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‘Breakfast with The Smiths’ radio show ends 8-year run as Indie1031.com goes dark

After eight years, the online radio show “Breakfast with The Smiths — The World of Morrissey” is no more — at least for now — now that its longtime home, Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1, ended its webstream, which had continued to play music since the station shut down its FM signal in 2009.

The Indie1031.com website is now black, with only the following message: “Thank you to all the loyal listeners and DJ’s who supported Indie1031.com on this adventure that is now coming to a close. Keep striving to find and give the best to the world. You deserve it.”

In a lengthy Facebook post today, “Breakfast with The Smiths” host Jose Maldonado — the self-proclaimed “Mexican Morrissey” who fronts Smiths tribute band Sweet and Tender Hooligans — lamented the show’s demise, saying the web shutdown was “completely out of my hands and irreversible.”

Maldonado wrote to his listeners:

“I want to thank you all so much for tuning in each week and making it so much fun to play our favorite Morrissey/The Smiths songs on the air. I still don’t believe that they let me do it for 8 years. I would have been satisfied with 8 weeks. I loved hearing you guys tell me about how/why you got into Morrissey/The Smiths, meeting some of you in person at my gigs and at the Moz Army meet, making new friends that I would never have otherwise met, chatting it up with you on Twitter and over the phone. Thank you forever and from every cell of my heart. I had a blast.”

Maldonado added that he’s already looking for a new home for the show, and even has a few ideas. (“Please don’t say, ‘Why don’t you just do a podcast of the show?’ because the answer is, I legally can’t.”)

“Breakfast with The Smiths” had aired at 9 a.m. Pacific on Sundays and Wednedays, and at 12:01. a.m. Pacific on Fridays, with Maldonado playing two hours of music by The Smiths and Morrissey, and associated acts, with requests and dedications from the show’s listeners.

The shutdown of Indie1031.com, which is owned by Entravision, seems to have come rather abruptly; nobody bothered turning off automated social media postings promoting the station’s shows, including the airing of “Breakfast with The Smiths” that didn’t happen this morning.

To read Maldonado’s full post to his listeners about the fate of Indie 103.1 and “Breakfast with The Smiths — The World of Morrissey,” head over to Facebook.




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