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Listen: The Dream Syndicate debuts 11-minute title track to ‘How Did I Find Myself Here?’

The reunited Dream Syndicate today announced its first new album in 29 years, an eight-song collection titled How Did I Find Myself Here? that’s due out in September and is preceded by the release of its title track, an 11-minute psychedelic journey that you can stream in full below.

The album will be released Sept. 8 by ANTI- Records, and it’s available for pre-sale now via Pledge Music in a variety of fan-friendly packages that, for a price, include T-shirts, handwritten lyrics, an original painting, membership in a Steve Wynn book club and live performances topping out, at $15,000, with a full-band concert by The Dream Syndicate at your house.

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Wynn first reconvened The Dream Syndicate in 2010 for live shows, enlisting original drummer Dennis Duck, bassist Mark Walton (who joined after 1984’s Medicine Show) and guitarist Jason Victor, who plays in Wynn’s band, The Miracle 3. After playing sporadic concerts over the ensuing years, they recorded the follow-up to 1988’s Ghost Stories last year. The record closes with “Kendra’s Song,” which features a guest vocal by original bassist Kendra Smith.

In an interview with Slicing Up Eyeballs last month, Wynn discussed his love for the unusual choice for the album’s first single release:

“This first song that ANTI- is putting out, the first single as it were, is going to be a live staple of the set for this year and beyond. … I will say they are definitely not playing it safe with their choice, which I think is great. I know you will see what I mean. Of all the tracks they could have chosen, it’s the one I kind of was hoping they would choose. They’re definitely not pulling it safe.”

Below, check out the new album’s tracklist, and get an earful of “How Did I Find Myself Here?”

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Tracklist: The Dream Syndicate, How Did I Find Myself Here?

1. “Filter Me Through You”
2. “Glide”
3. “Out of My Head”
4. “80 West”
5. “Like Mary”
6. “The Circle”
7. “How Did I Find Myself Here?”
8. “Kendra’s Dream”



  1. Dig this groove. I see why Wynn says this will become a staple of the live set — it’s gonna totally burn when he and Victor start dueling in front of a crowd.

  2. Definitely looking forward to this record. The Days of Wine and Roses is easily one of the best American albums of the era.

  3. Scott Stalcup

    I love The Dream Syndicate, but the urge to make the joke is impossible to resist.

    The song’s over eleven minutes in duration? Tell me when it’s over.

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