Film — March 11, 2017 at 3:06 pm

Petition launched to convince BBC to air new XTC documentary ‘This Is Pop’

An XTC fan in the U.K. has launched a petition to convince the BBC to air a new documentary about the band called “This Is Pop” following reports the British television broadcaster has passed on showing Special Treats Productions’ film.

By Saturday afternoon, the petition had collected more than 1,600 digital signatures.

Last weekend, a 6-minute, 20-second trailer for the film — featuring archival footage of the band and much screen time by frontman Andy Partridge — made its way online, but was removed from YouTube later this past week. It can, however, be seen once again at British digital publisher C21Media’s site.

It’s not clear whether the BBC or Special Treats have said anything publicly about the documentary not being shown, but Partridge has, tweeting that he’d heard “BBC aren’t interested in showing it.”



Sign the petition at — and watch the “This Is Pop” trailer over here.





  1. Scott D. Briggs

    I just signed it. I wrote that I’ve been a serious XTC fan since around 1982 when first hearing them on WLIR FM LI NY, college radio, and MTV airplay of their earliest videos. Still a massive fan to this day. Can’t wait to see the documentary in any way I can! I can’t imagine why the BBC wouldn’t go for it, and anyway, XTC are far more well-known even in the USA, than many bands they’ve already featured, so I’m scratching my head, that’s for sure.

  2. Dale Fairbrass

    I have been a big XTC fan. They have never had the recognition they deserve….
    Seems nothing has changed…
    Sad really. So many people would enjoy there music if they took the time to listen…

  3. If someone with the rights to it wants to contact me, happy to put the audio out on East London Radio, Sorry we don’t do pictures, but your mind can always do that. Good luck

  4. Warren Butson

    Surely this can go to fan funded video or another channel why does the BEEB have to show it?

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