Setlist, Video — May 5, 2017 at 10:17 pm

Watch: Depeche Mode covers David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ at ‘Spirit’ tour opener — full setlist

Depeche Mode tonight opened its Global Spirit Tour with a 22-song set in Stockholm that saw the group perform five songs off their new album Spirit, bring back “Everything Counts” after more than a decade and debut an understated cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.”

The set opened with Spirit’s first track, “Going Backward,” and included many of the ’90s and ’00s songs featured in the band’s warm-up gigs over the past few months, including “Barrel of a Gun,” “World In My Eyes” and “Walking in My Shoes,” “A Pain That I’m Used To” and “Enjoy the Silence.”

The only pre-Violator songs to make the cut: the aforementioned “Everything Counts” (not played on tour since 2006), plus “Stripped,” “Somebody,” “A Question of Lust” and “Never Let Me Down Again,” which we can only assume was accompanied by some pretty intense arm-waiving.

The tour moves on to Amsterdam on Sunday, and it will keep Depeche Mode in Europe through late July. The trek then comes to North America from late August until late October, picking up once again next March in Mexico and then South America.

Below, check out tonight’s full setlist, and see video from the show — including “Heroes.”


Setlist: Depeche Mode, Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden, 5/5/17

1. “Going Backwards”
2. “So Much Love”
3. “Barrel of a Gun”
4. “A Pain That I’m Used To”
5. “Corrupt”
6. “In Your Room”
7. “World in My Eyes”
8. “Cover Me”
9. “Home”
10. “A Question of Lust”
11. “Poison Heart”
12. “Where’s the Revolution”
13. “Wrong”
14. “Everything Counts”
15. “Stripped”
16. “Enjoy the Silence”
17. “Never Let Me Down Again”

18. “Somebody”
19. “Walking in My Shoes”
20. “Heroes”
21. “I Feel You”
22. “Personal Jesus”




“Everything Counts”




“A Question of Lust”




“Enjoy the Silence”


“Never Let Me Down Again”


“Where’s the Revolution”


“Cover Me”






“In Your Room”


“Barrel of a Gun”


“World in My Eyes”




“A Pain That I’m Used To”


“Poison Heart”


“I Feel You” + “Personal Jesus”





  1. Have heard people singing better in a karaoke bar or haveing a shower leave heroes to bowie

    • Seriously, Dave’s voice isn’t made for live performances anymore. I think he still sounds great in the studio but that could be due to, well, being in a studio. And the “Heroes” cover wasn’t all that great.

  2. LiliBlackwhite

    Thanks for sharing. The cover of Heroes is splendid, subtle and personal! Nice!

  3. Delta-Mode

    Very disappointed with the set list, I was really hoping they would dig out some rare fan favourites like People are People, Landscape is Changing, Shake the Disease, Nothing etc. The inclusion of Corrupt absolutely baffles me, it’s a weak song from a generally weak album. The Bowie cover is nice but that slot could have been filled by an old fan favourite like Blasphemous Rumours or even an Ultra or Exciter era track. I am not a fan of the new album at all but the inclusion of just 5 songs is a bit suspicious. They haven’t announced Dublin yet but with another weak album and a complete mess of a set list, I’m having doubts about making the effort to go and see these guys this time around. The Psychedelic Furs, one of my other all time favourite bands, are playing London in September, I’ve never seen them and you know what, the prospect is much more exciting than yet another Half arsed Depeche Mode concert.

    • It’s a joy to watch Richard Butler perform, even in these later years. Enjoy Psych Furs if you get a chance to see them.

      • Seconded. I’ve seen the Furs several times of late and they’re putting on an absolutely fantastic show these days.

  4. Thank you! This just made my Saturday.

  5. Angel Sanchez

    I have been a fan of Depeche mode since the 90s Hope to see them on this tour if I see them it will be my first concert ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Joethigh

    Yawn. Basically the same songs they’ve been playing for 25 years. Awful choices from SOTU, nothing rare or outside the box…

    A cookie cutter greatest hits setlist. I’ll sell my ticket to a casual fan, not wasting time or money on this.

    • Been a fan since the mid-’80s and have seen them at least twice each tour since then, including the Rose Bowl. That said, I this album is awful and for the first time ever I didn’t even bother to buy concert tickets. Boring setlist aside, I’m just not feeling the vibe much.

  7. blankfrank71

    Wow.That (heroes) was really, really bad. And that set list….what the hell happened to these guys? Beyond disappointing.

  8. Kurt Stein

    Sad. Gahan was better off dead on the ‘Queen’s Lawn’ when he tried to off himself. He wanted the attention then, and what ‘saved’ him is the audience’s attention. Has/Had everything in the world, but performs only to boost his own low self esteem. Thanks for the memories Dave, but real artists perform for the People, not themselves. Godspeed. I concur, go see the Furs at the Belly Up down here in SD and you’ll see an artist & band that LOVES their audience, more that they love themselves!

  9. Scott Stalcup

    Dang, folks.

    Attempts to pit the Furs and the Mode against each other aside (and I’d sell your grannies into the Bangkok sex trade to see either band), that both bands are still out there performing and even on a bad night, blow away the “autotuned/never met a melisma they didn’t abuse” pop tarts of the moment, focus on THAT.

    Especially after the string of losses last year.

  10. AnchorBaby

    You people sound like Cure fans!

  11. Seriously. Depeche Mode is a little predictable, but at least they put out new records. I have seen the Psychedelic Furs a few times and they are not that exciting at all. All that they have been doing is a greatest hits tour that never ends. The Furs rarely play anything that isn’t a single and don’t even try to learn songs from Book of Days or World Outside. I like both bands, and even though both are way past their prime, I would give Depeche Mode the upper hand here.

  12. martin maclean

    Awful album come on guys ,its probably their best since Vialator

  13. When was ”Vilator” released by Depeche mode, and was it from an alternate universe, produced by Daniel M.? /kwirboi

  14. When was ”Vialator” released by Depeche mode, and was it from an alternate universe, produced by Daniel M.? /kwirboi

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