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The Cars’ ‘Candy-O’ and ‘Panorama’ reissued with remastered audio, unreleased tracks

Rhino Records this summer will reissue The Cars’ second and third albums — 1979’s Candy-O and 1980’s Panorama — in expanded editions featuring audio remastered under bandleader Ric Ocasek’s supervision and previously unreleased tracks and mixes from those records’ sessions.

The two reissues will be out July 28 on CD, double-vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl releases will include gatefold sleeves and music on three sides, with etchings on the fourth.

The Candy-O reissue features seven bonus tracks, including a B-side and five alternate studio versions of album tracks, plus the previously unissued “They Won’t See You.” And the Panorama re-release includes four bonus tracks: a B-side and three previously unissued songs.

PRE-ORDER: The Cars, Candy-O: Expanded Edition | The Cars, Panorama: Expanded Edition

See the full tracklists below.


Tracklist: The Cars, Candy-O: Expanded Edition

1. “Let’s Go”
2. “Since I Held You”
3. “It’s All I Can Do”
4. “Double Life”
5. “Shoo Be Doo”
6. “Candy-O”
7. “Night Spots”
8. “You Can’t Hold On Too Long”
9. “Lust For Kicks”
10. “Got A Lot On My Head”
11. “Dangerous Type”
Bonus tracks
12. “Let’s Go” (Roy Thomas Baker Monitor Mix)
13. “Candy-O” (Northern Studios Version)
14. “Nights Spots” (Northern Studios Version)
15. “Lust for Kicks” (Roy Thomas Baker Monitor Mix)
16. “Dangerous Type” (Northern Studios Version)
17. “They Won’t See You” (Northern Studios Version) *
18. “That’s It” (“Let’s Go” B-side)

* Previously unissued


Tracklist: The Cars, Panorama: Expanded Edition

1. “Panorama”
2. “Touch and Go”
3. “Gimme Some Slack”
4. “Don’t Tell Me No”
5. “Getting Through”
6. “Misfit Kid”
7. “Down Boys”
8. “You Wear Those Eyes”
9. “Running Up To You”
10. “Up and Down”
Bonus tracks
11. “Shooting For You” *
12. “Be My Baby” *
13. “The Edge” *
14. “Don’t Go To Pieces” (“Don’t Tell Me No” B-side)

* Previously unissued





  1. Candy-O kind of lives (inevitably) in the shadow of the brilliant first album, but it’s really a great record in its own right. Put it on your iPod today and I’ll be surprised if you don’t find yourself doing repeat listens, discovering the songs, the deathless hooks and sheer pop craftsmanship anew.

    • I think that is kinds of true of almost all of the Cars’ albums — no matter how good many of them are they all live in the shadow of one of the greatest debut albums ever.

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