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Vintage Video: Watch Public Image Ltd.’s VHS-only ‘Anarchy Movie 85’ concert film

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present the out-of-print, oft-bootlegged Public Image Ltd. concert film “Anarchy Movie ’85,” which only ever was released officially on VHS in Japan. This VHS transfer, which has surprisingly great picture and audio quality, finds PiL’s short-lived This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get lineup performing in Tokyo on Jan. 12, 1985.

Watch the band’s high-energy, 80-minute performance, including footage of an interview with John Lydon aboard a bullet train, below, via uploader VortexTV.


Setlist: Public Image Ltd., Nagoya City Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 1/12/85

1. Intro / “Order of Death”
2. “Badlife”
3. “Lowlife”
4. “Memories”
5. “1981”
6. “Tie Me to the Length of That”
7. “Bodies”
8. “Public Image”
9. “Annalisa”
10. “Flowers of Romance”
11. “This is Not a Love Song”
12. “Under the House”
13. “Religion”
14. “Attack”
15. “Anarchy in the UK”





  1. The performance was great, but the interviews were priceless, LOL. What a character, our Mr. Lydon.

  2. Don’t forget the “better format”, it also came out on Laserdisc on January 26th 1986 in Japan on the TOEI video label. The PIL Japanese laserdiscs rule.

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