Tour Dates — February 22, 2017 at 9:42 pm

Depeche Mode asks fans to get in line for upcoming North American tour presale

Depeche Mode is getting ready to unveil North American tour dates in support of the band’s upcoming 14th studio album, Spirit,  and they’re asking fans to reserve “a spot in line” for an upcoming ticket presale — then work to help promote the band in order to move up in line.

Fans are invited to drop by and select a city where they’d like to see Depeche Mode. Once fans are registered — those who do so via their Facebook accounts apparently get better spots in line — they’ll be alerted to the tour dates when they’re announced, and “we’ll send over your current ranking for the closest city to your preference.”

Here’s the catch: Your rank depends on how much you help Depeche Mode’s album sales and tour promotion. Namely, pre-ordering Spirit once you land that spot in line “will move you up the most,” according to the band’s website. Fans also are provided personal links to the presale page, and “each friend who registers through your personal link will give you an additional boost.”

And if you end up at the front of the line for your city of choice, the band promises, you’ll be invited to meet Depeche Mode before the show.

The presale website was overwhelmed by fans and went down earlier today, but is working now.

Here’s where to sign up:





  1. That’s either brilliant or evil. Maybe both.

  2. DM are the soundtrack to my life. Here’s hoping they come to Denver this tour. Red Rocks seems so long ago!

  3. Wayne (dj Devil On Ice) Polkey

    We sure love ya’ll in New Orleans! Hope we get this gift from you!

  4. This marketing exercise violates three or four US laws. The DM facebook page has a post that goes into all the detail.

  5. Facebook. Oh well. GG.

  6. LA … all the way!!

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