120 Minutes Rewind, Video — May 12, 2017 at 8:41 am

‘120 Minutes’ Rewind: Dave Kendall eulogizes The Smiths following band’s 1987 break-up

For this week’s installment of “120 Minutes” Rewind, we turn to a September 1987 episode that features the show’s creator and producer Dave Kendall eulogizing the The Smiths upon their breakup following the release of Strangeways, Here We Come.

Appearing in silhouette — as he often did before becoming host — Kendall declares “The Smiths have officially gone under,” and delivers his “final epitaph” for the band, proclaiming the group “one of the world’s all-time greats.” In a pre-Internet era in which music news could be slow to come by, this may have been some fans’ first awareness of The Smiths’ breakup following Johnny Marr’s departure that summer.

Watch it below via uploader MrPhilrand.





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  1. What the Beatles were to the Sixties, the Smiths were to the Eighties: Brilliant.

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