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Vintage Video: Minutemen throw down 37 songs in 73 minutes at this 1985 show

This week’s installment of Vintage Video delivers some real bang for the buck: It’s a 37-song, 73-minute set by the Minutemen filmed at a San Francisco club in May 1985, about seven months before the tragic death of frontman D. Boon in an automobile crash.

Watch the legendary punk trio below in all their glory, via uploader KILLTHATCATarchives.



Setlist: Minutemen, The Stone, San Francisco, CA, 5/13/85

1. “The World According to Nouns”
2. “Anxious Mo-Fo”
3. “Toadies”
4. “The Big Foist”
5. “Retreat”
6. “Corona”
7. “Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?”
8. “King of the Hill”
9. “Maybe Partying Will Help”
10. “Take Our Test”
11. “The Cheerleaders”
12. “Surfin’ With The Shah”
13. “Hey Lawdy Mama”
14. “The Product”
15. “Dream Told By Moto”
16. “Theatre Is The Life Of You”
17. “June 16th”
18. “God Bows To Math”
19. “Please Don’t Be Gentle With Me”
20. “Spillage”
21. “One Reporter’s Opinion”
22. “West Germany”
23. “Jesus & Tequila”
24. “I Felt Like A Gringo”
25. “No Exchange”
26. “There Ain’t Shit on TV Tonight”
27. “Nothing at All”
28. “Mr. Robot’s Holy Orders”
29. “Don’t Look Now”
30. “Tour-Spiel”
31. “Two Beads at the End”
32. “Beacon Sighted Through the Fog”
33. “The Only Minority”
34. “History Lesson (Pt. 2)”
35. “Little Man With A Gun In His Hand”
36. “Substitute”
37. “Green River”




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