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Vintage Video: The Sisters of Mercy’s out-of-print Royal Albert Hall concert film ‘Wake’

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present The Sisters of Mercy’s long-out-of-print concert film “Wake,” recorded  at London’s Royal Albert Hall on June 18, 1985 — the final concert by the lineup that included Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams, who went on to form The Mission.

Andrew Eldritch released the 13-song concert film on VHS and laserdisc editions in the following two years, but it has not been issued on DVD or streaming. The version posted below has been remastered from the VHS and laserdisc sources by YouTube uploader Dexbom.


Setlist: The Sisters of Mercy, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 6/18/85

1. “First And Last And Always”
2. “Body And Soul”
3, “Marian”
4. “No Time To Cry”
5. “Walk Away”
6. “Possession”
7. “Emma”
8. “Amphetamine Logic”
9. “A Rock And A Hard Place”
10. “Floorshow”
11. “Alice”
12. “Fix”
13. “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”





  1. LOL< I thought it was on Dexbams site, must not be remastered :D

  2. I sold my laserdisc but made a backup on dvdr with a standalone panasonic dvd recorder (progressive scan recording). Still looks & sounds great. Too much alternative stuff didn’t come out in the USA on VHS when it should have back in the day, it was a “field day” out there for collectors for Japanese & Euro releases if you could play them.

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