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The The re-presses sold-out ‘We Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ 7-inch on white vinyl

Responding to website-crashing demand for its first new single in a decade, The The today announced it has re-pressed the 7-inch for “We Can’t Stop What’s Coming” on white vinyl in what is presumably a less-limited run, and is now selling the record on its website.

To differentiate the new pressing from April’s limited-edition, U.K.-only Record Store Day release, the new edition not only is on white vinyl instead of black, it does not carry the etching on Side B that is featured on the original release, according to the band’s website.

Furthermore, the bandleader Matt Johnson says via The The’s website:

“To refocus attention back to what this song is really all about, and its dedication to the late Andrew Johnson, we are donating 50% of the profits from all website sales of V2 to St Nicholas Hospice in Suffolk, who cared for Andrew at the end of his life.”

In late April, The The announced plans to sell “a few hundred copies” of the new single that only had been available in the U.K. on Record Store Day, and had sold out. But demand was so high from fans worldwide that it disabled the band’s website, leading its hosting company to take the site down.

On Twitter, The The announced the site would be offline until the next day — leading many fans to stop trying. Then, three hours later, the hosting company brought The The’s site back online, and the single quickly sold out before many fans even knew they could once again try to purchase the 7-inch.

Johnson would subsequently apologize for the snafu, and promise to release the single — The The’s first since the download-only “Mrs. Mac” in 2007 — digitally and on CD. The song is available digitally in the U.K., but it’s not clear when it will become available in the U.S., and what’s in store for a CD release.

The new white-vinyl pressing is available to purchase now for £15 (about $19) via The The’s webstore.

You can hear the song via its video below.





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  1. Pure class, mister Johnson. I have now purchased the re-press. Thank you.

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