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Midnight Oil plays surprise warm-up gig in Sydney ahead of reunion tour — setlist, video

Midnight Oil recently announced it would kick off its global reunion tour with a “back-to-basics pub gig” in Sydney this week, but have now pre-empted that by playing a surprise warm-up set Sunday that marks the band’s first public performance in eight years.

The Oils performed at the Marrickville Bowling Club in Sydney, debuting their reunion ahead of Thursday’s show at Selina’s at the Coogee Bay Hotel. After that, the band to Brazil for dates later in April and into May, then North America, Europe and the U.K., New Zealand, and back to Australia.

Peter Garrett and Co. performed a 10-song set, opening with “Pictures” off 1985’s Species Deceases EP, and playing hits including “Forgotten Years,” “Dreamworld,” “King of the Mountain” and “Best of Both Worlds.” The set also included a pair of songs — “Too Much Sunshine” and “Say Your Prayers” — off the band’s last album, 2002’s Capricornia.

The gig was the first public performance by Midnight Oil since 2009’s Sound Relief concerts to benefit the victims of that year’s bushfires.

Below, check out the full setlist and a selection of fan-shot video.


Setlist: Midnight Oil, Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney, Australia, 4/9/17

1. “Pictures”
2. “Too Much Sunshine”
3. “Progress”
4. “Burnie”
5. “Renaissance Man”
6. “Say Your Prayers”
7. “Best of Both Worlds”
8. “Forgotten Years”
9. “Dreamworld”
10. “King of the Mountain”




“The Best of Both Worlds”




“Forgotten Years”






“King of the Mountain”





  1. No ‘Beds are Burning’ or ‘Dead Heart’?

  2. Welcome back, fellas! You’ve been sorely missed and are needed now more than ever!

  3. And no 10-1 songs too!

    “Pictures” is a killer opener, I did not see that (or Burnie) coming at all.

  4. Yeah, no 10-1 songs is a pity, but sets on the full tour will be longer so there is hope!

  5. Abel Ashes

    I want them to play more of the rarer songs: Dust, Naked Flame, I’m The Cure, Someone Else To Blame, Maralinga, Bells and Horns…, Shipyards of New Zealand, Blossom and Blood, Mountains of Burma, Shakers and Movers, Bushfire, Ships of Freedom, Common Ground, Barest Degree, anything from Redneck Wonderland besides the title track…stuff like that.

  6. Thank god there was no beds are burning or dead heart…..
    They have been played to death and are far from their best.
    As a fan from the beginning I really hope they play heaps of their best stuff from Head Injuries, Place without a Postcard, Bird Noises and 10-1.
    Brilliant Oz rock at it’s best.

  7. frank agnone

    Can’t wait for the Oil’s to arrive in Los Angeles. They sound great and still carry a high energy performance. Welcome Back!

  8. Nicole Webber

    If I can rock this effectively when I’m in my 60’s(!): that’s “Progress!”
    (Sadly wasn’t there…)

  9. Nicole Webber

    Hey USA people, check out the bands by Individual members too…
    Peter Garrett and The Alter Egos, Jim Moginie and The Family Dog; Rob Hirst: Solo andf with The Break; Jim Moginie, Martin Rotsey and Brian Ritchie from Violent Femmes (Resident of Tasmania). All TOP stuff…

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