cure mix. Always takes me back to High School….

  315. a blues in grag

    porque es una buena rola tiene un sentimiento que solo te saca robert y steven :3

  316. Miss Frotrap

    “Punish Me with Kisses” because it’s got some great, evocative lyrics, and is the perfect blend of Severin and Smith’s talents as songwriters.

    Size medium, please.

  317. José Manuel Trujillo Lara

    My favourite song from Blue Sunshine is “A blues in drag”. It brings me good memories from my teenage years.

    XL please.

  318. Have to go with Mr. Alphabet – Mr. Smith’s vocals. Like many others- this sent me back to listen to whole thing for the first time in years- so great!
    Size L please!

  319. Sex eye make up.
    Size L

  320. Victor Alarcon

    I love “Orgy” because it takes me to that last scene from “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, it’s just sublime…
    But I remember that one day when my ex-gf and I argued and she was waiting for the train to come, and when I got to where she was my mp3 played “Punish me with kisses”… I kept staring at her and she was staring at me as the song began and kept going; I began to cry, I was so moved like never before, and each time I listen to that song it reminds me of that ‘magic’ moment.

    —Size S— Wonder if you ship to Mexico?

  321. I like Mr. Alphabet Says, it’s a great song. I like how it’s kind of a weird mix and also I mainly like it because Robert is singing lead vocals on it.

  322. My Favorite is Mouth to Mouth.

    it has anything in it – despair, lust, hallucinations – typical Robert smith 83′ model kind of lyrics – from a woman’s view.

  323. Mouth to Mouth – should have been a single; great memories of listening to John Peel raving about the album.

    XL please

  324. A blues in drag, it’s like a theme from a dream. Large thx

  325. Jon Jacques

    Difficult and interesting challenge since I’ve loved this album since I got back in 1983 when I was just 16 and grown to love it more and more with each listen.

    On balance it’s ‘Perfect Murder’ as the production is so unlike anything else that Robert Smith has ever recorded or sung on – so dreamy, so sexy and so downright trippy.

  326. Jon Jacques

    PS XL shirt please!

  327. David Camilleri

    Hard choice, however “A Blues in Drag” is my favourite. Such beautiful melancholy, which has such a pensive effect on me. Amazing things are created when two powerful forces come together. Truly a supergroup!

  328. David Camilleri

    Hard choice, however “A Blues in Drag” is my favourite. Such beautiful melancholy, which has such a pensive effect on me. Amazing things are created when two powerful forces come together. Truly a supergroup!

    Medium please.

  329. Blues In Drag is beautiful. The LP was such an underground treat back in the day. Love the track Like An Animal and had to pick up the 12″ too. Still have my vinyl, but also purchased the re-issues on CD. Would love a t-shirt as well, so I’m down with an XL if that’s in the cards. Thanks for the contest!

  330. Punish Me With Kisses. Swoon-y pop perfection. M.

  331. Mr. Alphabet Says–it’s abecedarious!

  332. Ian Christensen

    Sex Eye Makeup.
    The guitar sound is mad.

  333. This green city – because of the superb chorus… I would love to dance to that song in an XL glove shirt :)


  334. Syd Thomas

    A Blues in drag is such a beautiful song but Perfect Murder is also a dreamy song reminiscent of many Cure songs…hard to choose!

    Size L, if I win please.

  335. Hard to pin down just one, it’s one of the few albums that is pure dynamite from start to finish. But I suppose I would have to single out “This Green City” as my favorite. XL

  336. Like an Animal

    It’s just crazy, violent, drug-induced awesomeness!

  337. like an animal. awesome bass line & always liked the line – let the dry air cut her happy throat, Hide her heart and lose her happy head

  338. Frank Anderson

    “Orgy” — goth meets a snaky, Middle Eastern hook!

  339. Tightrope because it’s creep as hell!

  340. sorry, creepy!

  341. A Blues In Drag, because it’s just extraordinarily beautiful… M, please!

  342. Orgy

    because it’s Orgy.

  343. Keith Fracassa

    Like an Animal (Club? What Club) That giddy carousel intro announces you’re in for something weird but cool. It’s long enough to build a steady euphoria on the dancefloor, and that bassline? Reminds me of Peter Hook, and I’m always a sucker for that!

  344. Jim Turoczy

    Perfect Murder because of the way the song flows with the synths adding a pulse

  345. Mr. Alphabet Says. Robert Smith and Steven Severin doing psychedelic pop. It is both catchy and not remotely radio friendly!

  346. punish me with kisses – simply beautiful. :)
    xl please (for my boyfriend)

  347. Are you people kidding? This album was awful.

  348. Like an Animal for brilliant guitars.

  349. Mr. Alphabet Says – it was the one that came right to my mind when I read the question. L please.

  350. It’s not so much about one particular song, it’s that Smith had the audacity to step back in his prime and reinvent himself. I prefer one LARGE and one MEDIUM.

  351. Mr. Alphabet Says. Why? Cuz it just really good. XXL please – I’m phat.

  352. Mouth To Mouth

    XXL, please.

  353. Sex–Eye–Make–Up

    Reminds me of long nights of rough sex and cocaine with my future wife.

  354. Mr Alphabet Says. It’s got a great RS vocal and his lyrics at his weirdest. Large.

  355. “Sex-Eye-Make-Up” being that it was the first Glove song I heard you play & talk about a reunion that NEEDS to happen!!!! COME ON!!!!

  356. A Blues In Drag. A beautiful song that just reminds me of my teenage years! I told my wife I want this song played at my funeral.


    Mr. Alphabet Says – I wouldn’t even dream of it!

    Size S please.

  358. “Sex-Eye-Make-Up”

    Swirling guitars, sensual vocals and gorgeous lyrics.

  359. Mr. Alphabet says, because of the weird lyrics!

  360. “Like an Animal.” The Glove beats Cult Hero in terms of Smith side projects. XL.

  361. Kevin previtali

    Mr Alphabet Says
    Qwirky Robert Smith
    Size LG

  362. My favourite song on the album is Relax. It’s the soundtrack to a rhythmic madness.

  363. i less than symbol three the glove … like an animal = pure pop fun …

  364. This Green City

    After starting with a primitive electronic sounding loop the cool wash of synths pounce in, allowing Jeanette Landray’s vocals to levitate above. Then the melody bends with dissonant whistle synths creating an incision, giving way to a proto-shoegaze wash of guitar- thrashing like a bucking horse. The horse is tamed and brought into the mix, and once Landray’s vocals conclude the horse is set free to ran proudly lead the song to its natural close.

    Size Medium please.

  365. “Like An Animal” because it makes me feel good :)

  366. perfect murder

    i love robert’s voice on this song and also all the swirling stereo panning sounds

    i always put the lp on and use this song to test out new turntables, speakers, etc

  367. My favorite song on Blue Sunshine is “Sex-Eye-Make-Up”; the beat, the dizzy atmosphere, Jeanette Landray’s voice, all of those things is what I think makes the song great.

    Size Medium, please.

  368. Austin Brown

    Looking Glass Girl.

    A beautiful, yet subverted take on an Alice in Wonderland fantasy, done in true Cure/Banshees style.

    Medium size thanks!

  369. “Mouth To Mouth” because I HEART THE GLOVE (M)

  370. My favorite track from Blue Sunshine is most certainly “Orgy”. I love the eccentric, primitive atmosphere it conjures. Jeanette Landray’s voice takes the track further down the carnival portal named “sounds cure like… but it’s something entirely else”.

  371. Jason Adkins

    Mouth to Mouth… Haunting music, just a great song. Very cool on the re-issue with Robert on vocals as well. XL please…

  372. (Medium)

    I would have previously picked a Robert-sung-song, but over time I’ve really gained an appreciation for Jeanette’s vocals and would probably, of late, pick “Punish Me With Kisses” as it feels like the solid middle ground between Banshees and The Cure, which is exactly what one would hope from a project like this.

  373. A Blues In Drag, because its the most beautiful. Large please.

  374. ‘A Blues In Drag’

    Because it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. And it reminds me of my life in my early 20’s, which was a great time.

    XL, please.

  375. Orgy, without a doubt. When people ask what The Glove sound like, I play them this song.

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