TV, Video — April 29, 2017 at 6:11 pm

Watch: Pixies swing by ‘Conan’ to perform ‘Head Carrier’ standout ‘Bel Esprit’

As their just-launched U.S. tour brought them to Los Angeles, the Pixies stopped by “Conan” on Thursday night to perform “Bel Esprit,” a melodic rocker off their latest album Head Carrier that finds frontman Black Francis trading vocals with bassist Paz Lenchantin.

Watch the full performance below.

The Pixies continue their tour with a stop in Dallas tonight before heading east; full dates over here.






  1. Well…that was…interesting.

  2. I never bought the recent two Pixies albums. Are they as bad as many of the song titles suggest?

    • I thought Indie Cindy (made up of the various EPs) was a lot of fun for the most part. A couple of dogs, but mostly really sing-along-able tracks. That view was not universally shared, with complaints ranging from “no Kim” to “Weezer ripoff.” To the latter, Weezer kind of ripped off Pixies in the first place; to the former, I guess that’s life.

      The new one seems to be getting better reviews, although this Conan performance probably doesn’t show it in best light.

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