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Poptone resurrects Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets catalog in live debut — setlist, video

Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins debuted their new project Poptone on Thursday night with the first of two performances at a Los Angeles studio, playing, as expected, an 18-song set heavy on their short-lived early ’80s post-Bauhaus project Tones on Tail.

The night’s setlist featured nine Tones on Tail songs, with five more from the once-and-current bandmates’ Love and Rockets days, plus a couple covers (Elvis! Adam Ant!), a lone Bauhaus song (“Slice of Life”) and a recent solo track from Ash (“Flame On”).

The band — which finds Ash and Haskins joined by Haskins’ daughter Diva Dompe, formerly of Blackblack — performs at Swing House Studios again tonight, before embarking on its maiden, and still-expanding, U.S. tour in May (see full dates so far).

Below, we’ve got the setlist, and some early video from the show — more will be posted as it surfaces. Also, head over to The Portable Infinite for some photos from Poptone’s debut.


Setlist: Poptone, Swing House Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 4/20/17

1. “Heartbreak Hotel” (Elvis Presley cover)
2. “OK This is the Pops” (Tones on Tail)
3. “Mirror People” (Love and Rockets)
4. “Movement of Fear” (Tones on Tail)
5. “Happiness” (Tones on Tail)
6. “No Big Deal” (Love and Rockets)
7. “Lions” (Tones on Tail)
8. “Twist”(Tones on Tail)
9. “Love Me” (Love and Rockets)
10. “Performance” (Tones on Tail)
11. “An American Dream” (Love and Rockets)
12. “Christian Says” (Tones on Tail)
13. “There’s Only One” (Tones on Tail)
14. “Physical” (Adam Ant cover)
15. “Flame On” (Daniel Ash)
16. “Go!” (Tones on Tail)
17. “Slice of Life” (Bauhaus)
18. “Sweet F.A.” (Love and Rockets)




“No Big Deal”


“American Dream”






“Christian Says”


“There’s Only One”


“Love Me”

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“Mirror People”

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  1. “Heartbreak Hotel” was covered by Tones On Tail and I *THINK* Love & Rockets covered “Physical” at some point.

  2. I didn’t find Heartbreak Hotel particularly interesting when they covered it back in the day. Would rather hear another obscurity from Tones On Tail, honestly.

  3. Steven K Jolley

    I would love to hear Haunted (When the Minutes Drag) when they come to Salt Lake City … and other Love and Rockets songs … less covers.

  4. I’m praying they play the NY/NJ area!

  5. In the past I haven’t been very kind or impressed with Daniel Ash. I really loved his work back in the day but the techno stuff didn’t do much for me. Nor did the attitude that “those old songs are boring to me”. However, I am so very pleased to see these video performances where he (they) are playing the songs true to the recordings and not some mutant version like we have heard in the past. I am now happy that I have tickets to see them in Chicago. I applaud you Daniel and Co.

  6. American Dream! I would drive 35 hours just for that song.

  7. Holly Cocco

    You killed it last night in SLC! You made me smile and dance all night! Love ya!

  8. Houston, we had a problem! I was looking forward to seeing Daniel, Kevin and Diva and I really enjoyed the show! I honestly was disappointed with the turnout. With all the crap on the radio today and these wanna be country singers/ bands I’m sick of hearing day in and out (get a clue- you’re wannabe Southern Rock and suck at that too). I think everyone forgot what good music is. Poptone you didn’t disappoint me. All of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love & Rockets, as well as Daniel solo was and will remain on my play list. Hoping to hear and see more of you in the future.

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