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Free download: ‘Under What Flag,’ a 17-track tribute to Fad Gadget ‘by fans, for fans’

More than a dozen musical acts contributed to a new tribute to post-punk electronic-music pioneer Fad Gadget “made by fans, for fans” that’s available as a free download in honor of  “an underappreciated yet profound trailblazing musical legacy.”

The 17-track Under What Flag: A Tribute to Fad Gadget was put together by Chris Halstead (DJ Seraphim) for Coitus Interruptus Productions, and features covers of Fad Gadget songs by Bioassay, Canter, Laether Strip, NOIR, George Sarah, Cylab, Microchip Junky and more.

According to the tribute’s description on Bandcamp:

Fad Gadget’s avant-garde approach to electronic music, along with biting social commentary of the period, are all the more relevant now given today’s caustic political climate. The disposable culture that Frank sang about in the early 1980s is even more alaramingly alive today and this compilation is a meditation on the acerbic worldview as addressed by Fad Gadget.

The album was released Monday, the 15th anniversary of the death of Frank Tovey, aka Fad Gadget, and can be streamed in full below, or downloaded for free.



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  1. Chris Halstead

    Thank you for posting about the album! I love this site, and what you do. It’s an honor to be on it.

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