Reissues — June 13, 2017 at 8:00 am

The Rain Parade’s ‘Emergency Third Rail Power Trip’ to be reissued with follow-up EP

The Rain Parade’s 1983 debut album Emergency Third Rail Power Trip — one of the seminal records of Los Angeles’ early-’80s Paisley Underground movement — will be reissued by Real Gone Music this summer in remastered, single-disc edition that features an extra song and the 1984 follow-up EP Explosions in the Glass Palace.

Due out Aug. 4, the 15-track collection features brand-new remastering by Jim Hill, original co-producer of Explosions in the Glass Palace, approved by bandleaders Matt Piucci and Steven Roback. According to the label, it’s the first time the music has been remastered since the original CD release in the early ’90s.

The disc opens with Emergency Third Rail Power Trip, including that album’s 10th song, “Look Both Ways,” which had been left off initial U.S. pressings, and concludes with the five-track EP.

The Rain Parade reunited in 2013 to perform a benefit concert for a member of the band’s early-’80s contemporaries The Windbreakers. The group continued to play, even staging Paisley Underground reunion concerts in California that also featured The Bangles, The Dream Syndicate and The Three O’Clock.

See the reissue’s full tracklist below.


Tracklist: The Rain Parade, Emergency Third Rail Power Trip and Explosions in the Glass Palace

1. “Talking in My Sleep”
2. “This Can’t Be Today”
3. “I Look Around”
4. “1 Hour 1/2 Ago”
5. “Carolyn’s Song”
6. “What’s She Done to Your Mind”
7. “Look at Merri”
8. “Saturday’s Asylum”
9. “Kaleidoscope”
10. “Look Both Ways”
11. “You Are My Friend”
12. “Prisoners”
13. “Blue”
14. “Broken Horse”
15. “No Easy Way Down”





  1. Man, this is great news indeed. If anyone missed this album in the 80’s then get it. Total masterpiece.

  2. Hopefully the “Beyond the Sunset” live album will get some attention too. Their whole catalog would be a good project for a skilled and credible reissue label like Omnivore.

  3. This will be especially good to hear with improved sound quality. Beautiful songs. Some real classics here. Transcends any kind of label or category.

  4. You couldn’t mention that the benefit was for Bobby Sutliff ?
    And what’s with all the typos in the song titles?

  5. Kaptain beyond


  6. Willard McBauld

    yeah, vinyl would be nice…. sigh.

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