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Playlist: All 225 of The Cure’s songs, ranked — minus the 16 that aren’t on Spotify

Seeing as we’ve just unveiled the results of the Slicing Up Eyeballs readers poll that ranked all 225 original, officially released songs by The Cure, it seemed fitting to slap together a Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, there were 16 songs, out of that total list of 225, that aren’t on the streaming service, so this 15 hour, 32 minute mix of Robert Smith goodness will have to do.

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Check out the playlist (and list of missing tracks) below, or just head over to Spotify and get an earful.



So what’s missing? The following songs on our ranked Cure countdown aren’t on Spotify:

17. “Killing an Arab”
111. “Without You”
162. “The Promise”
177. “Going Nowhere”
191. “Spilt Milk”
192. “Tape”
197. “Cloudberry”
202. “Truth, Goodness and Beauty”
206. “Uyea Sound”
212. “Off to Sleep…”
214. “Your God is Fear”
217. “Down Under” (TIE)
217. “The Three Sisters” (TIE)
223. “All Kinds of Stuff” (TIE)
223. “NY Trip” (TIE)
225. “Why Can’t I Be Me?”





  1. Lol. Is Camus’ “The Stranger” banned, too?

  2. ChrisDalTx

    The original version of Let’s Go to Bed can’t be found on Spotify…only a live version, and that bothers me. In fact, Spotify needs to include the Standing on a Beach (or Staring at the Sea) compilation. Not sure why they don’t…

  3. The “Killing Another” version is on Bestival on Spotify.

  4. Raul:

    Thank you for those links. Unfortunately, they are all unavailable in the U.S., so I cannot add them to the playlist…

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