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Twin/Tone opens its vaults on YouTube: The Replacements, Suicide Commandos and more

Famed Minneapolis imprint Twin/Tone Records — re-launched to release the first new Suicide Commandos album in 39 years — has begun uploading archival live video from bands like The Replacements, as well as old music videos by the label’s acts, to its YouTube channel.

As City Pages notes, the label has uploaded performances from Marathon ’80, a “New-No-Now Wave Festival” held at the University of Minnesota, as well shows filmed at Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry, including a killer two-set label showcase performed by The ‘Mats in 1981 (which we’ve previously featured).

Plus, in addition to the live material, Twin/Tone has added music videos by acts including The Jayhawks, The Mekons, Agitpop, Soul Asylum, Zuzu’s Petals and more.

Check out the two-set Replacements gig below, or explore Twin/Tone’s YouTube channel yourself.


Setlist: The Replacements, 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, 9/5/81

Set 1
1. “Takin’ a Ride”
2. “Staples in Her Stomach”
3. “Careless”
4. “Goddamn Job”
5. “Junior’s Got a Gun”
6. “Something to Du”
7. “Kids Don’t Follow”
8. “D.E.A.D.”
9. “”Love You Till Friday”
10. “Raised in the City”
11. “Shutup”
12. “Johnny’s Gonna Die”


Setlist: The Replacements, 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, 9/5/81

Set 2
1. “Kick Your Door Down”
2. “Dope Smokin’ Moron”
3. “Skip It”
4. “Maybelline”
5. “I Hate Music”
6. “Stuck in the Middle”
7. “Otto”
8. “I’m In Trouble”
9. “Don’t Ask Why”
10. “Customer”
11. “Rattlesnake”
12. “Slow Down”
13. “Hey Good Lookin’”




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