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The Waterboys to release new double album in September, tour the U.S. in 2018

The Waterboys will release their 12th album, a double record entitled Out of All This Blue, in September, a collection of 23 new songs that bandleader Mike Scott says show influences of soul, hip-hop (yes, hip-hop), R&B, funk and swamp-rock.

Scott tweeted last week that the album, which also will be issued as a double LP set, will be put out by BMG, and that the initial release will include a bonus third CD. Tracklists have not been announced.

In the new issue of Mojo magazine, Scott discuses the album, revealing it’s heavy on love songs, and will feature longtime compatriot Steve Wickham on fiddle, as well as Muscle Shoals bassist David Hood and Hammond organist Paul Brown, who both played on the band’s 2015 album Modern Blues.

“There are about 15 love songs — more than I’ve put on a record before,” Scott, who recently married Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, told the magazine.

As for the hip-hop influence, Mojo notes that “The Waterboys are still a way from Dre,” but that “the loops and found-sounds which pepper songs such as ‘The Answer is Yeah’ certainly break new ground” for the band. Scott says he’s “not finding anything new” in rock, but that, “The thing I love about hip-hop is that even though it’s been around for 35 years, it’s still a changing frontier.”

The Waterboys have announced concerts in the U.K., Ireland and Europe in October and November, and when a fan on Twitter asked Scott last week about a U.S. tour, he responded, “2018.”

See the band’s tour itinerary below.




The Waterboys tour dates:

Oct. 18: Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
Oct. 19: Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
Oct. 21: Palladium, London, UK
Oct. 22: Opera House, Manchester, UK
Oct. 23: The Sage, Gateshead, UK.
Oct. 24: SEC Armadillo, Glasgow, UK
Oct. 26: 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland
Nov. 11: Munchenbryggriet, Stockholm, Sweden
Nov. 12: Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
Nov. 15: AFAS Live, Amsterdam, Netherlands





  1. Both “This is the Sea” and “Fisherman’s Blues” are long time favorite albums. For some reason I sort of lost track of the Waterboys in recent years, but those two albums still get played a lot.

    Perhaps this news should entice me to pick back up with them. Anyone with any suggestions for a starting place to get pulled back in?

    • Modern Blues is a fantastic album as was the Modern Blues tour. Glad he is using the same band for the new album

  2. Agreed. I also love both This is the Sea and Fisherman’s Blues. The first self-titled album is excellent, too. Room to Roam is pretty good. It is the last one that I have and is another folk album, but is much lighter than Fisherman’s Blues. I am also curious if anyone else responds about their latter day records as I have wondered this myself.

    • Yeah, “Room to Roam” was my last WB record too. I like it but it falls well short of the glories of “Fisherman’s Blues.”

      I remember blasting “This Is The Sea” out of my dorm room in college a lot and was stunned one day when a video for “The Whole of the Moon” popped up on MTV. There is also something about the simplicity of that album’s cover photo that grabs me too.

      I still have both “This is the Sea” and “Fisherman’s Blues” on the vinyl copies I bought when they were first released (although the most likely way I listen to either these days is on CD.)

      It is difficult to say why I lost track of the band. When “Dream Harder” (the follow-up to “Room to Roam”) was released I wasn’t all that take with the few tracks I got to hear, the album wasn’t getting great reviews and a friend who worked in a record store (remember those?) had heard it and was disappointed, so I guess all that contributed.

  3. I just recently read Mike Scott’s autobiography, which was thoroughly enjoyable and recommended. I too, had not kept track of the Waterboys in many years as a fan of ‘Fishermans Blues’ and ‘This is the Sea’. The last album I purchased was ‘Dream Harder’ over 20 years ago, which I still love. I would also recommend his intimate solo album ‘Bring ‘Em All In’ and ‘Rock in a Weary Land’, which is very different and more sonically edgy for him – but good.

  4. For you guys above: I’d pick back up at An Appointment with Mr. Yeats (for obvious reasons but it’s also really good). His last one Modern Blues is pretty good as well, and the 10+minute closer “Long Strange Golden Road” is the best song he’s written in decades.

    • I had thought about getting “An Appointment With Mr. Yeats” back when it first came out mainly becasue I loved what was done with “The Stolen Child” off of “Fisherman’s Blues.” But it had come out at a bad time for me and ended up falling through the cracks. Thanks for the recommendation. It is kind of exciting catching back up with a band/artist I’ve lost track of!

  5. I’ve been keeping up with the Waterboys ever since the mid-80s when I discovered them. I think Modern Blues is their most consistent and engaging album since Room To Roam.

    The 2005 live album “Karma To Burn” is excellent, too. Only 4 songs are from their 80’s prime period, but the others are great performances/selections thoughtfully sequenced.

  6. Some great recommendations above. “Room to Roam” was the last live performance I attended in college. I’ve never stopped listening nor collecting their stuff…I own Mike’s solo releases as well. Obviously I’m a bit biased here and can’t get enough of this band! Bring on the double LP!!

  7. I definitely recommend the first album, if you don’t have it. The second record, A Pagan Place, is pretty good, too. Another one that is really interesting is In a Special Place. It’s the piano demos that were made before This is the Sea.

    This is the Sea and Fisherman’s Blues are definitely the two masterpieces.

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