Album News, Tour Dates — March 23, 2017 at 7:47 am

Peter Hook to release 4 new live albums of Joy Division, New Order classics

Peter Hook will release four new live albums this spring on CD, digital and vinyl, each capturing a performance of a different full album — Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Closer, and New Order’s Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies — recorded over the past few years.

The albums Unknown Pleasures Tour 2012: Live in Leeds, Closer Live Tour 2011: Live in Manchester, Movement Tour 2013: Live in Dublin and Power, Corruption & Lies Tour 2013: Live in Dublin will first be released as limited-edition colored-vinyl pressings on Record Store Day in the U.K., on April 22. A worldwide CD and digital release will follow on May 5.

Full tracklists have not yet been released, but each live album features a full performance of the titular record by Peter Hook & The Light, plus additional era-appropriate tracks fleshing out the sets.

Hook and his bandmates return to the U.S. for a trio of dates next month.

Check out those dates, and a video trailer for the live albums, below.



Peter Hook & The Light tour dates:

April 28: UC Theater, Berkeley, CA (Substance set)
April 29: Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO (Substance set)
April 30: Fortress Festival, Fort Worth, TX (Hybrid Set)





  1. Im sorry, but Peter Hook cant sing to save his life. He is just a big sweaty mess up there trying to do things that he shouldnt be doing. He plays bass, thats all he is good at. Singing in not his forte, its like John Taylor from Duran Duran… great at playing bass, but not a lead singer.

  2. I saw Hooky 3 years ago and although his music was great, he cannot sing! Hooky and Barney need to kiss and make up and make great music once again!

    • Bernard and company are doing just fine without him, he needs them way more. Music Complete was a masterpiece.

  3. Andrew Lord

    Mike D – ” He is just a big sweaty mess up there trying to do things that he shouldnt be doing.” Really? Having seen both NO and PH in recent years I would have to disagree. Barney can’t sing either which makes your first point redundant. As for PH being a “big sweaty mess” – if he’s sweating it’s because it’s hot up there and he’s putting a lot into it. Personally I’d rather see PH than NO these days because I want to hear the older NO tracks and the JD stuff rather than the newer NO stuff.

    • I know people sweat, but he is one of those sprinkler sweating people, his shirts are drinched.
      Peter Hook is on his own cause if kind of a dick. Bernard isnt a great singer, but seeing Hook try and do both Bernards and Ians vocals is just sad. This is all he has and has nothing else to offer, since his solo work (Revenge for example) has been crap. Hook is nothing without his past. At least Bernard put out some good solo stuff under Electronic and others. This is just my opinion.

  4. Embarrassing.

  5. Totally agree with Andrew on this one. Neither can sing very well these days, probably not a coincidence there are so many guest singers on Music Complete, but at least Hooky is playing all the music, rather than just the same ol’ greatest hits.

    The sweating comment isn’t fair. Hook’s playing much smaller venues that are going to be hotter due to proximity, with cheaper ventilation and closer lights.

  6. The Light’s shows are what I wish New Order shows had always been like — organic, intimate, fun, natural. Plus, they rock. Overall it’s just a terrific concert for a long-time fan. The band is tops, especially Pottsy and Jack. Do not miss them.

  7. I agree that neither are the best of singers. In a parallel universe they’ll kiss and make up and all will be right with the world again or maybe when hell freezes over. That said, I’ve seen all Hooky’s tours doing the JD and NO catalogue ( seeing the latest in October). I’ve seen NO and Barney sounds as if he’s doing a karaoke of Barney singing NO. He looks like he’s just going through the motions, even with the new stuff. Hooky can’t sing for toffee but the intensity and love he puts into the performance is head and shoulders above any of the recent performances NO have done. I still bought Music Complete though !

  8. He did well as a vocalist for the two tracks on Movement, Monaco and Revenge. I see no issues.
    I would however prefer him back in the studio instead of doing live albums

  9. At least we get twice as much as we would with Hooky in the band!

  10. None of them could EVER sing, including Ian. What’s new. I’m just glad these fellas are still around.

  11. Hi all – first comment since the return of the S.U.E website. For me it remains a Floydian thing, this New Order/Hooky stuff. Bassist quits, promptly tries to sue former bandmates, who then carry on without him under the leadership of their guitarist.
    Bassist then predominantly plays old, old material from former band instead of his own newly-written stuff.
    Fans of the main band still seem happy enough to see the majority membership carry on anyway in some form.
    I’d be the first to admit I am a New Order appreciator, if not a die-hard. But I’m glad of a couple of things (1) that Gill Gilbert is back. Without her input it really is a glorified version of the original post-NO combo Bad Lieutenant (Bernie/Phil/Steve/Tom). And (2) Music Complete – in the same way Floyd could’ve traipsed around playing greatest 70s hits for two decades, at least Dave Gilmour got himself, Nick and Rick working on new material to tour with. And some of it was pretty good. Parts of “Music Complete” I thought were NO’s best stuff in 20 years. The opening trio in particular and “Stray Dog” is an unexpected high point, too. Is it exactly the same as it all used to be (whether with Hooky, or even Ian) ? Of course not. If you saw Gilmour with Mason, Jon Carin, Guy Pratt and perhaps Jonny Greenwood as a sideman, would it be like the Floyd a decade earlier either? Nope. But it’d be something. And people obviously still love just hearing the songs performed. Fortunately, on a few occasions, Gilmour and Roger Waters have buried the proverbial hatchet (somewhat) for Live8 and a couple of other songs-or-two on Rog’s last “Wall” tour. But hey, a certain completist of the older(ish) NO vintage would buy Hooky’s stuff as companion pieces to this year’s “NOMC15” live album, too.

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