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Stream: The Mission’s Wayne Hussey covers George Michael smash ‘Careless Whisper’

Wayne Hussey

On May 5, Wayne Hussey, frontman of The Mission, will release a 2DVD/1CD set Songs of Candlelight & Razorblades Live that chronicles his tour last year in support of his latest solo effort, and he’s teasing the upcoming project with a live stream of one of its tracks: a live cover of George Michael’s 1984 debut solo single, “Careless Whisper.”

You can stream that below — and no, it does not include the original’s signature cheese-dripping sax riff — and read more about, and pre-order, the live DVD/CD set over here.





  1. 120seconds

    Got(h) Wham? More cowbell please and may I suggest “Jitterbug” next time?

  2. Jeff Hitz

    You’re thinking of “Wake Me Up Before You Go(th) Go(th).

  3. I didn’t think this song could be any worse.


    Suggestion, Wayne: The Great American/English songbook does not include Wham. Also, fella, you can’t–not really–sing. No voice, no soul, no range or color. Play with a band. A loud one.

    • A certain Andrew E. (with whom Wayne played in some band in the mid-eighties…) once said after confessing owning Careless Whispers by George Michael (I’m quoting from an interview I read in the early 90’s, so my apologies if I’m misquoting): “When a song is that good, you have to own the artefact”.
      So honestly, who cares what The Great American/English songbook features? ;-)

  4. Chronic Mumblings

    I wish I could’ve heard Peter Murphy belt out ‘Purple Rain’ at First Avenue back in ’92 or so.

    I hope Peter Murphy’s rumored performance was as great as I imagine it to be; unfortunately, I suspect it was more like this.

  5. He makes it sound like just another Mission song. They kind of all sound the same to me.

  6. 1 April 2015 – was this a joke?

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