Podcast — May 30, 2017 at 7:39 am

Listen: Exclusive uncut interview with Tommy Stinson from Rockin’ the Suburbs podcast

“Rockin’ the Suburbs” hosts Patrick Foster, left, and Jim Lenahan, right, flank Tommy Stinson

We’re thrilled today to debut a new partnership with the excellent “Rockin’ the Suburbs” podcast that will bring exclusive, uncut versions of their interviews with musicians of the ’80s college rock era to Slicing Up Eyeballs for your listening pleasure. And who better to inaugurate the whole thing than Tommy Stinson of The Replacements and Bash & Pop.

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Below, you’ll find a roughly 20-minute interview with Stinson conducted by “Rockin’ the Suburbs” hosts Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan last week at the Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe in Washington, D.C., where Bash & Pop was playing a show that night.

In the interview, Stinson talks about re-activating Bash & Pop — which earlier this year released its second album, Anything Could Happen — following the end of the Replacements reunion, as well as jamming with Tim Kaine and working with Axl Rose in Guns ‘N Roses.

For ‘Mats fans, he offers an update on Slim Dunlap’s health, and talks about the half-hearted attempt to record a new Replacements album with Paul Westerberg (“I think Paul just doesn’t, I think his thing is he just doesn’t want to have to compete with the legacy.”)

An edited version of this interview, mixed with music clips and commentary, will be available as a “Rockin’ the Suburbs” episode in June. The podcast, new episodes of which are posted each weekday, features commentary and occasional interviews by two self-described middle-aged guys who lived through the college rock era and can’t shake their music obsession.

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  1. A great listen! And what a cool partnership, Matt. Am already looking forward to more of these exclusive interviews.

    I met Tommy after a Bash & Pop show in March. Was a dream come true for this fan. Be it signing some ‘Mats and B&P items or talking tunes and dad duties (!), he was the absolute coolest and furthest from any “never meet your heroes” category.

    Would love for the Psych Furs/B&P tour to come out West later this year. A killer–and curious–one-two billing. (You wonder if Richard Fortus might have had a hand in things! :p)

  2. Definitely go see BASH & POP while you can – their 2 LPs are the best records the ‘Mats didn’t make themselves. Live show is great, and Tommy and crew are indeed gents after the shows.

  3. What fucking dudes. I’m an Australian and my Dad had a job at the Aus Embassy in DC ’82 to ’85. I was a kid. So glad to know Jim and Patrick were kicking around the same areas then. SO much knowledge. I just hate the fucking woke vaxx pushing that went on with the song “vaccine of freedom” or some such shit. I am unvaxxed and am the only one in my totally otherwise vaxxed work circle who hasn’t succumbed to multiple infections in 2022. I got Covid once in Feb 2022 and natural antibodies have done me well for almost a year, haven’t had so much as a sniffle despite being a teacher and constantly in close contact with hundreds of people. But all of my vaxxed colleagues have been sick with Covid 2-3 times aswell as getting the flu and everything. I know it’s anecdotal but it matches up with the excess mortality in Australia right now. I had a healthy (and fully vaxxed) Japanese student just drop dead one weekend…. The vax pushing was such a scam. But you guys mostly keep it about the MUSIC and I love that. I usually only download when you discuss old stuff, like the recent excellent Lou Reed deep dives. I lived in Japan 6+ years and would LOVE if you discussed Jun Togawa and Yapoos. I’m obsessed with her and them. Also, Rebecca should def be discussed at some point. Such great fucking music…peace dudes. I love America because of my experience there in the ’80s. I love Americans. Keep ROCKIN’ THE SUBURBS!!!

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