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Alien Sex Fiend’s 35-year goth history to be cataloged on new 3-disc ‘Fiendology’ set

Cherry Red Records this August will release a new 3-disc Alien Sex Fiend anthology that traces the goth pioneers’ 35-year history, and which will include five previously unreleased tracks, including two new songs and unissued mixes of “Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied” and “I Walk the Line.”

The compilation — with the mouthful of a title, Fiendology: A 35 Year Trip Through Fiendish History 1982-2017 A.D. and Beyond — is due out Aug. 25, and includes 37 songs, including remixes, demos and more. The set will feature new artwork by frontman Nik Fiend, including a “collage booklet telling the band’s story in pictures,” and sleevenotes by journalist Kris Needs and Killing Joke’s Youth.

Alien Sex Fiend, which grew out of the famed early-’80s Batcave scene in London, currently features co-founders Fiend (Nick Wade) and Mrs. Fiend (Christine Wade), who are preparing their first new album since 2010’s Death Trip. Two tracks off that record, to be titled Possessed, are included on Fiendology.

See the full tracklist below.


Tracklist: Alien Sex Fiend, Fiendology: A 35 Year Trip Through Fiendish History 1982-2017 A.D.

CD 1
1. “Dead And Re-Buried”
2. “Dance Of The Dead”
3. “I Walk The Line”
4. “Haunted House”
5. “Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied”
6. “Tarot” (Alt Mix 5)
7. “Carcass” (Carrion Mix) **
8. “Gurl At The End Of My Gun”
9. “Smells Like…”
10. “R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)” (Demo)
11. “The Impossible Mission”
12. “Bun-Ho!” (Cranium Mix)
13. “Inferno” (Oscar Madness Edit Mix) *

CD 2
1. “Hands Of The Silken”
2. “On A Mission”
3. “Ignore The Machine” (Electrode Mix)
4. “Lips Can’t Go”
5. “I’m Doing Time In A Maximum Security Twilight Home”
6. “E.S.T. (Trip To The Moon)”
7. “Garbage”
8. “Attack!!!” (12″ Version)
9. “Gotta Have It” (Sliced And Diced Mix)
10. “Isolation”
11. “Comatose” (The Ultra Mix)

CD 3
1. “I Walk The Line” (Alt Mix 2) *
2. “Baby”
3. “Mad Daddy Drives A UFO”
4. “Hurricane Fighter Plane”
5. “One Way Ticket”
6. “In And Out Of My Mind”
7. “Invisible” (The Beyond Mix) **
8. “Ain’t Got Time To Bleed”
9. “Information Overload” (Revamp Mix)
10. “Get Into It”
11. “Evolution (Back From The Dread Pt 2)”
12. “Instant Karma Sutra”
13. “Now I’m Feeling Zombiefied” (Alt Mix 3) *

* Previously unreleased
** From the new studio album “Possessed”



  1. Not available in the US. :(

  2. Can’t you just do what everyone else does with U.K. releases, just order it from CP and have them send it to you in the US?

  3. Just order from They ship to the U.S. It’s about $24.

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